Sunday, August 22, 2010

We went and got all Baptist on ya!

Well, we did it.

It's been almost one year and it was time.

For those of you who may remember a little bit of our church story you know that we have been on the hunt since early last September to find us a new home. This year has definitely been the most difficult for me personally, but also the most rewarding. I don't want to go back. I want to move forward. Funny how we wouldn't trade all that hurt and disappointment for one single minute. God has brought us to a beautiful place of healing and growth, but most of all a flat out love for Him like never before!

God is faithful to move you forward when you are willing to move slowly and diligently. The last year has been more of a slow and steady pace with me and God. That is a true test for someone that has to constantly work on patience.

Soooooo......this is a little bit about our new home.'s a brand new denomination....Methodist to Baptist for anyone interested or may have a question or ten about that. And, yep....we know a whopping 15 people there. And yep....I may or may not be having issues with "fitting in." But that is what women do. We worry about fitting in and it's completely ridiculous isn't it? Geeez....that is a totally different post called "Why do women still battle insecurity at the age of 40? And in church for cryin' out loud!"

So, if you are a Baptist or have moved churches....I would love for you to share some beautiful words of "welcome" or something funny or something I may need to watch out for. ;)

Thank you Englewood Baptist Church for being our new home. I CANNOT wait to see what God has in store for me and my family. We are here to learn, love, grow and serve!!

Hang in there if you are in the search for a new church home. Having walked the road, I keep you tucked in close to my heart. He'll show you the way.

Now, excuse me while I dance my way down the Baptist aisle!! ;)
Hugs and blessings,


3girlsmom said...

First of all, little missy, you can't dance your way ANYWHERE now. :)

Second, I may or may not have taken dance my whole life. And my dad may or may not be a Baptist preacher.

Third, this post just made me shed a tear or eleven. I'm so happy for you! And I'm pretty much a fan of EBC, too.

Now let's go have ourselves a glass of grapejuice and celebrate!

Mary Snyder said...

Ohh sweet Fran! I love this! I love that after a diligent year of prayer and seeking, God has shown you a new church home. What a precious, precious thing!

We changed churches (Baptist to Baptist, but still a change) about 4 years ago and those were some HARD days, but like you wouldn't trade what I learned in that time for anything! God is so good.

As for the fitting in -- here's the thing. You won't, so don't. None of us fit in, we just think she does and guess what she doesn't think she fits in, she thinks you do. Clear as mud, right?

Just be you! Everyone will love your pure heart and they will see your love for Jesus. And really, at the end of this whole thing called life, all that really matters is how well we loved Him and loves others in His name. That's really all there is.

I love you! And I know there's one blessed church in Tn.

Mary said...

Let me just come back and say one more thing.... don't pay attention to the people behind the Baptist curtain.... at the National level. That junk will make your head hurt and you can't even drink a margarita.... well, you can, but don't tell anyone I said it or I'll have to turn my Baptist badge in.

* The above comment is satire for all those who may come after me and think otherwise.

Shelley said...

Awesome! I am so happy for you that you found a wonderful church home! I grew up Baptist, and loved it. It was a wonderful church, a place that taught me how to have a true relationship with God. It had it's quirks...Once the deacons voted down the idea for the youth to have a square dance in the fellowship hall! That makes me laugh now! Many "baptist" jokes are rooted in truth..the fact that you can't be seen with a glass of wine, or the fact that every event revolves around food, or that there is a committee for everything...all truths in the church I grew up in! But still, such a great place. My youth group was incredible, and now 15-20 years later I am still friends with my youth church friends. I believe that youth group was the reason I stayed "good" and pure. I hope and pray you have a wonderful time being Baptist!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog this past summer. I've enjoyed it very much! Thought I'd comment today... We attend a very large Baptist church, converted about 7 years ago. We were catholic!!! Talk about a HUGE change! But, it has been so wonderful. What a blessing! It's less about denomination for me; more about relationship with the Lord. As far as fitting in, just let your heart guide you to genuine relationships. Pray for that. There are all kinds of people, even at church! :) You seem so fun & sweet; I'm sure you'll fit right in! God bless! -Lisa, Texas

BARBIE said...

I am so thankful that God has brought you to your new church home. Praying He will meet your heart's desire there.

Leah Adams said...

Well, let me put my two cents worth in here...from a girl who was raised a Baptist and is once again part of a Baptist church. When someone asks 'what' I am, I DO NOT say Baptist. I say that I am a Christian.

My heart is so very much interdenominational ministry and I do not like the denominational bickering that goes on. I DO NOT believe that it pleases Jesus.

I pray that your new church home will welcome you and I know that you will be a blessing to them. Just worship the King, Fran. That's what church is all about. Worship.

P.S. I'll dance with ya!!

connorcolesmom said...

WAHOO!!! I am so happy for you and your family
There is nothing like finally having the answer to prayer and knowing this is where God wants you!
I grew up Baptist, married a Methodist and went to a Methodist church for years. We are now at an inter-denominational church that just loves the Lord and teaches the Bible :)
It is really about following God and being His disiples not the name on the outside of the church :)
You are going to have a great time sweet Fran b/c you are one of the sweetest most genuine people I know which means you will have a ton of friends in no time!
Much love

Brandy said...

Congrats on finding a new church home. Thank you for the encouragement as I am looking for a church home. This reminded me to have patience and that God has a place for everyone.

Mary Lou said...

From one who was raised a Methodist and has been in the Baptist church the past forty one years...welcome. I am a Christian who happens to go to a Baptist church and that sweet girl is who you are. They will love you and appreciate your spirit and your heart,for that is what really matters and none of us ever fit anywhere, for we are all just sinners saved by His marvelous grace. Have heard your preacher preach and he is GOOD...and you have Travis on top of sweet it is. Not really a dancer, but I do believe that I can dance before the Lord and He will not frown on me...Love you...enjoy your new church family and the growth you will receive from the preaching of the Word, for Ben preaches The WORD....blessings on your week...your neighbor from Memphis...

Kelly S. said...

I am a Methodist turned Baptist and was only "dunked" about 9 years ago :) It was a big joke in my family that I was getting "dunked" LOL Anyway, I was just readig Ephesians 2 this morning and reflecting again about the Church and how amazing it is. A whole structure, joined together, growing in the Lord....that's just plain exciting. God will use you there my have gifts for them :)

Cheryl said...

Girl, I'm with Robyn, you better not be dancing! LOL!

Seriously, I'm so excited for y'all.

annette said...

Fran, I so get the denomination label. I was raised Methodist, went to the Catholic church for 10 yrs, then the Episcopal church for 17, now the Baptist church. I think if there was a church that fit me it would be Episcobapticostal...I agree with Mary Lou, just be your sweet self and you'll be well loved. No church is perfect but we need a home, a family, a joint faith. So glad you've found this! Hugs, Annette

Heather said...

I am so happy for you and your family finding a home church! There is nothing better, we have been in the same hunt for about the same amount of time and I think we may have found it!!

Lindsee said...

So happy for you and your sweet family!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So happy for you...We have been in that same boat for two years and still have not found where we fit in...

Unknown said...

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Wander said...

Hi Fran
I'm new here...just found you through All-Access.
I had to comment when I read this post. One of my very BFF's in the whole wide world attends and works at Englewood! SHE LOVES IT THERE!

We met them (she and her husband) in seminary many years back. She has been down a rocky road in ministry (my family has too). Both our husbands are pastors that are not serving a church. They settled there in Jackson and really enjoy the church.
Her name is Marilyn Nelson and if you meet will have a precious friend for life!
I mean it!
She works as the assistant to the Youth pastor!
Nice meeting ya!

We've been without a church home for 2 years. It's very hard to find our place.
Makes me sad!

LisaShaw said...

Hi Fran,

May I enter in to this conversation?

I love your cute blog but more importantly I love YOU! I enjoy our tweets together but nothing was like laying eyes on you and wrapping my arms around you at the gIRL Gathering and what a joy that was.

As for your post. I grew up A.M.E., and have been a part of Baptist, Non-Denominational & Inter-denominational churches but I must say that when asked I say, "I'm a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ". I'm a Bible Believer.

I agree with what Leah said above: "My heart is so very much interdenominational ministry and I do not like the denominational bickering that goes on. I DO NOT believe that it pleases Jesus."

I also agree with MarySnyer with what she expressed out the "fitting in". Just be you and I'm sure they'll love ya!

All of that to say, it really doesn't matter to me where you go as long as you are where you are seeing/feeling and experiencing GOD and being loved on and giving love in HIS Name. So I'm celebrating and rejoicing with you that GOD has moved your family to the church family you need to be. Praise the LORD!

I love you girl!

P.S. As a follower of Christ who is very conservative and a black woman talk about not fitting in?!!??!! (smile). I'm thankful that I am defined by CHRIST and nothing or no one else.

It's a joy getting to know you!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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