Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 of us are here....

Well, I am one weird human being! I am home. By myself right now. And, screaming and jumping up and down like a mad woman over THIS basketball game!! Ya see....I'm a U of M alum so when it comes to blood runs blue! I'm sorry Patty! :)

And...two of my boys are at this game! And...I'm completely jealous! See....I love sports. And I really love Tiger basketball. The rest of my crew is at their grandparents watching it on their big screen probably jumping up and down and acting like I'm doing......they just have the company of others to have the fun! are my 3 precious kids lined up in the back of dad's car as they head to Memphis! They were so excited! And....the one in the middle is the one at the game!! He's with dad. I've wanted to call their cell phone 100 times and its still the 1st half.

Well, its finally half time. We are up by one I think. I'm so exhausted. I don't know how I'll get through the 2nd half. I hope your Saturday night is as thrilling as mine! And....I'm serious when I say that!


Um...its over now and my Tigers lost! I'm completely exhausted! :(


annette said...

Three such handsome boys.Looks like they're not the least bit happy about the game. That is so neat that you all share that together. Forgive me, (I'm really not on top of this,) but U of M is University of Memphis?) My son went to Ole Miss when Peyton Manning was their QB, and those were some fun days.
I like basketball though better than football. I wished I were a true southern woman and loved me some sports! Being a 7th generation Texan, sports should have been a dominant trait.Not sure what the anomaly was.:) Happy b-ball!
love, annie

Denise said...

Woo Hoo!! Go Vols!! Tennessee is my team, oops, sorry sweetie!! lol

Patty said...

Your boys are so cute and proud to wear the blue!!! WHAT a game!!! We had it on as we were playing cards and I was a wreck!!
Can I say, GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL!!!!! YES!
Love you!

ocean mommy said...

Those are some good looking boys you have there. :)

I thought about you tonight while we watched this game...I was curious what color your blood was!!!

Andy I'm with Patty I was a nervous wreck!!!

BethAnne said...

Well, it is no secret that my blood runs ORANGE, but I do sympathize with you---I am still glad TN won, but I sympathize - really I do.
If it makes you feel any better, you have some of the cutest boys I have ever seen!

Unknown said...

Sorry your team lost...but your boys look adorable!

Love you!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Their expressions are great in this picture! The guy in the middle looks like "This is the best day of my life, that's all." :)

Earen said...

Ohhh...I too love sports, especially basketball. I see your boys in the picture & can't imagine my boys being that age & so grown up. It will be sooner than I think though! How fun! Good thing we love sports with all these men in our lives! :-) Blessings friend....

Anonymous said...

So sorry,my friend...I still love you...but GO VOLS!!!Was that some game or what?! I can't believe I stayed up that late when I had to fill in for our minister this morning. But the Lord is sooo full of grace and it was abundant this morning! As I said about the Super Bowl.."never underestimate a Manning." ..never underestimate a Volunteer!
love you!
Braden, TN (my husband wore his orange vest to church this morning..heehee)

Hillary said...

I'm sorry about your loss! I know what was a tough one! Boy your boys lookd great in blue though! I know you must be proud! And I am glad you're a sports nut! One of the things that attracted me to you from the beginning! :)

Linda said...

Of Fran what a horrible outcome:( We watched and were so upset. I wish we could have lost to UAB instead of the Vols on our Turf. Oh well. It was a neat day yesterday seeing all the blue everywhere we went.
( I've been gone a while from posting but not too busy to comment every once in while)

Angela Baylis said...

What fun! I LOVE sports, too and basketball is my favorite. It should be lacrosse since my son plays for Michigan State University. I miss those days when my son played basketball.

You should have seen how pathetic I was when my kids were VERY young and I used to have a party all by myself on Opening Day of Detroit Tigers! I dressed them up similarly to your kids, but my son, John was just a baby, probably 3 months old. I put on, "Put Me In Coach'. You probably know the song! Anyway, thanks for the memories!
Angie xoxo

marine's words said...

your boy's are so cute!!marina
sorry they lost

Lindsee Lou said...

Look at those boys! They are just precious!!! :)

Alana said...

Those boys are so cute!!! Hope they had a great time!

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