Sunday, September 28, 2008


All of these pictures are the "pride and joy" in my life. They make up my heart and soul. It's my family. My boys. All of them. I will defend them with every ounce of my being. I love them more than my life. I would go to any length to encourage them, help them, and take care of them. They are my family!!

I would never act like an arrogant fool if I coached them. And, believe husband coaches many sports for them and he is NOT arrogant. He is competitive. He is not arrogant. Big difference.

We were playing a championship game tonight in baseball and the other teams coach was a piece of work. You know the scenario so I don't need to go down that road with you. What the coaches and team parents did was flat out w-r-o-n-g. They brought out the worst in us. They entered into the game with a whole bunch of ugliness and pride. It only got worse from there. Ick, ick, ick.

They brought out the worst in me and the worst in us as a team of parents. The things that came out of their mouths were rude and unnecessary and completely uncalled for coming from.....


Well, I'm not sure they were adults. They looked like adults, but sure didn't seem like it. I questioned whether they were in church on Sunday because no one in the grownup Christian mind would say the things they did and act the way they did. Oh, ok...I know that's not true.
However, I have never seen such arrogance and pride in all my life.

Scripture that came to mind during the game was....
Proverbs 16:18 from the Message says it beautifully.... "First pride, then the crash--the bigger the ego, the harder the fall."

I wanted to walk up to the coach after the game....that we lost....and say....

"Hi, excuse me, but my name is Fran and I'm a Christian trying to raise my children in a world where grownups are setting the example of humility in their world, but today I saw something I didn't like. May I offer you some Biblical advice, Mr. Arrogant Head Coach??? Proverbs 16:18 tells us that right after pride, comes a big fall. And, I suggest that you take this scripture to heart soon, because I feel a crash coming on quickly. Now, thank you and have a nice evening."

Well, I didn't have the guts to say that to him. Instead, I stewed and stewed over this man and his team parents. By the time you read this, I'll be long over it.

What do we learn???

Let's act like grownups and set an example for our children. Pride is just flat out ugly on people. I don't want any part of it. I pray against it every day and I think we all should pray against it for our families and our children. It's not cute at all. Take note of that scripture. I have to go over and over it with my kids often. Obviously, it's not just limited to kids either.

...I'm off my soapbox today. :) Have a great day with Jesus. I'm so thankful for His word and the life it speaks over me and every situation.

Hugs and blessings~


Patty said...


I loved seeing your sweet face!! When are you coming to Nashvegas? We need to get together soon!!

I would defend my boys to, no matter how old they are and I am proud of you for keeping your cool. God will honor that and he will also deal with the other parents and coaches but Lord we ask you to have mercy.

Love you,

ocean mommy said...

Oh girl. That is such a hard place to sit and not speak! I feel my heart beating a little faster just reading this! Not so sure I wouldn't have said something to that coach!

I just read the Proverbs verse about 10 minutes ago! How cool is that?!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday...


Melinda said...

You know, I've never seen a worse display of the ugliness of pride than by the adults at a kids' sporting event. Especially when there are trophies involved. Over the years, I've been floored by it, again and again.

It's a great reminder to us in the other areas of life where pride rears it hideous head, because our kids are always watching...even when they're grown!

Proud of you sweet Fran,

Hugs - Melinda

Anonymous said...

My son is still too little for sports (17 months) but I have to adopted brothers who are 7 and 5 and when I go to their soccer games (at their Christian school) I cannot believe how the parents act! I told my husband, "if I ever act like that, tell me!" I have contemplated making a banner that says "ITS A GAME" and bringing it just to help everyone keep it in perspective!

Thanks for posting this!

Unknown said...

We inundated with sports right now and I can so relate to what you are going through! You can not imagine how many times I said "This is just club football people...get a grip!" yesterday in the stands. Listening to the parents made me want to crawl under the bleachers and go to a happy place.
I realize that the object of football/soccer/baseball is to score points/runs and win...but at whose expense? It is amazing how at home, school and church our kids are hearing "don't steal, be nice, don't hit..." but on the field they hear "steal the ball, get mean, smash him!" It always makes me laugh when I hear parents yelling at their kids to "steal it from her"l. (As a soccer coach, my encouragement to my girls is to attack the ball, pass the ball, look for your teammates, play your positions.)
I don't know Fran...I just feel bad for the kids of these parents who seem to put their ego before what is right.
When I lose at the field, usually it has everything to do with wanting to protect my child...not from screaming and fussing over the game. I will let the small town politics get to me, because I am a cheerleader for justice. My attitude can get riled up, but usually it isn't because of the game.
Sorry, this is a novel.
Love ya Frannie, have a great week!

BethAnne said...

Oh honey!! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about - we have experienced it more than once (a few of those times were while playing Upward!) It amazes me how ungodly parents act when it comes to kids sports....It is a disgrace!

Michelle V said...

Oh, Fran, this is why I couldn't handle Little League baseball here anymore. I SO understand!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!


jennyhope said...

hey beauty queen! At least I got to see some pics! I miss you!
That is so sad how people take it so seriously and try to relive their lives through their is so much pressure not to mention the profanity. So sad. Kind of like the McDonalds episode we had in San Antonio. You missed that!

DeeDee said...

ohhhhhhhhhh do I remember those days well.
Usually the kiddos handle it well. It is the parents and coaches....ugghhhh!!!

Glad you were able to hold the comments - (sorta)... but understand where you are coming from. I used to tell my husband ~ (when he was coach and faced those situations from coaches and parents) ....self-control is a fruit of the spirit.

Enjoy those precious boys of yours...... they grow up toooooo fast! Trust me!
Sweet Blessings,

Darlene R. said...

Your family is just the cutest ever!

You can get on your soapbox any old time you want, girlfriend!

Love and Hugs,

Denise said...

Hello my friend, I am back online.

Lindsee Lou said...

Oh girl, it is an UGLY, ugly thing. Is that the message version you posted?!

Love you, and love all of you bloggers with your precious t-ball boys. Adorable.


Lindsee Lou said...

Studpic me...just answered my own question.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh Fran, that is what makes me so anger at coaches and parents! These sports programs are supposed to be for the kids, but they are the ones that are hurt, belittled, yelled at, and discouraged by those in athority over them, the ones who are supposed to be teaching! Yeah their teaching alright!

Alana said...

We're just getting started in this world, but I see this in my future. You are right. Yuck.

He Knows My Name said...

i'm glad to hear your husband isn't one of those kinds of coaches. just to file it away in the back of your husband's mind i once heard coaches play one of the most significant roles in a child's life and that could go either way good or bad. i know my kids have experienced both kinds. what a difference to see christian men walk with the Lord onto the competitive playing field and show leadership accompanied by true love for the Lord without compromising their integrity/character. one coach we had was a mountain of a man and the other one was a very small man but both were giants in the memories of our kids. i am forever grateful for them now that my kids are not walking with Him...they will never forget these two men of the faith.

God Bless you both for serving Him by investing in children.

hugs...have a great trip. janel

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