Monday, February 9, 2009

Some more "real me"

Ok, you know that I have gone down this road of being real, right? Well, since that is so much fun to read and so weird for me to keep exposing truth about me.....

Let's do it!!!! And, still be friends, ok? Thanks.

Seriously, I'm over it. I'll give you as much as I can without completely trashing myself, which I could do rather quickly, so let's keep it all real here, ok?

I've been watching the Grammy's on CBS tonight. And, OHMYWORD......this is some serious material. I really wish I had been taking notes because we could go on and on about this event for days. No, we wouldn't be gossiping. We would strictly sit here in our comfy little homes and THANK GOD that we live the life we do. I do believe I've commented on every single outfit, song, performance, presenting of the name it.

Why would we do that??? We would do that because if you are from relatively small town not big city, then we really couldn't hang with these people. We would be a complete fish out of water.

For all the fashion do's and the fashion don'ts please go here. As I scrolled through those pictures, I wanted to laugh, cry, feel sorry for, want the outfit, and shake my head in shame over each and every photo. Then I realized that I'm tearing most of those people up in my mind with how ridiculous they look. Thank goodness I was not in a room full of girls where I could tear them up in a group because that has to be worse, right?!

The sweet Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He didn't make me a Hollywood superstar because as I sit here, in that above mentioned comfy home, I would totally BE ALL ABOUT IT. I would start off like most of them do and be all grateful and stunned that I was a star, and then BAM! I would go downhill really quick and at a high rate of speed I'm sure.

I mean I think I would easily get all caught up in it. What is "it?" Just the Hollywood-ness of it all. And, I realize I have absolutely no experience with the Hollywood-ness of "it," but you know what I'm talking about.

Fran in Hollywood:
I would be the most self-centered, going to everything, stay up all night, doing things I shouldn't do, dying to be on the E! network, hoping for People magazine story, after all the Hollywood hunks, completely ridiculous human being on the planet. So.....I know my weaknesses and I know my battles.

Thank you Jesus that you have set my feet on solid ground and I'm not the same person I was BEFORE You. I couldn't handle all that Grammy/Hollywood mess and deep down I'm grateful.

I'm grateful even though I so wish I were up on that stage singing.

And, I can't sing.

God is good. He knows what He's doing.

Hugs and blessings~


Melinda said...

Oh, ain't it the TRUTH??!! Lord, save us from ourselves!

ocean mommy said...

Oh the outfits. Prego women should never wear polka dots.

Seriously, I am so saying Amen after each line of this!

Love you

Shelley said...

You're so right! Amen Fran, Amen.

BethAnne said...

You are so funny! I am with you though...I would be a very obnoxious super star.....good thing I have no marketable talents, huh? Unless picking things up with your toes or playing the kazoo have become marketable talents.......

Patty said...

You are right. I do feel bad for them because instead of us judging them we need to pray for them. I would be the same way as you described if I were in their shoes.
Love You,

beckyjomama said...

Girl ... what Fran said! I think I say that every time you "get real"!!!

He Knows My Name said...

hi fran,

i feel so bad for them. their lives are to me so futile.

can i just be real here too. do we as christians give hollywood too much of our time and space in our brains? i believe satan has used hollywood right from the start to suck us christians in and soak up our time and brains. i fear we will be answering big time to this one someday.

hugs and love to you. janel

Fran said...

Oh Janel....that is good stuff!! you are dead on.

Toknowhim said...

I think I can echo Janel too... Once again, and I promise I am not making this up :) I could have said the same thing about myself...

Although not totally free from it (pretty close, hopefully) I was bound up in the Hollywood scene... I lived and breathed what Hollywood was doing, and definitely judged them for it... Thank the Lord I have experienced freedom from this issue, and I am a different person today :)

Blessings friend and keep giving us these kinds of posts... Kim

Cheryl said...

Kind of along the same lines as Janel, a few years ago the Lord convicted me about the time I spent on this kind of stuff. (reading gossip mags, watching stuff on tv etc.) My yearly verse that year was Romans 12:2 so I canceled my subscription to people, stopped focusing on those E! shows and it has made a huge difference in my thought life.

I just know how easily I can get caught up in all that stuff!

Love ya!!!

Denise said...

Amen my friend.

HIS Child said...

Girl to the point and oh so real. We are very near the Hollywood thing. So prevalent in our everyday news. My man teases me about the shows, "baby do you want to watch (insert all award show names here)". I have gotten to the point where I say what show? I believe it saves me from myself.
I love you being real because we can all identify with it. I love your heart Fran.

~Ang said...

Girl you are too funny!! I am so thankful too. I know I who I would be without God's grace yet His grace probably even covers over my imagination making it far more worse!! LOL!!! Love you being real!
Much love,

His Girl said...

I've often blamed my obvious lack of talent/*ahem* physical assets on the fact that God know I'd use them for evil and not for good. Saved me from myself, He did.

A Stone Gatherer said...

You know I only fill so much pain for those people. At my son's ortho appt the other day I saw in the OK mag that one of the singers Rhiana (or something) was obsessed with her boyfriend (something Brown). So I heard that they didn't show up at the Emmy's because they had had a phyical fight! My heart just hurts that all these people are trying to fill the void that only God can fill! These young girls who are victimized by the Hollywood culture! Thanks again for your "being real"!

Janelle said...

Every single time I read your blog I feel such a peace. Your words honor God and I am renewed by them.

I love your heart!

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