Friday, March 7, 2008

Can I hear ya say...."YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!!" Woo hoo!! Yippee!! And...they are saying it's gonna S-N-O-W today....and for us down South.....Big Snow!!! Like 2-4 inches!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Ok....I got a sweet God Stop for this week.....thank you sweet Patty for being the best hostess of this wonderful weekly thing we got going on here!!!

Let me say quickly how much I just adore each one of you that come here and encourage me in this thing called life!!! You are the real deal. And, we are connected in the Name of Christ and that is far greater than anything I know!!! It is completely irrelevant that we have never met!!! Isn't that just the funniest?! :) So....I love ya dearly. And, I do pray for you every day!

Ok...God Stop for this week began last Wednesday night at church. I have the honor of teaching our 4th and 5th graders during mid-week programming. Well, this past week we were talking about Ecclesiastes 4:10......such a great verse.....

"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"

We spent so much time talking about "falling down." This can look so many different ways in the eyes of a child.....Here's a few....

1. Seeing someone make fun of another kid
2. Seeing someone on the playground or during recess that has noone to play with
3. In a group of kids and being a part of tearing someone else down with gossip
4. Having an attitude of "I'm too cool to mess with you."

These are ways to be on the receiving end of "falling down" and also on the giving end of causing someone to "fall down."

We talked about how God has truly set us as Christians apart to show His love and Himself when people are in need. Heck...we all fall down. (I instantly had ring around the rosy pop into my head!)

So...what does Ecc. 4:10 say that you are to do when someone falls down????


Our kids that night made cards for some homeless men that will be able to stay in our church tonight. Its a program called "Room in the Inn." During the winter months, an organized "thing" is put together and allows these people a place to stay.....and feed them.....and pray with them....and share scripture with them.....and even play games with them!!!!

This is Jesus!! This is Jesus!!! He is all over this!

Our 4th and 5th graders made cards for these men to have on their cots when they go to bed tonight. They will be given a scripture of hope...Romans 15:13....and they will know that compassion was alive in these young hearts and they are seeing Ecc. 4:10 in action.

These men are down. We are there to help them up. We are showing them the love of Christ.

These kids need to live out compassion. They need opportunities to serve, help, and be involved. You can't just tell them things. They need to live it out.

Without saying a corny thing here...."They are the future of the church."

I loved seeing God stir something within their 10 and 11 year old hearts Wednesday night.
It's beautiful to see Him do His thing in ALL ages.

As I read over at Stephanie's blog.....God is able and adequate!!!

He sure is!! And, I love Him dearly.


BethAnne said...

I didnt see Oprahs show the other night - I am sure that it has a good intent, but she just gripes me. I hope you know that my O comments are in no way directed at you or your like of her new show. When I wrote that I didnt even think of your Big Give post....I am sure that we think alike when it comes to the real I hope you dont think my comments were a cut to you because they were not in any way. You know I am a Fran Fan, right?
I love that you guys have homeless people sleeping in your church AND I love that you had those kids make cards for them. Wouldnt it be neat if they did something every week like that - even if they put mints on their pillows (like in a hotel) or something special. You are right - THAT is Jesus!

annette said...

Helping a brother back up isn't just for fourth and fifth graders, but it sure is a wonderful place to see it in action. I always love your GodStops, and YOU are the real thing. Thanks for taking the time to glorify Him in these words. You encourage me so. Love, Annette

ocean mommy said...

I LOVE that these children did that for these men!

I couldn't help but think about that "A little child will lead them". Who knows, maybe God will use those cards to tender those big men's hearts!

And THAT is such a cool thing your church is doing. Love it...

I'm with Bethanne, maybe they could put mints, or a clean toothbrush and or something personal on their pillows next time!

Love you girl

Patty said...

WOW! I so enjoy coming here because you always have the coolest and sweetest GodStops! We are to pick each other up! I LOVE this and what a ministry the 10 & 11 year old are giving. They are planting seeds!! I have such a heart and desire for the homeless. I love your church's program to give the homeless shelter and food, love, and hope. Just like Jesus! Thank you for your prayers! I pray for you too!
Love You,

Denise said...

That is truly a precious God stop moment, bless those childrens hearts.

Darlene R. said...

What a neat outreach for your church! I'm sure it give these men something to look forward to during this season of their lives. Your post made me stop and thank Him for all that He has blessed this family with.

It's fun to see the kids thinking of others.
I bet you are an awesome teacher!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Good luck on the snow! Our's came fast & furious!

marine's words said...

These is so beauitful it touch my heart that these 4 & 5th graders are showing Jesus,giving the food ,Jesus would do that and a wram place to sleep and then feeding there soul" what a beauitful seed you have help plant in these childrens lives,,,may it stay with them forever...the meaning in giving and mercy,I love these story, May God Bless you Fran,marina

Cecelia said...

What an awesome Godstop. I love that you are teaching your kids at church to live out Ecc 4:10. Your church truly is training up the next generation to live for God. I love it.
It is so cool that your church opens up to the homeless. If that is not what Jesus would do then I don't know what is ! God bless you and your church !


connorcolesmom said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea! What a way to minister to people who so often are ignored or treated poorly. I also love the idea of the children being able to give back and show compassion to those less fortunate.
Have a great snowy weekend!

Angela Baylis said...

That's why I love this blog... we are always waiting and willing to pick each other up! You are such an encourager to me and so many others. This was such a sweet God Stop and reminded me how blessed I am. Happy Saturday!
Angie xoxo

Charity said...

What a wonderful thing for your community! To be able to reach out and help those men! AND for the kids in your church to help minister them! Whew! That is just AWESOME!!

You are such a jewel!

Love you to pieces!

Alana said...

That is just wonderful! I know those cards blessed those men. What a wonderful ministry!

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