Friday, June 25, 2010

The info in my brain is about to BUST OUT!

My undiagnosed ADD is in HIGH GEAR right now and has been when it comes to this blog so let me spit out some interesting, disturbing, happy info that continues to spin around in my head.

** I had to strategically place myself in front of some magazines at Target the other day. WHY? Because that nutty plastic surgery junkie from Hollywood/LA and I totally can't think of her name right now.....was plastered on the front of this magazine talking about her boob jobs. WHAT IN THE WORLD PEOPLE???? Shoot me now. Poor nearly 14 year old boy. I'm sure he was wondering why mom was standing like a fool and not moving until we absolutely had to.

** To date I have not watched one solid episode of the Bachelorette. This is huge. Could care less about these guys. They seemed so weird from the get go and I think I had some insight into this summer season and said...."no thanks...can't handle the stupidity." But, really...this is not new to this show and I know that.

** I miss serving in a church. Really really really happy with where we have been going, but I'm ready to jump in and serve again.

** I obsessively check my kids facebook pages 627 times a day and am amazed and what is going on out there and there is not one thing I can realistically do about some pictures and words and junk that is happening on THE MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL. Step up to the plate parents and stop some of this mess.

** It's too hot to eat.

** Call me crazy, but Spongebob really does make me laugh.

** I'm jealous of the iphone people out there. No denial.

** I get to go to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores/Black Beach in a few weeks. Lots of documenting to come. And, I'll be ticked about it too. ;) Watch out BP.

** I want to put my kids in a bubble. Oldest will be 14 next month and life is about to drastically change. I'm not sure if I can handle it.

Whew....I feel so much better. Thanks for playing along.
Happy Summer!!! Don't burn up and melt.

Love ya!

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's all I know thus far!

This is what I'm doing this summer. It might seem a bit monotonous, but I'm totally loving it. It's my favorite people and I'm good with that.

The only thing I'M DONE this crazy, out of control heat!!! I mean we are melting down in the south people. What is up with the heat and humidity in mid June? I'm trying to stay grateful, but it's a huge challenge.

Ok, if you do not know what "Skinny Cow" ice cream is. PLEASE GO FIND SOME NOW!!! I bought these ice cream sandwiches at Target a few weeks ago and I'm in love. They are low fat and absolutely a gift from heaven. You'll be blessed. And, no....this isn't my picture. No way would I lay (lie) these sandwiches on their side and take a picture! ;)

Water of some kind is in order these days. Isn't he cute?

Little guy getting a baseball trophy last weekend. He is so precious. Love him!!!

Dude is saying..."please stop mom. You are so embarrassing."

Bwahahahahaha.....he has no idea I've taken 726 pix of this game!

Love these guys! Hope you are off to a fabulous summer. Please tell me what's your favorite part so far.

Or, feel free to share a favorite ice cream find that I might be missing too! :)

And, one more thing....still ticked at BP and the oil spill. I will be reporting live from Black Beach/Orange Beach in July.

Hugs and blessings~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We went from mad to glad and fun was eventually had by all

Happy Summer y'all!!! Here is a series of pictures from Memorial Day that make me happy. The boys were playing "throw the ball as you jump off the diving board and try to catch it" game and they could do this for days I tell ya.

Also, notice that one cute little 9 year old is highly ticked off/crying and trying to hide as soon as we were ready to start the fun! He was quite confident that we didn't know he was there. He changed his tune and finally got in.

So, besides swimming, we ate a lot, got ice cream and milkshakes and other fun stuff, and just enjoyed being together.

On another note, I'm irritated with BP and not being able to deal with this horrible oil situation. We have our family beach trip/baseball world series in July down in Orange Beach. I'm thinking it's going to be black beach and no swimming in the ocean. There isn't a whole lot we can do about it because we have to go because of the world series. BOOOOOO BP BOOOOOOO!!!

Ok, happy summer. Have a wonderful day. Do something fun today!

Hugs and blessings,

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