Monday, October 6, 2008

The weary traveler

Currently, my head is still spinning and on the verge of exploding, but I will try to carry on in some sort of normal condition and spare you the mess my head is in. Ya see, I went to a fabulous leadership conference in Kansas City at the end of last week and my sweet little head is still spinning. Lord, please settle it down.

Carry on.

I have been listening to week 6 of Stepping Up on CD before our group meets Wednesday morning and Miss Beth Moore touched on something so huge to me at this very moment.

The weary traveler.

I am a literal weary traveler fresh from the airport, but aren't we all travelers on this journey called life??

Who are you walking alongside that can spur you on, cheer you up, be your "go-to" person, and just simply encourage you when life gets dang hard??

Life can be this...

1. sudden family illness
2. sudden financial crisis
3. sudden marriage crisis
4. ongoing problems in a relationship with a child, parent, friend, spouse or even a co-worker
5. feeling drained, worn out, exhausted for a cause you feel so deeply about, but wonder where is your strength??

You totally get the idea don't you?? I can fall into so many of these and more. Can't you?? But, I am much better during the day when I have my "peoples" alongside me.

Hebrews 10:25 "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

We need some encouragement girls. Daily life is hard and I need to have some people, some fellow sojourners, some fellow pilgrims, that are going to walk alongside me and encourage me on the journey.

We are all called to encourage. If you don't think that encouragement is your gift....think again. Send someone a note that needs a little pick me up. We are called to be infused with encouragement.

I want to encourage others just as much as I want to receive it.

Be blessed today. Fill up on some Jesus and make sure you find yourself some encouraging friends beside you I'm praying for us all.


Michelle V said...

Such truth this morning, Fran! I so appreciate having encouragers! Life can be tough!


Pat said...

Thank you so much for joining the Surrendering the Secret Contest! I am humbled and honored to have the support of so many sweet sisters in Christ!
Bless you today!!

BethAnne said...

And you are such a wonderful encourager!!! I know you have encouraged me so many times through emails and blog posts-----thanks!

beckyjomama said...

I just love you Frannie!!! You ALWAYS encourage and lift up, even when you aren't even talking (or writing) to me personally:)

PS - Teri and I missed you at lunch!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Whenever I'm tempted to think that I don't have the gift of encouragement, I'm reminded of all the times that I've been encouraged by people who would likely be tempted to think the same thing about themselves. For me, it's really all about being present in the moment, and stepping out when I feel that little nudge in my spirit. Opportunities are everywhere. Thanks for the reminder, Fran.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like traveling companions! Encouragers, Barnabuses...I know who I want along on this journey. You're one of the ones that make it doable, thanks be to God. Good word. Annette

lori said...

I think everyone has it in them to be an encourger, but for some (like you) it is just second nature. you are great

Angela Baylis said...

Hey, Fran! I just stopped by to encourage you, my friend! I hope you are doing well tonight. I start Stepping Up tomorrow! Guess what? I love you, sweet friend! You are such an encourager and you Bless me every time I see your sweet picture!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Profbaugh said...

Oh man, Fran. . . I am exactly here right now with all that's going on in my family. Yes, indeedy I coudld use some encouragement right about now. Thanks for this post, because just reading it encouraged me. Funny, how that works! God is good (all the time).

ocean mommy said...

Thank you Fran for being such an encouragement to me! I'm so honored to call you my sister!

Praying that you rest well tonight...


Unknown said...

Love you girl...I'm praying for you!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Fellow travelers are so important! I do have wonderful people I can go to! Sometimes though I find I don't use them enough and get completely overwhelmed!

Dana said...

I am right with you my sister, right with ya.

Alana said...

You are such a great encourager, Fran! Actually, all of my blog friends are...I'm always lifted up by my blog friends. Love that!

jennyhope said...

I have gotten this verse 6 times in 2 days

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