Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I said was......

This is what I "tweeted" today. I was obsessed with rain and food. And, I'm sidetracked with this thing called Christmas and working and family and dealing with teenagers. So, it's all I got.

Here we go.....

Lives are changed and that is why I love the Biggest Loser.


RT @perrynoble: Two powerful weapons the enemy will use against you is discouragement and distraction...keep your eyes on Jesus!

We have to have 5 things in a bag that go with our paper that explain the character we chose. Not as easy as you think.

Oh goody....i'm going to help a child write a paper. Where is @teributcher when you need her? She's the expert. ;)

Trying to explain a typewriter to my 13 year old. HA!

Wonder where the dogs have gone to the bathroom today since it has POURED17INCHES??!!

Still monsooning
I am gonna kill a kid over the fact he doesn't have his phone and the world is coming to an end!!!!

Big fat yawn

We ate. I am full. I am sleepy. It is raining. Zzzzzzzzz

Ummmmm its seriously raining.

Well....child #3 staying home today. Could be strep? We shall see.

"We conquer--not in any brilliant fashion--we conquer by continuing"....George Matheson

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Hugs and blessings~


Tammy said...

I love the twitter! And your tweets.

Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Have I ever been discouraged and distracted. There's the culprits! Glad I searched further from your tweet! I need to keep focused and this was a strong reminder for me.
Have a blessed Holiday Season.

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