Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"It" happened.

Ok, so let's see.

Where was I?

Oh was changing faster than fast after I arrived at the hospital.

I told you in part 1 that I don't really want to spend a lot of time on the details of that night because that's not my "it." But, I will share these snippets with you....The "it" is in the story.

Once Dr. M got taken to surgery and the reality of "it" all was hitting me, I saw some things so beautiful in the trauma of "it" all that I want to share.

I saw a mom tell her son in the middle of a packed ER with us all staring and crying...."God has a purpose for you. For YOU! Don't ever forget how much He loves you and He has a unique plan JUST FOR YOU!! Let's live every day in search of Him and that purpose. God's hand was on that gun and He protected you, your brother and your dad. Let's live on purpose FOR HIM!"

Wow. When have you told your kids something like that? And really meant it?

I saw a woman walk the road of terror and the unknown with complete confidence in Christ. When someone asked "what if he loses that leg she simply said....he has another one."

Oh, Lord....teach me to walk in that confidence and trust!!

I realized just how much I loved the people around me. That's what happens when you go through something big has a deeper meaning. I don't want to go back to loving the "other way."

I take the dogs out every night between 9 and 10, but something was different now. I remember looking up at the stars one night and tears filling my eyes. "It" happened. I saw God in a whole new way. He is massive and huge in all His creation, but He is tender and loving and present in every little thing we do.

I heard a man tell the story of that evening and what happened in a split second and how he realized that God saved his life. He shared details of conversations with his family members. He shared how he cried out to Jesus in the ambulance. He spoke of Jesus to anyone that was within his reach.

I want to have that type of confidence. I want to speak of Jesus to anyone within my reach. I also don't want to wait until something serious happens. I learned right then and there that it was time to get serious with living this life He has given me intentionally.

There are so many more things I could share, but I want you to think about this small list and see what you can do differently as you go through the motions of the day.

And, just so you know.....After a few days in ICU, moved to the in house rehab unit of the hospital, receiving countless units of blood, and dealing with the daily ups and downs of being in a traumatic, life-threatening situation.....this amazing Doc was given a 2 hour pass to head over to his clinic.

And...I was able to catch a glimpse of that beauty.

And, "it" was more than my heart could take.

God saved this man. Clearly he is a miracle. God also used "it" to change me completely and I'm begging Him to keep me this way and not let my humanness take over and slip back to the old way.

Have a beautiful rest of the week! Praying for you all!
Hugs and blessings~


BethPAtl said...

Fran - Thank you for the reminder to be intentional. It's so easy to get mired down in the mundaneness (?) of every day and forget the "it". What a phenomenal thing that mom did for her son. Makes me realize how short I fall. Thank you for sharing. Would love to be able to meet you this Saturday just to say thanks for what you are doing for us faceless ones out here.

beckyjomama said...

A ... MA ... ZING ...

Praise Him.

3girlsmom said...

Still kinda breathing hard about the whole thing. But loving how it's changing hearts. Just goes to prove that God can use the horrible, scary, and tragic for His good and for His glory.

Praise His name!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Fran. God is so intimate, I'm glad you got "it" and I pray that your life will never be the same. Thank you for sharing.

Love you. See you in 2 days.

Susan said...

We are SUPPOSED to be changed by these life events. Every single one around us SHOULD be changed.

And you are. I love that you are so open and willing to hear Him when He speaks. Even through the terror and tears of "It."

When Beth was dying, my constant prayer was, "Lord, please let me be changed by this for Your Glory."

I love you, girl. Will so miss not seeing you this weekend, but my heart is happy that y'all will be there together and because of that, because I know we are all Heart friends, I will be there, too :)


Melissa said...

I know exactly what you are talking about when you say, "I'm begging Him to keep me this way and not let my humanness take over and slip back to the old way." That kind of "it" happened to me when my husband was diagnosed with melanoma, and our good friend, who was the surgeon, sat across from us unsure if my husband had as much as 6 months to live. It changed us forever, and also many of our close friends. Do we slip back into the old ways? Of course, we do. Maybe not to the original extent of it, but we do fall back into old patterns from time to time. However, God periodically reminds us of that place we want to stay in. For us, it doesn't take much prompting, just a gentle reminder like this post of yours today.

Leah Adams said...


First, cannot wait to meet you this weekend.

Second, every day I pray that the Lord will give me a boldness to share what He has done in my life. Not in an obnoxious kind of way, but rather in a charming way that draws people to my Jesus.

Third, thanks for sharing this amazing story...this miracle.

See you soon,


connorcolesmom said...

Beautiful wonderful story of TRUE authentic faith
and God's saving grace!
Thank you - this story has changed me too!!!
Much love

Heather said...

It's amazing how God can take one situation and teach, what I am sure has been many, something so important. Praise the Lord for Him saving this man's life. PTL for the lives changes, and PTL that he spoke to you through this. To see things in a new light and be changed. God is good, and he truly does work in mysterious ways. Thank you for sharing what the Lord did for you through someone else. Praying for you too and love to you!!

Lauren said...

In the midst of a tragedy, what ana amazing story that came out of it!!!!

Unknown said...

All I can say is WOW!

How God works is so amazing.

This was a true case of Proverbs 23:7..."as he thinks in his heart, so is he"...

The wife and mother in your post truly had banked the TRUTH in her spirit and it came out like gangbusters in this tragedy.

Isn't it cool how God takes a tragedy and makes it a miracle?

From my heart,

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