Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stop it!!!

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Yeah, easy for me to say, huh?

I'm the scaredy cat kid of the South. It doesn't take much to get me "all worked up." Now mind you....I'll keep it all in check and have it under control on the outside. The inside?? A big fat mess! A big, fat, sweaty mess shaking from head to toe.

So...as I work toward being "better" in many things in '09.....I don't want to be such a scaredy cat.

If we are saying that we are sold out for Jesus, then why do we live in defeat in certain areas of our life???

I want to walk in complete confidence. Don't you??

So, what's got you scared?? The present?? The past?? The future?? What do you think you'd do for Jesus if there were absolutely NO FEAR whatsoever in your mind or heart?

What would you do??? What would you do for God's kingdom if the fear were gone??

Let me hear it. I'm curious. I'm wanting us to be free from all this mess and be completely sold out and walking humbly, but confidently before Him.

Ok...who's going first??

Hugs and blessings!


debra parker said...

Fear of rejection/failure.

ocean mommy said...

Ummm this fear thing it's huge in me too...let me tell you the speaker at the conference I have been in all week looked me dead in the eyes Sunday night and said this..."Quit asking God to take away your fear. Start asking for courage." It liked to have knocked me out of my chair...I'm still processing but there will be post out of this one for sure....

I'm just laughing at your questions and the fact that I'm just getting in and settled in and THIS is the first blog I read...Just like God to throw it all in my lap one more time. :)

I love you girl...

Holly said...

You know what it is, I think.

Thank you for praying for us! At times, I want to get OFF this ride, and that's when God begins to calm this shakin', screamin;, fussin; child. He is good!

Love you, friend!

Bethany said...

I don't think I've commented here before... though I read regularly.

What has me scared? Past, present and future. Everything really.

What would I do for Jesus if I weren't scared? Go back to school and get my MA or maybe even a PsyD and put my past, present and future to use for God's kingdom.

Susan said...

My memory scripture from last week was Psalm 56:3,4. Check it out. Memorize it. Say it all the time...I do, now. I'm a HUGE scaredy-cat. Always have been. Just ready Ocean Mommy's post above and thought, "why the heck didn't I think of that?" I ask Him ALL THE TIME to take away my fear...I'm now going to start asking him to give me courage. Thank's OM!

BethAnne said...

It is hard to say what we would all do for the Lord, if it werent for fear of failure....but I think I would probably start some sort of women's teaching ministry.....

beckyjomama said...

I think failure scares me the most ... that being said, I hold back so I don't mess it all up.

If I could do what I want and not worry about failure, I would adopt a million more kids (or at least 3) and then sell everything (which aint much!!!), load em up and head to Africa for a mission!

I would also learn to play the guitar (for reals this time) so we could have worship service anytime we want!!! I am, after all, married to the sound man!

Melinda said...

You know, I've always had a fear of not measuring up to people - it's the whole people-pleasing thing and wanting to look good in the eyes of others. While I'm MUCH better about this, it's runs pretty deep and I still have to keep it in check. It's so much more about God's approval and not man's!

Toknowhim said...

As mentioned many times, fear is probably my number one struggle...Living w/o fear would radically change my life in every area... I wouldn't be the same person :)

Love ya Girl...

Patty said...

A long time ago I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she as teaching on fear, she said if you are afraid, do it afraid. That little sentence set me free. Starting new things in life can be scary or fearful but do it anyway, God will give us the courage with each step we take.

I want to do whatever God is calling me to do, even if I start out in fear. I have lived long enough and through so much to know that God can do amazing things if we make ourselves avaiable to be used.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Fran, I fear rejection and failure so much that I sabotage my efforts before I can even find out if I'd be rejected or fail (that probably made no sense *grin* but I'm writing what came to my mind immediately).

A recent example was when I wrote to you to ask if I could be added as one of your Facebook friends. It took me a few days before I got up the courage to ask and then I had to add in a sentence that said "it is okay if you don't want to add me"....LOL I had to give you an easy way out, always looking to save the other person from me. (rolling my eyes)

The baffling thing is that I'm a nice person who cares about others, I'm compassionate and am a faithful Christian friend...so why in the world do I constantly second guess God and believe I'm not worthy to have great people as friends.

Obviously you hit upon something that I've been mulling over lately. ;)


misty said...

my biggest fear is speaking in front of people or just having to stand up front - i hate all eyes on me.
great post... i will remember this for a long time!

His Girl said...

This is a great question. I'm gonna have to think on it a bit and come back. I can't think of anything I feel fearful about this moment... but maybe after a little prayer?

Alana said...

Walking in defeat is SO NOT fun! I've done it many times. Great post, Fran. Hope all is well with you, friend!

Natalie Witcher said...

I need to stop being afraid that I won't make a difference. There. I said it.

Janelle said...

That is so interesting reading about others struggle with fear. I would have to say that I fear tragedy most of all. The thought of losing my husband or my kids has me paralyzed sometimes.

I so don't want to live that way!

Carolyn said...

I love the passages in Scripture that talk about "not being afraid," followed immediately by commands to "fear the LORD." I love the contrast!

Having said that, I laid awake in the middle of the night last night covered in fear over several minor things (did I leave the sanctuary lights on after chapel?! What did that cost the church?! Will I be reprimanded?! How much money should I offer them to help pay the bill when they find out it was me?!) I could not get a grip!

Seriously, I think I fear looking foolish, letting people down, making a mistake... it's tough being a perfectionist!

If I could believe the truth about these things and how God thinks of me, I might live more freely, graciously, and humbly, unafraid of others' perceptions, able to accept myself and who God made me to be!

I like your interactive blog... thanks for the encouragement to think about these things!

A Stone Gatherer said...

What I'm afraid of is not hearing him and being out of his will! What I would do, anything he asked me too!

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