Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Come to Jesus Meeting" Summer Edition

Every summer I have a "come to Jesus meeting" with my kids over how we are going to make this summer gig work. It's such a hit with the kids. *Ahem*

So, here ya go...I tell it like it is.

1. I will continue to buy the same amount of food and drink that I do during the school year...if you choose to eat every last snack and drink every last coke in 24 hours....too bad. Suffer. Go for the water hose. Woe is you.

2. I will let you have fun this summer. I promise. I'm not that mean. However, I do have adult things that will need to continue throughout the summer. Ya know..things like my lunch or dinners with friends and coffee at Starbucks and shopping. ;) But, seriously....I don't want to hear any whining such as "but you get to have all the fun."

3. Never ever ever are you allowed to say you're bored. Don't wanna hear it. You have every gadget under the sun and anything you could possibly need so get out there and be your own social chairman or party person or whatever it takes, but you have plenty of people and things in your life to have fun!

And, really....that is it. Easy. Short. Simple. Can be done.


Lay the law down early and have yourself a summer full of sanity and fun!!!

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity." Amen!! Proverbs 133:1

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Amen!! Ephesians 6:1

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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