Sunday, August 28, 2011's time to fire her back up. Bye bye summer.

Ok...let me have my moment. I'm hanging my head low. The realization has sunk in. The world as I know it is over. It's the "S" word....she is here. I thought I liked her. I'm thinking I don't.

Her name is school and schedules and serious lifestyle.

Boo hiss. She stinks. (first time I have ever said that...I used to love sending those babies off to school)

So...since I shut the ole blog down, way back when, to enjoy that fabulous other "s" word called summer...let me just share some of her joy with you in pictures. I've forgotten how to write thoughts anyway so bear with me as we turn the handle and crank this thing back up.

Here they are 3 years ago. 3 YEARS AGO. Time flies.

3 summers ago at the infamous Big Kahuna's (don't look at my hair)

Aaaaaahhhhhh.....they look so tiny.

Summer 2011.....Here is rascal #3 at age 10. Seriously. He's 10.

My beloved middle rascal at age 13. Seriously. 13.

Of course boy #2 played some baseball this summer.

Rascal #3 played ball too.

And this first born turned 15 y'all. Seriously. HE TURNED 15!!!!!!!!!!

And apparently you can get a permit at 15 AND DRIVE A REAL LIVE CAR!!!!!!!

How cute is this? Little guy really wanted to learn how.

Vince Young left the Titans. Hello are dead to us now.

And I do not have a bump it in my hair....I just like to throw a clip up when its been 150 degrees all summer long.

This is pretty much our summer in a nutshell without making you look through hundreds of baseball and beach pictures and the 15 YEAR OLD CAN DRIVE PICTURES!!!! ;)

*I do have one extremely amazing story to tell you that involved the garbage men and the Christmas artwork that disappeared. You will not believe it. It will be told soon.*

God is good.

Welcome back to the blog. Welcome back to school.

Hugs and blessings.....


Unknown said...

It will only be a minute until those boys will tower over you, bend their head down to give you a kiss goodnight, and pick you up in a full blown bear hug. Enjoy every moment with them, even if it means blogging less! :)
Love ya,

3girlsmom said...

I love your peeps. Seriously, adore.

I am counting down the MINUTES until Camille's school starts back up. Whoever thought that the preschool needed to start a whole month after big school started was crazy. The mamas around here are about to lose their minds.

And again, I love your peeps.

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