Friday, September 26, 2008

God Stop Friday

Well, can we just all scream "THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY!!!!!" Considering yesterday when I woke up, I thought for the first 10 minutes of the day that it was Friday. The day went downhill from that.

I had to leave work yesterday because it was so stinkin cold in the church. Have you ever heard of such??? Honestly, I was begging for a coat somewhere or a heater or anything. I was dying.
So....what do you do?? You leave. I'm sorry. I couldn't take it anymore. Please don't fire me. We just need to talk AC issues.

Well, I came home and decided to wash my hair. Don't ask. It was still in a baseball hat from my run that morning. So...I fixed up my hair and laid down on the bed and fell asleep. Ahhhhhhh.

I woke up in a hurry and quickly dried my hair and headed out to get the boys from school. At this point in the day it went U-G-L-Y fast. And, when I say was not my was all my attitude. Y'all the wicked witch of the west was reborn.

My oldest son is in middle school and all week long I have been picking him up in the front of the school instead of going through carpool. It's a little quicker this way. It's not following rules. Nope, it's not. That would be mistake #1. Anyway....I get the other two boys and then we head to the high school side of the school and sit in the parking lot and wait for boy 1 to head on out. My blood is beginning to boil at this point. There was no Boy 1 anywhere. School has been out 15 minutes now. "HELLO??? Where are you boy 1?? Momma ain't happy."

Our afternoon had to be like clockwork yesterday. We have a tight afternoon beginning with the orthodontist at 3:30. At 3:05 I realize that boy 1 is nowhere to be found. I'm boiling mad. Boy 2 goes inside to find him. He's nowhere. He gets back in the car. We act like crazy people pulling out of Christian school parking lot and whip around to the back of the school where middle school parking and pickup is. You don't want to know what is coming out of mouth at this point. I'm MAD. It's now 3:10ish.

Oh, we whip around and I roll down my window while I am trying to avoid getting in the carpool line and yell "Boy 1 we are late, come on!" Well, carpool police woman, lady, teacher, rule follower won't let that happen. She says "Boy 1, you can't cross here. You'll have to wait."

Again, you don't want to know the ugliness that is in my head and the frustration that I have going on at this point. I won't even tell you what I am saying. I think the other 2 children are thinking "She has officially lost it. " Don't worry....there were no cuss words....just a lot of ranting. I just felt like I had to clarify that.

So....we wait and he cheerfully gets in the car and I LET HIM HAVE IT. Oh, y'all. It was terrible. Bless his precious heart. He never knew what hit him. All of them for that matter.
Don't you just hate it when you go down the road of things that have NOTHING to do with what you are worked up about?? Why can't we just leave it after the first 2 minutes?? I went on and on and on for a good 5 minutes.

Well, as I sped back out of the Christian school parking lot, I get behind a 102 yr old man in a truck going negative 5 mph. He is going the exact way to my neighborhood. Now I'm mad at 102 yr old man in a truck. And, I so badly wanted him to know it. U-G-L-Y stuff going on people.

After speeding into my driveway and telling everyone what to do while boy 3 quickly changes for ortho appointment and then baseball practice......I want to lay down on the floor of my car and just cry. I want to sob.

I can't do that. They have just seen their momma lose it. They can't see her fall apart in a mess of tears. They will then get worried and have to call their dad.

I made it to the ortho appointment with boy 3 and my heart literally hurt. If your heart could cry tears, mine did.

I knew that 102 yr old man was God's perfect timing of trying to get my attention and slow me down and say "chill out, Fran. chill out." I didn't though. I ignored Him and got even more mad.
And, I knew, at that moment, that the old man was from God, and I still ignored Him speaking to me.

Well, the story ends with a beautiful apology from me to all my children. We hugged. We even shed a tear. It was definitely a teaching moment between me and my children. It was also a teaching moment between me and my sweet, loving Father. Do you think He rolled His eyes at me? :)

I will go before Him on my knees as soon as I hit the publish key and work with Him on this one.

What do you need to tend to with Him? I pray that you can humble yourself before Him and do the same thing......He loves you so much. He loves us no matter what. But, I think He always has some tending to that He lovingly wants to do within us.

Off to pray.
Hugs and blessings....


BethAnne said...

Oh girl! I fI had a dollar for every time I have yelled at my kids in anger - I would be wealthy. I know EXACTLY how you felt!!! EXACTLY!!!! The good thing is that when you got on your knees and told your God about it, He still loved you (even though he heard what you said) and He forgave you completely........He said to you "Go and sin no more" knowing that you would probably do it again sometime and yet He still loves you ........Hallelujah!!! What a Savior!

Patty said...

Oh my sweet friend,
I can emphathize!! Even in your chaotic day you made me laugh. I have been known to have frustration with people around this city who can't drive and pull out in front of me and the sad thing is, my youngest son acted the same way last Sunday as he was driving us to lunch. Convicting. I am praying for you today, that God would fill you full of peace and joy and that you would have a weekend of fun, even if you have 15 games to go!!!

I love you and I am sending you a BIG hug today!! Thank you for praying for me and for the verse. Wait until I tell you what has been going on. You will never believe it! The verse fit.

Yolanda said...

A scripture I am working to my memory, sums it up

Nahum 1:7

God and I love ya!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh honey - I know exactly how you feel. Being a mommy is the hardest job I have ever had and there are just "those days" sometimes that seem so frustrating
IT is great that you were able to use it as a lesson for you and the boys though
I pray you will have a wonderful and blessed weekend
Love ya

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Some days are just so hard, aren't they? I'm thankful for a God who quickly forgives and lovingly calls our attention to His heart of love and compassion!

Michelle V said...

Oh, Fran, you have no idea how many times that has been US! And, yesterday morning, I had a similar lapse when I was running late for work and my oldest missed the school bus. So, now I have to drive him and fight that mob trying to wait in an endless line to get into the school driveway and then drop him off and then STILL GET TO WORK. UGH! So, I let him have it, (because he had stayed up too late the night before and then wouldn't get up on time when I had tried over and over to get him up and then missed the bus)and then I had to feel bad all day long at work wishing I hadn't been so ugly with him!


Earen said...

My sweet, I haven't had time to read blogs for awhile & today I am reading & LOVED your post. I start reading your post with a smile on my face as to say.."I understand"...but the end I'm in tears because I know the hurt your heart felt in how you treated your kids. Just this morning I was speaking more loudly to my kids. But, it's nice to know I'm not in this boat alone..I feel a little broken lately, so your post was something I needed to hear. Thank you dear! Have a great weekend!

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

Oh my goodness. I have had those exact kind of days picking my daughter up from high school. I would get even madder when she acted like I was crazy for being upset with her. After all, the world does revolve around our teenagers! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I can totally relate. I was, however, very grateful when she got her driver's license. :)

Unknown said...

Been there done that girl friend! I hate it when I do that!

Being real. Being able to go to the kids and ask for forgiveness is such an amazing lesson! It is hard, but so good! (For everyone involved!)

Love you Frannie!

ocean mommy said...

Yep..change your name to Steph. and Boy 1 to Girl 1 and you pretty much have our story yesterday too. What a day. What a day!!!

Praise the Lord we get a do-over each morning.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Toknowhim said...

Again thanks for your openness... I had an ugly attack of pride and control going on yesterday. It is so strange how easy it can sneak up on you, and by the time I knew it I was in major sin. I too had to pray for forgivness last night before I could even fall asleep...

Love ya Fran!!!

Toknowhim said...

Again thanks for your openness... I had an ugly attack of pride and control going on yesterday. It is so strange how easy it can sneak up on you, and by the time I knew it I was in major sin. I too had to pray for forgivness last night before I could even fall asleep...

Love ya Fran!!!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I loved the comment you made that you roared out of the Christian school parking lot---LOL. Oh Fran! I am over here in my Christian apartment (just kidding) on the floor struggling with my own sin nature, Romans 7. You know the real battle in your heart. And you know your God is not rolling His eyes at you---HE knows your frame, Psalm 139. And you are greatly loved! Dan 9:23. And I probably quoted the wrong verse like I did to The Preacher's Wife where I prophesied she was going on a journey. LOL. But I don't have time to look it up cause I have to go back to the floor, dealing with my old sinful nature.

Profbaugh said...


I think I've been behind that same 102 year old man pulling out of the Christian school parking lot as I head home to make the "fast change" before the ortho appointment with my own three kids!! Add to that the fact that I'm a Chicago driver and well, you get the picture. U-G-L-Y doesn't even begin to cover it.

As Teri said. Been there. Done that. And have been "facedown" before Him in repentance.

Hang in there sister friend. He is the great restorer and is about to do a might act in your life.

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Oh those DAYS! Forgiveness is sweet. As Beth Moore says, "Lord please let me learn the lesson in the classroom. I don't want to take the field trip!" Patience is a rare jewel. Motherhood is that field trip. Bless you this day! Love, Annette

Lisa said...

I am at my worst when I am running late because of my fault or someone elses.

I'm sure it was good for your kids to see that experience from beginning to end...that's real life!

Lindsee said...

I really am trying to picture you mad, and nothing is coming up in my mind. :)

So sorry your day was rough like that. I hate days like that when I feel like the rudest person in the world. HE love you so, though, despite your attitude. I just can't get over that! :)

Love you!


Shelley said...

Oh Fran! I have tears because this has been ME this morning. And we're HOME all day!

After a busy week, I've been looking forward to this "down" day with my children. And what have I done? A lot of yelling. I've let my frustrations at missing sippy cups and spills on the floor ruin a perfectly good morning. Thank God there is the afternoon.

And I think He rolls his eyes at me A LOT.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air, and wisdom.

marine's words said...

I remember have those days with my daughter the teen years too well by the time my sons a teen I will be a little old lady "))
love, marina

Alana said...

The carpool lane (or loop as we call it here in B-town) can make anyone crazy! I've been there. I've so been there. Personally, I think the last part is the most important. You addressed it, you said your attitude was wrong, and you apologized. That right there is a beautiful Godly Mom!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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