Friday, March 21, 2008

God Stop Friday, Good Friday, and beach randomness

Well friends....its Friday morning.'s not your average Godstop Friday.

Today is Good Friday! And, my heart is so full it's about to bust...and my mind has many things it wants to put in this post....and, each of you are on my heart today.

My thoughts, prayers, and Easter wishes are being sent to you!

Ok...since I love a good number listing of random things, let's do that....

1. As we have been at the beach this week, I'm just in awe of the ocean once again.
How do we not get washed out to sea? How in the world does the ocean work. I know there are some moon, sun things going on, but it's just one of His amazing works!

2. I love seeing toddler footprints in the sand! And, right next to them...a set of big people footprints!!

3. I love being able to see the ocean in the distance for miles and meet up with the horizon. You truly think that is the edge of the Earth.

4. I loved seeing a mom and her young teenage daughter just sitting on the beach near the water, talking and talking and laughing and smiling!

5. I loved watching the young and old hold hands on the beach as they walk and truly look happy.

6. I love seeing the children run and play in the water. Why don't you see many grownups doing that?? We have outgrown that childlike fun. :(

7. I love the sound of the birds (are they seagulls?) flying over the water and the way they are talking to each other.

8. And, I love the laughter and fun my family has shared this week. One time I laughed so hard at my husband (you'll see pic below) of him doing this trampoline thing that I bent over and tears came out of my eyes. Don't you love that kind of laughter???!!!

9. I have slept 10 hrs every night we have been here....I believe I needed some rest! It's important for the soul and body! :)

And, here are some pictures from yesterday....and, my 3rd little angel loves to put on a show during dinner time...I'm not sure what that is about!

Happy Easter y'all. You are in my hearts and prayers this weekend. And, may all of our hearts be full for Him and our Risen Lord! I believe I will listen to Travis Cottrell's "In Christ Alone" 975 times in the next 2 days!

Hugs and blessings~

What this fun and sun will do to ya!


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! So glad ya'll are having fun..and girl! I slept 10 hours myself last night..glorious!
Love the pics! Gracie and I are off to see Leigh this afternoon, wish you were going with us!

Braden, TN

Earen said...

Fun, beach, sleep, family, laughing, time, God amazement...special times!

Denise said...

Such wonderful family time, I am happy that your family has enjoyed this time. Happy Easter my dear friend, I love you.

Profbaugh said...

I loved your 'beach randomness" and the pix. Treasure your time together with your family. And Enjoy Easter.


MelanieJoy said...

Loved your list of thoughts and the pictures!!!! I'm glad you have had the chance to get away and enjoy your family. If I don't make it back before Sunday...I pray you have a beautiful Easter!

p.s. I finally heard those waves of yours from the other day...

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

What blessed fun. Even though you are at the ocean's edge, the Lord has you on a mountaintop. I often pray that the Lord would allow me to have memories of such precious times etched on my brain so I can retrieve them again one day.

I am praying that right now for you to my friend.

Love you! Joanne

connorcolesmom said...

What fun times and great God stops :)
I love the pictures of Waterville and the DAylight Donuts - we passed that shop on the way home and boy they sounded yummy!
Enjoy and Happy Easter sweet friend!

Kelley said...

Oh, I want to be you!!!!


His Girl said...

sounds beyond fabulous. and yes, I do like to laugh that hard.

hope your Easter is filled with hope & love with your family and with our Savior!

~cassie~ said...

the pure happiness that the beach can bring into my being lived through the words you wrote...I love it...those are all of the things that make the beach so special to me...Hope you have a Blessed Easter....

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, to have been at the beach this week. Glad you all had lots of fun!

Shonda said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun and creating lots of good memories to cherish!

Blessings in Christ to you and your family--

Angela Baylis said...

I LOVE your God Stops and your pictures. Funny you mention Travis Cottrell's ... In Christ Alone. I so want to post it on my blog... but I've already done it so many times. Who knows, I may just have to do it again! In Christ Alone my hope is found...

You are loved by your siestas!
Angie xoxo

Unknown said...

YAY Fran!

I loved this God Stop!

I am so glad you are sleeping SO much!

God is SO good!

HAve a wonderful Easter girlfriend!

Toknowhim said...

So glad that you had a good time on your break :) Just wanted to let you know that I am going on a bloggy break for about 6 weeks. I will miss checking in and seeing what is happening with you Fran, but I look forward to catching up when I return. You can read about my bloggy break if you would like to on my blog. Blessings and catch up with you soon my Siesta :)

marine's words said...

Fran, I love your pictures what beach was that it looks so pretty!! Happy Easter,love.marina

Alana said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It sounds so great. Sleep and laughter, not a bad combination.

Happy Easter!

Linda said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation. I pray all of you come back rested and ready to get back into the busyness of life. I've been out a while and have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog.

ocean mommy said...

I LOVED this list!

Praying you all are home safe, sound and rested!

By the way, "In Christ Alone" is what I sang this morning in my dad's sermon..... :)

love you!

AbbyLane said...

ms fran!!!! oh how i have missed you!!!

1. i missed you. (again)
2. love your list.
3. not going to lie...totally jealous of your beach trip.
4. love the pictures...your boys look like a blast.
5. i love how you bless my heart.

Darlene R. said...

Wow! 10 hours of sleep sounds like heaven!
The pictures are so good. Glad you had so much fun at the beach.

A Stone Gatherer said...

What great pictures! I love all those things about the beach too! I just feel so at peace when I'm at the beach! The sound, the smell, the sunsets, Oh I feel so close to God by water!

Dana said...

Joys of the beach! Two of my kids love the beach but my teenage sons don't. It is so hard not to go back every year! I get so peaceful and calm there. Hope you don't mind, I linked your blog to mine. Love it!

He Knows My Name said...

wonderful!!! love ~janel

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