Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I was and am so much like that horse.....

I sat in the middle of 100's tonight at a football stadium. I wasn't watching football. I sat and had God speak to my broken heart and assure me of His unfailing love to me.

How did He do this??

Through a beautiful 2 yr old colt and this unfamiliar trainer to the horse named Lew Sterrett.

Y'all....there is no way that I can begin to repeat the powerful message this man shared tonight.
I can tell you that we are exactly like that beautiful but wild buck that He trained.

The theme that spoke to me over and over again......TRUST.

This darling colt was just as happy as he could be in that big ole pen eating that yummy football field grass. He didn't ask for that guy....the "Horse Whisperer," to come into his life and start messing with him.

But he did. He came in and befriended this handsome colt And, it took time. Lots of it. It took more patience than I would ever have. IThis horse was not real happy with the fact that this stranger came in and started messing with his world. It took baby steps that built this trust. These steps, from the trainer, never showed frustration or a desire to give up on that colt. No matter what that colt did.....the trainer never got aggressive or forceful with this baby.

That colt would get mad and run off. He would pout. He would fight against whatever the trainer was trying to do with him. But.....

He began to trust that man. He began to go back to him. He began to trust him with every detail.

This colt had NEVER followed commands. This colt had NEVER had a blanket put on his back. This cold had NEVER had rope placed on him to teach him harnesses. This colt had NEVER been saddled. This colt had NEVER had a person ride him. This colt had NEVER been anything but a young horse completely untrained. His world was being rocked!!!

But...with the same kind of love and patience as our Heavenly Father gives us on an hourly basis, this wonderful, gentle man gave this untrained colt the proper instruction and love that it needed. Time and again.....regardless of the colts reaction or behavior.

I am full of all those emotions this colt had tonight.........

Fear, rebellion, distrust, selfishness, pride, arrogance, etc. etc.

I need to know that God is so much bigger than my mind can make Him. He will never leave this wild untamed child. I might need to kick and scream, get frustrated and be full of my own ways and desires.....but it won't last. I gotta turn back to my trainer. I need to let Him do His timely and perfect work in my life......even when it is scary, hurts, or seems completely ridiculous. I have to break my will before Him.


This horse went from broken to trained in a very short period of time. Mr. Sterrett did a beautiful job and by the end when he began to ride that colt......I was just in tears.

Lord, increase my trust in You. I do not trust You with all things and my heart is broken and hurts. Please give me a spirit of trust and complete love for you.....in every single life situation.

Our Father is simply perfect and a complete gentleman. He would never throw His heavenly arms up in the air when we go back to our own ways and our own desires. We can run. We can kick our back legs. But, our Father will never, ever, ever, never walk away from us.

He's in the business of patience. Just like Mr. Sterrett. And....it works.

Train me Lord. KEEP training this messed up girl.


Denise said...

Awesome post my friend. Amen, keep training me my precious Lord.

Mary Lou said...

Oh, Fran, what a beautiful post. I could see God all over it before you ever got to the part about Him. I saw myself and ever other believer in the same place. You expressed it so well. Isnt' it sweet when He comes and whispers in your ear and you are drawn back to Him and want to serve Him and trust Him more. Thank you for sharing this thought....God is training you and training you well, You are learning and I learned something from you. He used you...Blessings..

Dana said...

Thanks for the word from God Fran. Trust was the buzz word for me yesterday at bible study. Do I really trust God completely? Do I trust Him with everything? I have a friend who is facing a possible HUGE move and it hit us both like a ton of bricks. Day by day I am learning to trust Him with my husband, kids, friends, even myself.


BethAnne said...

Good word, Fran. Trust is something I need help with at times (all times). It is easy to trust when things are AOK, but when life stinks and things are not going according to our plan, trust isnt so simple.

I love this real life horse whisperer thing - wish I could have been there!

~cassie~ said...

Thanks for the words from God...It is so true...Trust is a difficult thing for some of us...most of us...

Great Post!

ocean mommy said...

OH!!! I wish I could have been there! That sounds like it was an incredible evening!

I'm so glad our Heavenly Father is so patient with me! So often I try to jump out of the training pen!

How are you feeling?

Alana said...

That is just WONDERFUL stuff right there. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Linda said...

Wow!What a powerful post. I was wondering how the event went and after reading I could relate so much of what you said to my life. Isn't it neat how God uses events and other things to speak to our hearts. I am sorry your heart is broken my friend. What a neat picture the Father gave you through this colts training.

He Knows My Name said...

fran, i have been that rebellious horse in many areas of my life that i just didn't want to let God control. it was ugly but i'm finally at the point where i want Jesus to be my everything, my all. like stephanie said, thank you Jesus for being patient with me each and every day.

love you ~fran

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

We are all like the picture of the first horse. And praise God for HE says like the bit and bridle He gently leads us. Love your heart!

His Girl said...

Train me Lord. KEEP training this messed up girl.

me too, Daddy. me too.

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a beautiful picture! I so need to learn trust! Oh that is a hard one for me! Lord you have alot of work on your hands, but I know you love me and are patient! Thanks for the wonderful reminder of his patience!

annette said...

Just like Jesus taught in parables, this is such a beautiful allegory of our walk. We don't forget the lessons we learn with a picture of ourselves. Beautiful post, Fran. You have such a beautiful, teachable heart, too.

connie said...

I so want to be trained and remember to always trust... Thank you sharing this with us... I am so glad God never gives up on us...


Shelley said...

Oh, AMEN Fran, AMEN! That had to be an incredible sight!

Praise and Coffee said...

Absoultely awesome post friend!
People always say..."you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."
My husband says..."you can't even lead a horse to water if he doesn't want to go."

Great metaphor about our walk with God.
Big hugs,

Darlene R. said...

Sounds like you had one awesome evening. Thanks for this amazing post.

connorcolesmom said...

I love that post!
it is so true about God we can run and be stubborn but His loving grace is always there for us.
Thanks for the reminder

Earen said...

That sounds so neat to see! Thank you for sharing what the Lord impressed upon your heart.

Shonda said...

Beautiful picture. I'm so thankful too that the Lord doesnt quit on me.
Blessings in Christ-

mariel said...

Oh, fran, thank you for sharing this powerful illustration the Lord gave you! It spoke volumes to this broken colt!!!

You are such a blessing!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Fran. I found my way here from Kelly's Korner.

I loved this post. I'm familiar with the Horse Whisperer. I recently read a book title The Beautiful Ache by Leigh McLeroy, and she has a chapter about how God used the horse whisperer to speak to her heart as well.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Just read the bit and bridle verse in James and thought of you so I dropped by...and here's the horse still waiting...thinking of you this very night! Appreciate you more than words can say....love, Bev

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