Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you think this is true??

Have a great day! Make a difference in someone's life and be the best you can be!

Hugs and blessings~


Denise said...

Wow, great video my friend. I do think this is very true. I choose the battleship. I love you sweetie.

Denise said...

I have another blog too. here is the link: http://freetobeme-denise.blogspot.com/

beckyjomama said...

I'm going with the battleship!

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

That is good. I think I will grab it for my blog too. I know my two readers would like to ponder that one.

Anonymous said...

I do indeed think that is true! I hope I've learned to look at my church as a battleship.

Bethany said...

LOVE the analogy! I see life in pictures so this is a great one. Thanks for sharing.

Melinda said...

I absolutely think this is true. God has REALLY been speaking to me lately about how comfortable we've gotten in our churches - to the point that it's become much more about us, than about Him. Such food for thought.


Yolanda said...

I believe it's true, and perhaps He is showing how the separation from the goats and sheep happen.

Perhaps one of many ways.


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