Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun and Starbucks are at stake!

If y'all knew me, you'd know that I'm a little on the weird side. And, weird in a real weird, funny, corny kind of way. So, I think its time for us to have some weird, funny, corny fun together.

This is what we are going to do. And, it makes me laugh when I think about it. You know the word verification thing that comes up in some blog comments??? It looks something like this....

I have this tendency to see these and as I type my word in, I say it out loud as a real word. And, I instantly think of how to use it in a sentence. And, I laugh every time at the corniness of it all.

But, that is exactly how my mind works.

Won't you play along? I've got a $25 Starbucks gift card that I'll give to the one that personally makes me laugh out loud. That means you have to define the word and/or use it in a sentence. There will be no random generator thingy......just me and my humor picking the winner. I'll do this on Friday morning sometime when I can! Oh, and I don't care how many times you enter. It's all for fun and to make me laugh real hard.

Ok...let your honest, real, fun answers come on! And, how weird will it be if the word verification isn't up since blog authors can't see it? That's gonna mess with the fun a little if it's off, so be sure and let me know if it's not there.

Have fun! I love me some fun!

Hugs and blessings~


Lisa said...

Sometimes..., D is mo than I can handle! :-)

Blessings - lisa

beckyjomama said...

gratedge - meaning thankful

My, oh my! My sweet gratedge would know no earthly bounds if my sweet Fran would send me a Starbucks card. Because, without it I have to get my vanilla latte at McD's and we all know that a latte is not what they are famous for. And, although I do have a sort of, POOR MAN if you will, gatedgetuity for McD's prices, I would much rather be spending my gratedgetuitivness at the Starbucks!

beckyjomama said...

relymo - to put your trust into another

I hope I can relymo on Fran to get me a Satrbuck's card than I can on my well intentioned Hubby, who takes me to McD's!!!

McD's: you can relymo on them for FRIES than ya can for a latte!

beckyjomama said...

temal - the shopping venue known for it's many, many stores but lack of good coffee shops.

I would mave much gratedge if ya didn't make me relymo on temal for my latte!

Thank you very much!

Rachel said...

yeah, love me some starbucks:

mine is "preedi"
meaning pretty, beautiful! (not fair to have an easy one! I'm going to do another one. LOL)

so grateful for your bloggy friendship today!
much love,

Teresa said...

vulater = Pronounced: view you later. Def: the snob's way of saying "see y'all later"

(I know, kind of I'll have to try again). ;o)

P.S. You have some very clever friends/readers per their input above!

Rachel said...

ok this time it's "aptione" much harder

aptione=to try one time, to attempt once

My husband aptioned to be a Survior contestant.


Jenny said...

pringe- The act of binge eating with Pringles.

"I've had the worst day and food is the only thing that will give me comfort. Where are my pringles?! I need to pringe!"

:) fun game. love you!

Cindy said...

atablen-a really good blend of Starbucks coffee just begging to be ordered with a $25.00 gift card


This was fun!

Teresa said...

"reediso"-really, really ready for something

"I reediso to meet my friend Fran for a skinny hazelnut latte at Starbucks!!"

This is soooo fun! and I need some fun!!!

Susan said...

ramenes: Pronounced: Ray-me-knees.
Definition: The request made to the sun when one is confronted with one's "winter white knees" around the April-May timeframe.

Susan said...

(oh, lovely)

gaping. Pronounced: gaping. Definition. Wide open area of tummy fat.
Used in a sentence: When I attempted to button my favorite jeans this week, there remained a gaping distance between the button and the button hole.

Susan said...

phodog. Pronounced: foe-dawg.
Definition. A small wanna-be-animal such as a terrier or chihuaua expecting to actually be considered a Dog.
Sentence: Fran's pooches are really cute but are mere phodog's compared to Susan's Dog: an 85 pound German Shepherd Dog.

Patty said...

podirie~ as in p- odir -ie

meaning- odir of the pits!

Whoa, that gurl has some serious podirie, she needs some Secret, it won't tell on her!

Anonymous said...

"jeturbag" - a term used in a Wham! song back in the 80's:

"You put the boom-boom into my heart - You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts.
Jeturbag into my brain
Goes a bang-bang-bang 'til my feet do the same"

Anonymous said...

skypecs - the result of the workout that skycaps get when lifting large suitcases of the Siestas when they travel to Living Proof Live events.

Sentence - "Dude! Lifting that bright orange suitcase of Patty Williams in San Antonio has given you some amazing skypecs!"

His Girl said...

oh my word! your commenters are CRACKING ME UP!!!

I'll come back to enter in a few minutes when I stop ROTFL

Patty said...

LOL Dori! Hey, if Dori wins I get a card to since my name and orange suitcase was used in her sentence. LOL

Patty said...

upsub- the term the captian of a submarine uses when surfacing.

I heard the captian yell, upsub and I knew our submarine would be on the surface soon.

Melinda said...


Definition: The worst of all crimes committed by women married to men named Jon.

Sentence: Kate, in a fit of frustration, committed a heinous act of joncide when Jon left her alone with all eight kids to go play golf.

mandy said...


In the south, when we say someone's got their eye on me, we say "aeoni"...

Like blog lurkers, for instance, always have their aeoni... even though we don't know.

Ok. That's nowhere near funny. I gotta try again. Must. Get. Starbucks.

mandy said...


When Drew and I were dating, we used to make out in the car - on the grounds of the CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE CENTER that we held youth rallies at... We'd say "nones" gonna know unless we tell them.
Yes, this is a true story.

mandy said...


You know, I can keep going, 'til I get to the fithur sixth time I leave a comment. At least one has to be worthy of a Starbux card.

mandy said...


You know, I can keep going, 'til I get to the fithur sixth time I leave a comment. At least one has to be worthy of a Starbux card.

Melinda said...

Mulaq (pronounced moo-lock)

Definition: When your husband puts an end to the spending of copious amounts of mu-la.

Sentence: When Kate returned home from the mall, heavy-laden with shopping bags, Jon put her on immediate mulaq by confiscating her credit cards.

P.S. As a disclaimer, the technique of mulaq is not recommended for men named Jon due to the ensuing escalation of joncide.

P.S.S. However, I do hear that it is heartily endorsed by Dave Ramsey in the Total Money Makeover. But then, his name's not Jon, is it?

Fran said...

I have never in all my life CRIED so hard over this hilarious-ness. This is so up my alley and I love y'all for playing!!!!

My word is emenho and I dare not use what I am thinking in a sentence right now. ;)

Susan said...

And of course my phodog should have been faux-dawg. dern it.

Midwest Nest said...

dandst - Fran will you dandst with me at Starbucks? After the caffeine, we will dandst throughout the cafe without a care.

Susan said...

uh-huh. I'm afraid I'm thinking what you are thinking...

That girl can wield emenho!

Yep. I knew that's what you meant!

Susan said...

Definition: Past tense; when Bo has set down to et.

Sentence: There was no food left after bosettin is done.

Susan said...


What Jackson used to say when Bibby would fly into town to see him.

Susan said...


Batman's new show, starring Richard Dean Anderson.


Susan said...

Pronounced: bob-a-wack

Something Bob's wife does to Bob.

"Cousin Stella walked right up and gave Boboacke that knocked him right on his bum."

Susan said...

pitelv. Pronounced pit-e-live.

Something I'm VERY familiar with these days.

This is the pitelv in right now. I wish God would pull me out so I didn't have to live here anymore.

beckyjomama said...

Rednes: plural form of a northern redneck

You might be a rednes if ... You drink your latte from McD's instead of Starbuck's.

And, really, Frans don't let friends drink McD's rednes coffee wannabe's!

beckyjomama said...

flamen: flem that develops in a "rednes" girl's throat when she drinks McD's latte.

I gotta go hack a luggy, what with all this McD latte flamen stuck in my throat!

See what you could help me avoid?!?!

Susan said...


pronounced: ducks-a-set

"Jenny came home from church and found hubs had been huntin' agin and all the ducesset in a row on the kitchen counter waiting for her to de-feather 'em."

beckyjomama said...

paudanche-(pronounced 'podontshe')

see that poor girl with the McD cup, she sho nuff looks paudanche?!

Unknown said...

I'll play.

torsili- pronounced tyour-silly

Torsili Frannie!

Okay, that was lame, but I'll try again!

Jenn said...


Defined: having a somewhat unpleasant tomatoesque flavor

Sentence: Honey, did you wash these dishes? I grabbed a spoon out of the dish return, and now my chocolate pudding tastes a little matero. Are you sure you washed those dishes?

Unknown said...

Perse-pronounced purse.

What is that Fran is taking out of her perse? It could be a starbucks card!

Lame, I'm gonna try one more time

This is not fair.

Unknown said... it goes. Don't be mad, I'm just working with what I have been given.

ponis-What they look at to tell a male pony from a female pony.

"Yep, it shore is a boy, look der, he has a ponis."

bada bing!

Melinda said...

I just got "mossiv", but after the last entry of "ponis", I just can't bring myself to use it.


Shelley said...

Twelis...The way my four year old says, Trellis. :)

Mama, what is a twelis?

Unknown said...

Oh, and I'm not sure what Susan meant by:

"That girl can wield emenho!"

Because if I used that word in a sentence it would sound more like this...

"Didjew see dat dude wit all dose gurls hangin all over 'im? He emenho fo sho. Mmmmmm hmmm."

Shelley said...


The way my 2 year old son says HI, and then tries to hit you.

Shelley said...


The state that comes after eating too many Rolo's.

Fran, this has been hilarious! You are too creative!

His Girl said...

can't breathe. teri. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Dulve -- to jump into

Okay, girls hang onto your wig we're fixin' to dulve into some scriptures.

Melinda said...

Whinvy (pronounced whine-vy)

Definition: An extreme mixture of admiration and coveting of another's whining skilz.

Sentence: The Gosselin children looked on with whinvy, as Kate railed at Jon in the aforementioned state of joncide (after the recent mulaq). Apparently, being under their tutelage had caused Kate's skilz to surpass their own!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Okay, I've tried twice to do this and my brilliant, creative side seems to have disappeared.

HOW IN THE WORLD are you going to choose, Fran?

These are hysterical!

Susan said...


Pronounced: mallser

One who drives by malls; similar to "browser".

Susan said...


Pronounced loonatie.

A mens' tie with all of the Loony Toons characters on it.

Susan said...


Pronounced: firm-EW

"After 75 years of jogging, her girls were not longer fermIW."

And on that note, I'm out. Fran, I hold you totally responsible.

Unknown said...

unlin-what a drunk person orders on his hamburger.

"I wan mine withhh tomaytoo an unlin."

BethAnne said...

One time I got a terrible case of lierp that I couldnt wash off so I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics to get rid of it.

PreppyBumpkin said...

Messotte -

Southern pronunciation - "MESS o' Tea"

meaning: more than enough sweet tea to satisfy the men in our small group Bible study! With there being 5 of them, it takes a mess 'o tea for sure!

Super cute idea -- and, more than anything, I'm glad I'm not the only one who tries to pronounce the words!

Unknown said...

haysisi- What Teri says to Susan when challenging her to take the starbucks card away.

"Haysisi, you wanna piece of me? Let's take it outside!"


Unknown said...

laterin- What Fran says to Susan after she locks Teri out after their fight.

"Sooz, you know you gotta laterin."

(I know, I couldn't resist!)

connorcolesmom said...

raptin - 1. a musical form that includes mouth noises and unintelligible lyrics and a rhythmic beat
2. knocking

He was raptin with his bros in the 'hood! When his baby momma came a raptin on the door axing for her child support

This is so fun!!
Love you Fran!

Carpool Queen said...

I can barely type after the ponis comment...

And I don't like my word, so I'm going to try again.

Carpool Queen said...


I'll krami a river if I don't get picked. Fo sho.

Holly said...


I LOVE to eat in Destin (eadistin), wanna come? Hiccup. I have a chair just for you!! Hiccup.

Becca and Dee said...

dismsyn - derived from the Hillbilly dictionary.

I thaut I'd just give you'ns a holler cause I was dismysn y'all.

Susan said...


The 'g' is of course silent.

On a particularly windy day, T had batharog :(

Lisa said...

Spenonsi -spin-on-si - definition: a condition caused by multiple children running in circles yelling and hollering.

I have a condition called spenonsi which has been brought on by my children.

Lisa Q

Unknown said...


I'll leave this one alone.

Suzi K said...

Susan is the winner!:) Teri's ponis one made me LOL! Oh and Pattys secret one!:) How fun!

Stryte-'we're alright' or 'don't worry about it'.

I don't have a funny bone in my body so Fran, you know what, we're 'stryte' yo!:)

You're too fun!

beckyjomama said...


All I know is if Teri wins, she byholor betta be takin me to Starbucks with her!!!

beckyjomama said...


... or I may have to knock the bersiese outta that girl!

CMC said...

Mine is boxen...the often forgotten reindeer :)

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

When you get all nervous and bothered, especially when camping, you are "tente"

AbbyLane said...

i got nothing.

just came to say im laughing. :)

beckyjomama said...

dynerr - southern slang for the phrase Did she not.

Why dyn't Fran give me the Starbuck's card? Dynerr know without it I gotsta drink McD lattes?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

tealis: tea-less or *T*less---- This means I'm not going to win......I'm going to be tea-less at Starbucks and will be using my own tea bag at home......

Or I'm now the blog reader eresaL, formerly known as TeresaL (because I'm now tealis (T-less).

Sigh..........not at all creative.

Or i_ could mean _ha_ from now on, I canno_ use any _'s in my wri_ings... *t-less*

Lame------- ;)

Loving all the crea_ivi_y!


Susan said...

Oh. My. Word. Absolutely, peeinyourpants hysterical!

bectu: Bectu can't pick just one, Frannie Bannanie!

3girlsmom said...


Ew. You have a scadstro? You might wanna think about having that removed.

3girlsmom said...


Trupee is the opposite of false pee.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that this is the most fun I have had in awhile reading all these comments and Melinda, Susan and girls CRACK. ME. UP!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

motha - Mary's sister, lived in Bethany, carried around Lysol...

"And Motha said, 'Won't he stink, LORD?'"

Anonymous said...

Seriously, do you want me to make up a sentence with "homies?" Really?!?

Melinda said...

Mulamme - (pronounced moo-lame)

Definition: A typical wife's response to a husband employing "mulaq", or the act of putting an end to copious spending of mu-la (see complete definition above).

Sentence: "Honey, if you even THINK about touching my credit cards or putting my mu-la under "mulaq", you'll find your sweet self MULAMME!

Unknown said...

repot-the art of transferring the contents from a potty training chair to the toilet.

Wife says to husband after leaving him home with kid who is potty training. "Hey honey, are you going to repot that stuff or are you just going to leave it there?"

Lisa said...

Slych - To slip stitch

If you don't slych your britches, you're gonna show your shorts.

Lisa said...

Aillynac - What aliens do when there is too much turbulence in the atmostphere.

That aillynac-ed all over the space ship floor.

Cheryl said...

"mestinar" is from the Jeff Foxworthy Redneck dictionary.

A loving mother yells to her adoring children, "Y'all better not be making a 'mestinar'!

Halfmoon Girl said...

This is so funny. I know I am too late for the contest, but how can I resist this one:

amputs: My amputs get itchy when I am deprived of Starbucks.

care-in said...

I came over hear from Hisgirl...these are hilarious!

Alana said...

Hey Fran!

I actually heard about this post last weekend from Shelley and Janelle when we were all together for the weekend, so I had to come check it out! Too funny, and SUCH a clever idea!

Love you!!

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