Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#3 on the list

Back to my daily, chewable nuggets from Beth Moore in Louisville.....Have I said just how good her teaching was that weekend??? You can only imagine or you can think back if you were at the simulcast....

Luke 8: 8-16 Parable of the sower and the seed....wanting that 100-fold blessing for our families!

She told us to EXPECT THE TEST!!!

We will be tested to see if we believe the the word.

"Testing" means 2 things:

1. trials that can cause us to stand (Christ)
2. temptations that can cause us to fall (Satan)

We must have some Word hidden in our heart that we can quickly refer to and know when life hits us. We have to pray these scriptures over daily life. Or....quickly go find in the Bible and write down for you to have with you at all times.

Keep the problems and difficulties of daily life under God's authority at all times. This means for me....here lately...that I may need to submit again and again and again to Him. That's ok.
Give Him the stuff all day long when you are under trial or temptation. And...pray that scripture over the situation.

When I'm tested now....I can quickly go to God and give it to Him or I'll sit and stew and talk about it way tooooooo long. I'm learning....give it up quickly. Then....do the challenging part....get the word out and pray some God-breathed scripture over it.

Think about this....

"When God pours a Word over Satans dirt....it becomes soil."

Think about that. When God's Word is poured over the mess Satan is trying to dig up or go after within us.....He'll take that dirt and turn it into some rich soil. LOVE IT!!!!

Psalm 126:5-6 reminds us that in times of suffering we should STILL sow God's word through our tears. We will come out with joy. We will!!!

vs. 5 "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy."

One final thought from the conference and the test....

The Word is never laying idle. He's proving it true to us. We need to be proved genuine so we aren't fake to others. Fakes drive me crazy!! We don't want to be that. People are looking right at us when the trials and temptations come.


How's that for a word today??!! Even in the trials and temptations....keep sowing the Word.

He will NOT disappoint us!! Oh, He's fabulous!

Hugs and blessings~


Melinda said...

You've been speaking to me girlfriend! Thank you for speaking the truth about the Word over this Siesta - I've needed it this week, more than you know!

Next week - NEXT WEEK!!!

XO Melinda

BethAnne said...

"When God pours a Word over Satans dirt....it becomes soil."

I love that!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

...and I thought I took good notes!

I have been so overwhelmed this week that I haven't had a moment to put mine down on my blog. I have decided I will send my readers over here this week, probably on Thursday.

Thanks so much Fran for posting.

-Joanne :O)

Patty said...

What a Word today!!! I remember in Daniel, that Beth said when tests or trials come that we can Panic, 9be) Paralyzed or Pray. That is something God has been teaching me thru the planning of the siesta. Trust Him, believe Him and his Word.

Reading your notes is like being there!!

Denise said...

Thanks for this sweetie.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I really enjoyed this. I agree with Patty; I couldn't be there, but I'm soaking up notes. You did a good job of not making you rpost too long, which is something I need to work on. Thanks, Fran.

Eddie said...

Fran, What a good word. I'm Beth's dad and we are probably like two peas in a pod. I too like the satan's dirt turned into good soil.
You can bet I will use that at some time in my teachings.

ocean mommy said...

Oh my goodness that satan's dirt into God's soil...just gave me chills. I LOVE your recaps!!!

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