Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm thirsty.....

I know that we all realize that its 110 degrees outside and that we are melting, dying, can't afford the utility bill, can't breathe outside, sick of it all, ready for Winter kind of people these days. But, something occurred to me while I watered my precious plants and flowers outside this morning.

Actually, I should say that "someone" occurred to me today and His beautiful name is Jesus! I have been watering these babies every day 3 times a day for least it seems so. This heat is killing them....they are just drying up left and right and the sun is just too much for them. I get kinda sick of going out there so many times a day and watering know, it takes every bit of 10 minutes to do so...but, I can't see them coming back to a healthy, beautiful life. They are hanging on by a very dry thread.

Well, Jesus spoke to know how He does...right into our hearts...and He said, "Aren't you glad that I don't get tired of watering your scrawny behind?!" Well, maybe not just like that, but its how I took it. Thank you Jesus for your patience and amazing love for me.

I hope your daily "heat" isn't drying you up, wearing you down, or sucking the life out of you. Take some time...soak in Jesus. Get a good waterin' from Him. He is right there ready with His watering can! Dive in!



jennyhope said...

I am loving the pics of you and your family. you are so pretty! Also I am thirsty for Jesus. I was reading the best stuff again this morning out of breaking free (it is ridiculous because I have to constantly revisit breaking free). I have to go get a dress altered and then I am going to post about it. Anyway, the Lord is so sweet because I was just sitting and thinking about Shelby and how she would have been 3 years old on Monday. It is very bittersweet. I wouldn't have morgan had I not lost Shelby I am sure. I can't even imagine my life without that little thing. She is such a blessing and joy. Anyway, thank you for remembering her. It blesses me. Happy Anniversary in advance!

Angela Baylis said...

That was such a sweet post! Here in Michigan we CHERISH the heat because we know what is on it's way... before we know it! I am dreading the Winter already! I know people get a little grumpy when they are hot!

Great point... He never gets tired of "watering my scrawny behind"!!! Gotta love it!

Thanks for sharing what He is working out in your life!
Angie xoxo

Profbaugh said...

Oh my goodness, can I relate to your post or what? We hit 105 here on Wednesday. I may have to sell on of my kids to pay the utility bill (tee hee).

Loved your post. Thanks for bringing me out of the heat to the true Source that can quench my thirst.

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