Thursday, April 3, 2008

The coolest view today...

Y'all....I wish I could somehow add sound to this post, but I'm not wanting to do the video thing and upload it and I think if I tell you to add some "mooing" sounds to your imagination, you can do just that!!

When we moved into this house in January, we acquired some beautiful cattle in our backyard.

They do not belong to us, but they might as well. I've fallen in love with some cattle people!!

I have learned their rhythms, seen them run, watched them protect their babies, and today have seen them all but in my backyard!! This is the closest they have been to me.

Here is my new love....

I have talked to them. They don't respond very well. I tell them how pretty they are. I tell those mommas to take care of their babies. I tell them to enjoy each day! :)

I love these animals. It might seem weird to some of you. But, learning about them and getting "to know" them has been so much fun this week. The owner has moved them to the pasture directly behind my house so they won't be here forever. They'll move onto greener grass soon I bet.

I'm gonna enjoy them while I have them!

I hope whatever you have been around today...people or've truly enjoyed them too! :)

Blessings from the South~


Denise said...

You make my heart smile, love you my friend.

Tanja said...

Okay, now I'm just flat out jealous. Really. I have a thing about hearing cows "moo". I think because many mornings during visits to my grandpa's house, I was awakend to the sound. It's soothing to me. I tell hubby all the time that we'll be "rich" when we can afford enough land on which to build a small house and have just a couple cows. Not for milk. Not for meat. Just for moos. I got a nice mushy feeling just seeing your pictures. :-)

A Stone Gatherer said...

O.K. two lessons from a girl that grew up on a farm. When you call a cow you call cue bas! Don't ask why you just do, and lesson 2 - have you ever had a calf suck on your hand! It is so cool! Oh and have you ever stepped in a cow pie?! I used to love going and watching the cows! thanks for the great memories!

Emmy said...

Hi Fran!

Oh I would LOVE to have cows in my backyard! They are SO cute! Do enjoy them while they are there... and I hope they will stay a while!
I just had to write to you because I just love your heart! Your comments on everyones blogs are always so precious... I am blessed every time I read one! I just had to tell you that today!

God Bless- Emmy

About Nancy said...

This cracks me up laughing! I'd be talking to the cows and loving each and every one of them too. God's creations is simply awesome. Love the pics too.
In Him,

Darlene R. said...

Can I call you "The Cow Whisperer"?
Heehee -just kidding.

I just love how you love everything!

Dana said...

Love the cows! They make me smile as well. I grew up on a lake in Tx and there were cows around and they are great BUT watch out for the cow pies!

connie said...

This is great that you love the animals around you they are Gods creation...Out my back window I see all knds of animals running about and playing I love to watch them as well so go ahead and enjoy...

beckyjomama said...

OOOOHHH, I love cows! We used to live in a house that was near a dairy - not seeing near, just smelling near!!! Not so much fun, but we would go for walks and Hattie LOVED to go far enough to see the cows!
This house is seriously my dream home, but there is no wildlife - unless you count the two families of squirrels that war over claim of our backyard!!!!!
But I miss the cows a LOT!!!!
Becky jo

PS - yes, I LOVE the L'oreal mineral makeup - I have tried others mostly cheaper versions (avon, ETC...) but even some really expensive stuff, and I always go back to the L'oreal. You can almost always find a coupon for it so it isn't so bad and I look for the buy one get ones and but it then to save cost. To me it is worth it!!!!!

Patty said...

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!! I love cows! Mooooooo...yah

You see this is what I enjoy. God's creation. I love to watch birds. Especially red birds. In the home I moved from there was this certain red bird who would fly all over the back yard while I had my quiet time. He would only come so close to me, and I made sure to have my camera. One day after praying and watching said bird, I went inside to the living room to watch t.v., and I looked out the window to see the red bird sitting on the ledge looking in! Totally cracked me up. I think God was having fun with me that day. SO, I love your God Stop!! His Creation is beautiful!!
Enjoy your day!!

ocean mommy said...

This is just so cool! I would love to have cows in my backyard...well...not IN my backyard, but just beyond the fence!!! To me they just seem so peaceful...

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

OK girls....sometimes things look greener on the other the last 48 hours we have received 3 calls that our cows are out in the neighbors front yard!!! this girls is not least not for dear hubby who has to go get them back in and fix the fence in the pouring rain..(heehee I stayed home!) and of course it was pretty hard explaining to darling children why sweet baby calf that we kept in the basement and nursed with a bottle had to go to heaven
so soon...dear hubby doesn't hunt, fish or golf, but he LOVES his "babies" !
Loved this post, sweet Fran!
Braden, TN

Darla said...

I lived on a cattle farm for a short time, and they are lovable! hey if you walk over to the fence and stand very still looking at the ground, they will come closer as they are very nosey, and will want to know what you are looking at..honest it works, we used to do it all the time! hey we are easily entertained!

Charity said...

I would LOVE to have that view! I don't think you are weird at all!! What does your dog think about them?? What do they think about your dog?? So fun!! I would love to what our Marlie would do that close to some cows!!

jennyhope said...

What a delight! Seriously that is so the Lord giving you a little blessing!!!

connorcolesmom said...

You crack me up!
I love that you find the delight in EVERYTHING!
I too like cows - my grandma has a farm in Michigan and I enjoy watching the mama's with their little babies.
It is so sweet.
May God bless you sweet Fran this weekend with all the joys of your heart!
May He surprise you at every turn!
Much love,

His Girl said...

When I was a teenager, we moved to the country. There was a nasty cow in the neighbor's yard that would come over and steal my rake (whenever I was dumb enough to forget and leave it leaning against our shared fence) by wrapping her tongue around it and pulling it over the fence!I always thought having neighbor cows was a bad thing... 'course, I was a rotten teen when I made that opinion.
After reading your post, I think I would give neighbor cows another chance! see? your blog is going good for the world :)

Alana said...

That reminds me of the year we lived in England. Our flat was attached to a bigger house and just beside our flat was a field. The first morning we were there we woke up to the sound of cows mooing and a car horn. The farmer was herding his cows with a Range Rover!

Beep Beep, Moooo, Beep Beep, Moooo!

Too funny!

He Knows My Name said...

hi fran, i'm playing blog catch-up. they are adorable. i would love to look in their big dark eyes. i really love the picure with your dog. i bet she/he has fun with those big dogs!!! hugs to you sweet lady! ~janel

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