Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bloggy throw up

There are so many things swirling around in this crazed out head of mine that I have no idea what I'm about to spit, let's pull a Bethanne and do some numbered randomness! Sound fun?? Probably won't be nearly as fun as hers, but i'll give it a whirl. This is like puking....... blog style! Ha!

1. Why does Vi*gra have to sponsor EVERYTHING that comes on?? They are all over NFL football and ESPN and I'm just waiting to have to explain these commercials. There is one part in the commercial that makes me laugh out loud and throw up all at the same time.....lets just say the thought of this happening KILLS ME!!! Enough said.

2. Speaking of 7 yr old had the word "slay" in vocabulary for his Bible class this week. It means to "kill someone." Threw that in there in case you didn't know. So....I instantly put on my cool mom mode and walked around all afternoon saying "You slay me." Noone laughed. Or thought I was cool at all. Alot of eye rolling took place.

3. And, whats up with the pregnant man again?? He announced it to Barbara Walters and she told the world on the View and I thought I was going to D-I-E! That's another one that I don't want to try to explain to the kids as you check out of the local grocery store and the headlines are all over the place. Honestly, it makes me sick. Men who were once women should not be having babies. You are either one or the other.

4. For the record, I'm a consersative Christian and I'm worried about some things. I will not conform to the world we live in. I'm not going into this one. I just wanted to say that. Need to study up on some sanctification.

5. I'm tired of wanting a MAC computer. It's like a kid who dreams of the newest game or bike or latest gadget and has to wait til Christmas. Except I'm not getting one at Christmas either. I just bought a fancy schmany laptop and must wait. I wouldn't be setting a good example if I just went and bought one "because." Plus...I'm not made of money and I'm trying to avoid credit at all costs. We are almost debt free and that is one happy feeling. So, I silently pout to myself over the MAC.

6. I love good friends. I mean love the ones that I can be 200% honest with and they love me anyway. know who you are and I'm truly grateful for your friendship and prayers right now.

7. I'm loving facebook. Well, as some of my friends and I call it, crackbook. We are all completely addicted. ADDICTED I tell ya. I love seeing pictures and reading what everyone is up to. If you want to follow me on facebook....come be my friend. I love new friends. It's so much fun! Do I sound Jr High-ish or what?

8. I would love to ask y'all questions about something so huge right now in my heart and mind but I just can't right now. I'll have to ask it on like a Saturday when noone is reading blogs much. I'll have to kind of sneak it in and then quickly delete so that I don't stir up too much "talk." If any of my home girls read it, I might freak 'em out! :) How's that for vague?

9. I bought one of those outdoor fire pits this week and the stupid dern thing wouldn't work for all the money in the world. No fire. Nothing. Nada. Put newspaper in it to try to get a spark going and nothing. So much for making smores outside in the fine Fall air. Any tricks out there that I need to know about?? If not....I'm not so much a fan of the outdoor firepit.

10. Finally....I DO NOT recommend a sleepover for 11 yr old boys.....8 of them to be exact. It all went down here on Friday night. I was the cool mom until 4 AM when I had to shut them down I tell ya. Can I tell you they were playing "truth or dare.?" Uh huh. It was creepy to stand outside the door for the whole 6.3 seconds before I busted up in there. I really don't know what was going down, but I almost threw the word "slay" around and would have seriously meant it. Not real fond of this age. They are growing up and I'm oh so scared.

That's it. I'm going to drown my crazed out ADD brain in some reality tv like the Real Housewives of Atlanta. They make me seem sooooooo very normal.

Count your blessings. Live life to the fullest. Love everyone. Ask God to rule over every part of your life.

Much love~


Alana said...

I need to do a little bloggy vomiting as well. I'm not sure what is up with me, but have just not had the oomph to post lately. It was fun catching up with you. Take care, friend!

Patty said... heaD is spinning and just think of the people you will get to come by here when they google viagra. LOL!

Love You,

beckyjomama said...

Awww Fran, I just love you! And if I was not already youf friend, I would want to be now!

Love me some crackbook!!

ocean mommy said...

Patty's comment just cracked me up. :)

I love you girl!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your brain swirling like I thought was normal...? I agree that eleven year olds are a tough group! After chasing the kids around our circular floor plan and up and down the stairs a few times, I learned I liked parties that were not at the house about that age. You make me smile. Love, Annette

Toknowhim said...

I like number 4 :), especially about sanctification (hope I spelled it right), and I would love to hear what is on your mind. I just love when women open up and share things that are not always easy to share. Not that I will have a great answer for you, but I will lend my support :)

BethAnne said...

Okay, I have several comments here so I will just number them correspondingly (is that a word) with the numbers in your post:

#1 --- Does the thing that kills you have anything to do with the time of 4 hours or more???? Cause that part makes me laugh too!!!

#2 ----I think you are cool whether your kids do or not

#3 ----Pregnant man is an oxymoron ---- cannot happen really----our world is going to hell in a handbag and all we can do is pray that no more pregnant "MEN" come forward to gross us out with their tales of maternity/paternity.

#5 ----Forget the is supporting gay/lesb groups ---keep the pc

#7 ---Crackbook is a very approipriate name for FB

#8 --- you have my email --- ask me anything --- it wont freak me out ---unless it has to do with vi*agra and 4 hour time frames

#10 ---I would never have made it until 4 am....those boys would have been asleep by midnight or they would have gone home!! Just kidding....I would have let them stay up until 1..;-)

Okay, I will be looking for the email.....good job at the randomness...Love ya!!!

Shelley said...

That was fun! Seriously, It's like getting a peek into your head this morning. :) I am so glad you made it through the sleepover. I had a feeling those boys might have pulled an all-nighter on you. My mom let me have a sleepover when I was 9, with 9 friends. To this day she says that was one of the worst decisions she ever made!!!

connorcolesmom said...

I love your ADD mind
I am with you on the pregnant guy stuff although he really is a girl b/c God does not make mistakes but I am not going there
Anyway, I loved our sleep over but Connor is 2 yrs younger than your litte guy I look forward to seeking advice from you as to the next stage of this boy stuff
Also the question has my curiosity going a mile a minute - oh what could it be...
Love ya sweet friend

Melinda said...

Ah wonderful that the bloggy vomit stop is my first, post-blog break! :o)

You crack me up, girl. You so stinkin' do!

Love, love you!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

i love you fran
you are absolutely precious
and whatever that #7 or so
comment is about
...know that i am praying for you
cause He says Psalm 138:8
...i am so dependent this day
and just like you
it's a very good place to be
...He loves dependent people
not those who think they
have it all figured out...

Unknown said...

Pregnant man? EW.
V*agra? EW.
4 hour something or other...4xEW. (And ouch.)
Truth or dare? AHHHH
Friends? My sanity.
Questions? Can't wait. (Email me.)
You? Loved!

Shonda said...

Hey Fran,
Thought I'd stop by your blog to see what's going on. Glad you shared a bit of what is swirling around in your mind. I am thankful I'm not the only one with so many random thoughts. Besides, I have been addicted to Twitter and Facebook more than blogs lately. I follow you there and know all your the secrets you publish. :-) I'm glad you survived the sleep over.

Engrafted by His Grace-

Anonymous said...

Okay - 1 thru 5, you read my mind! #7 - not so much. Fellow facebook lovers are trying to drag me into it, but frankly I'm just not there yet. I haven't given up though so maybe the appeal will come through soon. Feel for you on the 11YO boys, have one 10YO now & will take your advice on the party issue. :) Surviving one 14YO girl too. Wish me luck! Ha, ha!
Looking forward to #8 & what you have to say.

Darlene R. said...

This was a fun post to read! Crackbook is so funny!
I, too, have something to say but just can't say it right now. Let's just say it's one step closer to what I asked you to pray about awhile back. You're a great friend and I wish that we lived closer together!

You can vomit on your blog any old day and I would look at it!! Yeah, um, that sounds really digusting!

BTW, I laughed when I read the part about "slay". Those silly boys don't know what humor is!! ;)

Love ya,

mariel said...

I haven't been by in a while, but I am so glad I stopped by tonight! You have got me rollin'!! I just love you, girl! And I, too, love me some crackbook!! heehee!

I'll be back soon!! I am off to catch up on your recent posts!

Those boys are lookin' mighty handsome and GROWN up!! yikes! mine are 8 and 5...gone in an instant, huh?

Susan said...

1. And all the Vi*gr* knock-offs too...
2. They just so totally don't get it!
3. I refused to read/listen to anything having to do with PM. I no longer watch The View (or as we call it...The Spew) and don't even get me started on Oprah.
4. Ditto, sister and can I get a hallelujah!
5. I sooooo want a MAC! And Joanne made me want one so I'm totally blaming her.
6. Although we've never met "in real life", I think you are totally incredible and I pray for you all the time.
7. Crackbook...I LOVE IT. I'm so addicted, I need an intervention.
8. Ask away...e-mail You can ask me ANYTHING. I don't judge.
9. We would love a fire pit but all we have is decking. Our only patio area is...under our decking.
10. You were one brave woman to have all of those darlin' boys over...brave and crazy. lol. At least they didn't sneak out...not that I would know anything about anything like that. Ever.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love posts like this, Fran. Two things to comment on here...

1. Facebook=Crackbook--you hit that one on the head.

2. You're the only person I know that says "dern". I love that about you.

Lora said...

You are a hoot Fran! Love #7 and thank you for being my friend!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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