Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stupid friends

Y'all, one of my most favorite times in the past month was my trip to hear Travis record a new worship CD/DVD at FBC Woodstock just outside Atlanta. I picked up Patty and Georgia and we hit the highway toward Stephanie's....for several hours. Well, what typically happens when you hit the highway with great friends and have some distance ahead of you??? Oh, let me tell you what happens....

You get VERY silly, laugh until you cry, eat some junk, and comment on every thing you see or pass along the way (remember the truck, Patty?). I wish I could tell y'all what was written on this particular 18 wheeler, but it is just not appropriate blog worthy material. ;) Ok, so somewhere along the way, we kept using the word "stupid." And, you know how we do.....we started intentionally using the word in every possible sentence and in every form we could. And, that is exactly what we did. Let me give you an example of how it started....And, please use LOTS of sarcasm as you read aloud. Thanks...because we really are sweet, precious people. Remember, the silliness is getting into full gear now.

Fran: "This stupid truck is not getting out of the left lane. I need to drive faster than 55. Its the stupid left hand lane people. Stupid driver. I'm gonna take you out, stupid driver."

Patty: "This is some serious stupid traffic in Atlanta. Could you imagine doing this stupid stuff every day? Stupid traffic isn't moving."

Georgia: "Do I need to get out and tell these stupid people how to drive in rush hour? Stupid man next to us is texting and driving."

Ok, so you get the gist of what we were doing. It became sooooooo very funny with each minute that went by....with each scenario that went by....with each comment said. I know I couldn't breathe at one point I was LAUGHING SO VERY HARD!!!

So, what happens next? Stupid has taken on a life of its own and became the word of the weekend among us. It is still alive and active out there in cyber world through emails, facebook comments, and even my birthday gift from these girls.

These are the beautiful flowers my adorable husband sent me....

These are the flowers my precious friends sent me for my birthday.....

And, this is the stupid card they sent......
Do you know how hard I laughed over this???? Don't you just love funny, inside stuff between friends?? Don't you love it that you have people who you can just be completely ridiculous with?
Don't you just love the silliness of gooooood friends?? Don't you just love it that these are friends I met on the internet through blogging??? Don't you love it that these girls mean the absolute world to me??
Friendship is a pretty cool thing and I absolutely thank God for it!!!
Proverbs 18:24 "there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
I love each and every one of you and am thrilled to call you friend.
Hugs and blessings and much laughter.....


Rachel said...

so funny! And what precious memories. I would feel pretty *stupid* trying to come up with something to say to feel cool ;) but it looks like I got it in anyway! You just have the sweetest family to boot! Hope it was a great start to the year!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday Fran! I can't wait for Travis' CD to be released!

ocean mommy said...

SO sweet! I love you and totally miss you all...Last night at rehearsal...I came out with a "stupid" comment and my friends just looked at me like..."are you serious?" They just didn't get it. :) That's okay.


(Those flowers are just beautiful..makes me want to go pick some up!)

debra parker said...

Fun, my friend, fun.

Patty said...

ROFL!!!! I am laughing so hard right now!! Oh. My. Word. I miss you and Steph so much!! We have to get back together before August. YES, I remember what that "stupid" truck had on it!! (in the dirt, I'm just sayin')

Emailing you now about my brother.

Love you to pieces,

Holly said...

Oh goodie!! I have so been wanting to make a "My Stupid Blog" design for you--to make you laugh. Now I can and I can reference this post--that way people will understand!

I got a treasure from you, dear stupid friend! Oh MY! Calling you this afternoon to gush...and maybe have a little stupid cry. You know. Chris cried, too. Thank you! Thank you! Ahhh...there's nothing like the sweet love of a friend to chase the sadness away.

Denise said...

This was a fun post, happy birthday precious one.

BethAnne said...

I love it.....Lake is reading over my shoulder with wide eyes saying "we dont say stupid"........

Anonymous said...

That is just so sweet. I love it and you are blessed to have those "stupid" friends!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Very, very fun stuff! I have similar friends.

Georgia4God said...

STUPID FRAN!! I'm glad you loved the flowers.. we loved 'em too.. matter of fact, we should've sent them to ourselves.. 'cept that it wasn't either of our birthdays.. oh well.

darn stupid truck.. and things in the dirt.. I so can't wait till our next stupid road trip!!!

Love ya stupid Fran!!
Stupid G :o)

His Girl said...

good friends who can laugh together are such an amazing blessing! glad you have them too!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is so funny and sweet...but don't they know stupid is a bad word :-)

He Knows My Name said...

This stupid post really made me smile. You and your stupid friends really had one stupid time in stupid Atlanta where stupid memories were made that you will always remember until you are too stupid old too recall them.

Speaking of being too stupid old I wish you one Happy Birthday and love to go with it.

You are a joy to know.


Lindsee said...

I loved this. How fun are your "stupid" friends. I love nothing more than laughing at inside jokes, or just plain stupid things! :)

Hope your birthday was fabulous, Fran!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh to be a fly inside that "stupid" car! What a fun time!!! What wonderfully "stupid" friends you have there!!!!

Melinda said...

Girl! I don't know how I missed this post! SO STUPID of me!

XO Melinda

Darlene R. said...

Oh Fran, I loved this post. I just love my friends that I can share these kinds of things with.

You are a sweetheart!

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