Monday, October 13, 2008

Going home

Happy day y'all!!

I need to share "going home" with you and how I got there yesterday. What a trip it has been.

It actually started last Tuesday when my mom had surgery in Memphis. My parents actually live in AR, but the specialist was in Memphis so that is where you go. That worked out good for me because they were that much closer to me. I'm in TN. So I thought it would work out good.

So, the surgery was Tuesday and my family and I had decided that with my brother and dad being there on Tuesday that I would wait and come on Thursday. Mom said things like...."I won't even remember you being there. It will be crowded with everyone just staring at me asleep. And, blah blah blah."

Ok, so I thought I was fine with coming on Thursday to see her for myself and with my own two little eyes.

Thursday morning came and I was so excited to hop in the car and get the kiddos to school and off I would be. However, the phone rang at 7:05 Thursday morning and the plans changed.

Mom: "Fran? Hey, it's me, mom. Guess what? I am going home this morning!"

Fran: freaking out and trying to remain calm and not cry...."WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!" Ok, that's great mom. I'll check in with you later this afternoon." I was not happy.

At that point, I hung up the phone and just wanted to die! I missed the surgery. I missed the hospital stay. I missed it. Missed it. Missed it. Missed it.

Needless to say, this was so much harder on me than I ever imagined. I had been a bundle of nerves for weeks and then the whole thing came and went without me being there for my mom.

So, what's a daughter to do?? You head West over the weekend. This is what you head home to see them.

And, that's exactly what I did. I didn't care if we just stared at one another or talked for hours and hours. I WAS GOING TO ARKANSAS!!!

I packed myself, my Bible study CD's, my fav music, and of course my camera and hit the road.

Is this cheesy or what?? I was a little excited. The grin is real.

Once I got to Memphis, I had to take a picture of St. Jude. You have no idea how special that place is to me. I wish I could have stopped to see my friends, the Reams, when I came back through. I pray for you all the time Chandler. Keep fighting kiddo!!!

Yeah baby...crossing the mighty Mississippi and headin into Arkansas!!

In Northeast Arkansas we grow cotton. It's "pickin time" so I was glad to capture the snow before they go make our cute tshirts and stuff.

This is a shot of my High School football field and athletic building. It was our 20 yr reunion this weekend and I missed it. :(

Here I am pulling into the driveway of "home." I can't tell you how excited I was to see mom. And, did I tell you it was a TOTAL SURPRISE!!!!

This is the church where I grew up and was married. Oh, the memories that flooded my mind today.

This is actually where I met my hubs. Believe it or not, I was on a treadmill and he asked who I was.....the rest is history.

My food for the trip home. NASTY huh?? At the time it was good. :)

I had listened to the final session of "Stepping Up" on my way home and I looked at these clouds as my steps up with God for the rest of my life. The journey is far from over even if Bible study ends this week.

The last time God showed me a cross in the sky like this something big was on the horizon. Hmmmm....I think He and I are about to engage in a very special journey together. I'm so very excited.

Are you wondering about the pictures of me and my mom??? Didn't take any. She would have killed me!!! She looks fabulous, but not her best so I'll keep those pictures in my heart forever!!
The picture of seeing her face as I surprised her walking in the house was PRICELESS!!!
I love you mom. More than you'll ever know. "Going home" was a beautiful time and I'm thankful for all the good and the bad throughout the years. It only draws us closer to each other and to Jesus.
After I beat myself up over not being there for my mom on Tuesday, I was there for her. It just looked differently than I wanted.
Jesus and family are truly all that matters. Spend some quality time with both today.
Hugs and blessings....


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

What a fun surprise!

BethAnne said...

Glad you had a great trip - I know your mom was sooooo excited to see you. I am sure you guys had a sweet visit. And that sky!!!! How awesome!!! Neat seeing the pics of your school, church, etc. You met your hubs at a place called the "Trim Gym"?

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you took that trip home!
I've traveled over that bridge a few times myself!
Taco bell is always good at the moment, you can't think about it later!!! :)

Holly said...

I've been praying for your Mom and for you!


PS How did your meeting go last week? Maybe I missed the post...

Toknowhim said...

So cool... I love that you took all those pictures, and to see the cotton was neat. We just have lots of corn here where I live... We are having a late harvest this year too, so it is still standing in many places. Oh, the allergies that are coming my way once that corn goes down :)

I love the picture of you smiling too :)

Anonymous said...

So thankful you got to be with your mom anyway, and I know she was. I'll be praying for her healing. My 30 year reunion was this weekend--like I said, so many things you say remind me of right where I was with 3 kids 10 yrs. ago. Glad it all worked out, and I love the steps of clouds in the picture. Beautiful. Love, Annette

Shelley said...

That was beautiful Fran. How fun for you to surprise your mom like that! I would have had a giant smile on my face too! And that cross in the sky...Beautiful! And Powerful. And Amazing!

Alana said...

So glad you had a great trip. I love spontaneous road trips. I know your Mama was so happy to see you!!

beckyjomama said...

How fun!!!! And now I totally miss my mommy. But I will see her in 4 weeks. YAY!

Kathie said...

What a great trip! Since my mom lives in KY and I live in Costa Rica, it is often months (years) that I don't get to see her. But I got to spent 13 wonderful days with her in August. We did absolutely nothing special except be together. It was great. So glad you enjoyed your trip.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Patty said...

Oh Fran, I am so excited!! I am still in awe your mom went home so soon. Praying for her recovery!! Loved seeing the pictures. You are such a special friend!!
Love you,

connorcolesmom said...

What a blessing you are to your mom
I know she really appreciated you driving all that way to see her
I continue to pray for her complete healing and know that God can do ALL things
Thank you LORD
I love the pics :)
God bless

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

What a fun surprise for your mom!

Thanks for walking me down memory lane. I was feeling a little sad about missing the reunion, but you gave me a little taste of home!

Hope you're having a good Monday.

MelanieJoy said...

We'll now I feel I've been on a road trip with you. Enjoyed the photos. I'll be praying for your mom!! I can't wait to hear what God has planned for the two of you! Have a good week!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

You are way too cute! And what a surprise. I can just imagine how your mom felt seeing your face. I know how I would have felt seeing my kids I haven't seen in months, even almost one year. I would have collapsed in screaming!

marine's words said...

glad eveything turn out fine ") marina

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a great trip! That must have been a special weekend! So glad you could make the trip!

Unknown said...

You are an amazing daughter and she knows that! Thanks for sharing your journey.

Sara Tate said...

You and your pictures!! You're such a goob!!! This was wonderful and I'm so happy that you (played hookie from church and) got to go! WOOHOO!!! Surprising mommas is soooooo much fun!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, so sweet. I hope and pray that my daughters love me this much when we're all older. I'm blessed by how much joy it brought you to go home.

Darlene R. said...

What a great daughter you are, Fran! I loved the pictures of your trip, too.

One of my favorite things to do while I am riding in the van alone is listen to MY music and not the kid's music! :)

Glad you had a good time with your mom, and I am so thankful that she is doing well.

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