Friday, January 29, 2010

The snow...we were kinda excited!!

Here is son 2 staring out the window....excited maybe??

This is the house across the's starting to stick!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Just beautiful.
The field behind our house.

Look at Pepper fly!!! She loved every bit of the snow!! She didn't just run through it, she hopped!

Ok, son 2 has on my coat because it's warm., take that off please.

Starting to look pretty huh?

Here they are at the "big hill." It is coming down so hard by this point. I camped out in the car.

"What do we with this thing?"

"Man...this is crazy snow, mom."

You will notice that son 3 has this same look in the remaining pix.

Kid on left is a professional. Kid on right has no clue what to do in this stuff. ;)

Can we go now?

The baseball complex where we will be playing soon. Heading home.

Bye!!! Thanks for taking a look into our snowy day! And, if you are wondering where the oldest son is.....he woke up with a cold and stayed in. He was good with it. Don't feel bad for him.

Happy snow!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just so precious. Period. And makes me smile.

Oh my goodness. This is just beautiful and makes your heart feel all warm and fuzzy!

And, there is an awesome lesson and reminder for us all which doesn't hurt anything either. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Loneliness. Ugh.

Hi friends...

Just a passing thought on this hurried Monday morning.

I'm lonely.

I'm lonely because we are homeless when it comes to church. Sort of but not really. We have been visiting this church and we absolutely LOVE Sunday mornings of worship. This particular church has community groups and because we aren't members we obviously don't have a community group. I'm not in a bible study either.

Boo hoo. Woe is me.

I've learned just how much I need people. And I mean spend time with these people in a closer setting.

It ain't happenin' around here and I'm lonely.

We were made to be with a body of people, especially when it comes to church.

I'm adding any of you to my prayers that might not have a church home and are feeling a bit lonely.

Hugs and blessings~

Monday, January 18, 2010

The infamous curve ball...and how to handle it!

Everyone who knows me at all, knows how much I love sports. I mean it's almost weird. Even when the boys aren't home, I'm watching an NFL game, or an MLB game, or the college basketball game. I LOVE SPORTS.

Two of my boys play travel baseball. I love each and every season because I love watching them love what they do and I never know how long this fun will last. Both of my boys are pitchers and as much as I love watching them pitch, I could throw up every inning they throw. It's way too nerve wracking for me. MOMMA CAN'T TAKE IT COACH!!!! ;)

The boys have taught me about a certain pitch.....the infamous curve ball. Basically it means the ball curves to one side or the other when thrown. "Its nasty." (that's what they tell me!)

The thing about the curve looks good until the end and then BAM! I love it when you are the momma of the pitcher and you say "I never saw that one coming." The curve ball isn't fun when you are batting and you never saw it coming.....a lot of times it means "STRIKE!"

Today I was thrown a curve ball. Didn't see it coming and not sure if I will strike out or walk on, but I'm trying to figure out how to adjust to the pitch.

I'm anxious to see how this plays out, so will you say a prayer for discernment for me please? I'm so grateful for each of you. It just means so much. Even if we've never met, I love you and I'm so grateful for your friendship along the way!!!

Ok, you've learned about the curve ball and you've learned that we need to hit our knees when we get thrown one.

Deep stuff, huh? Real life though.

And, please don't comment specifics if you know what I'm talking about ok? Thanks. :)

Love doing life with you!! (even if I just got vague and all at the end!)
Hugs and blessings~

Monday, January 11, 2010

What does the bible say about a bully?

We have had some situations going on in school with my 6th grade son that has taken me to my knees more times than I can count. This, my friends, is not a bad thing. It is just realization that we aren't in control and we need His help.

These are the boys that I'm praying like mad over these days. Aren't they cute? And, they are definitely worth it. If you are a parent, I know you agree. And as these kids grow up, you find yourself praying things that you had never considered before.

We were in church this morning and started a new 6 week series called "The Good Fight." The first week was today and was about conflict. GOT ME INTERESTED MR PREACHER!!!! KEEP ON TALKING!!!!!!!!

"I'm listening Lord. What have you got to say to me." a nutshell let me recap 30 minutes into something much a few sentences. But first...some questions that we all wonder.

How does Jesus fight? When does He fight? Is it ok for Christians to fight?

First of all....isn't Jesus the Prince of Peace? Yep. Isn't God a God of order and not disorder? Yep.
Somewhere in Hebrews it says that we need to make every effort to live in peace. Yep.

However, Jesus also got a little ticked at times. We all know the story of the temple when He got so bloomin' mad at what was taking place in there that He turned a few tables over. For some reason I love this story.

So I have a feeling Jesus is saying "stand up for what is right" through that story in the temple.

One more time....."stand up for what is right."

If I have a child that is watching kids around him be mean to other kids.....then....

"stand up for what is right."

I'm going to tell my kids that they are more likely to make a difference to the child more than a teacher or principal if they are the ones to stand up and say to that child...."stop it, man. That's not cool."

Are you following me here? If you have a situation where you can benefit from this in your or child....then, I'm praying that you think like Jesus. Jesus got mad in the temple because what they were doing in the temple was wrong. He got mad and stood up for what was right.

Jesus didn't get mad when people insulted Him. That is where He showed Himself as the Prince of Peace. He got mad when He took a stand for what was wrong so peace would eventually be present.

**A bully goes after the weak. Teach your child to stand up for the weak. Teach your child to stand up for what is right. Teach your child to do the hard thing. Studies show that other kids tend to make bullies stop. Kids listen to their peers.

Put that in the Spiritual Bank because I know it to be true. It's just so hard to teach to kids.

Love you all. Keep fighting the good matter your age and what you are up against!!
I want to be able to teach my kids how to fight....from a biblical standpoint.

Hugs and blessings~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years in Atlanta!!!

I wanted this dude's glasses so bad. Our younger ones played him in baggo. There was a tiny size version they were playing in the hotel lobby. Too much fun!

A father teaching his sons how to do the electric slide. Classic moment.

These are friends of ours that we were with after the UT game...this woman cracked me up. She was all about it.
It was now almost 1:30 am. He was faking it, but still. Poor baby. Is this child abuse?

Here we are outside the CNN center on New Year's Day....eating, taking tours, and buying junk we don't need.
Inside the CNN center...pretty cool. I didn't tell them I prefer Fox. Ha!

This would be greed in action. Like we need more things.

This is cool....this is one of two CNN Hummer's that were in Iraq so they could do their news thing.
Mom got talked into going to a Hawks game...lets just say I'm not a huge fan of the NBA. But, this was all outta love for son #1.

We did eat (another horribly late) dinner at a cool place where we had our own tv. We are junkies when it comes to sports...especially SEC football.

The gangs all here. I like this picture.

All the 27 million people that had been following us all weekend, followed us to the GA Aquarium.
The aquarium is so very cool minus the millions of people. Here is the cool tunnel thing with the big bad nasty scary fish. It was neato.

How is that for creepy? And then kinda funny.

Yes, these are jelly fish that I see all the time in Destin, Florida. I learned that vinegar is great for a sting. I don't ever have that in my condo apparently. Then I was told urine works fine too.

Oh, lets go touch baby sharks and baby stingrays. (me? no thanks)

We went up 5 flights of stairs to our car. I thought I was gonna die.

Last night we ate at the Hard Rock because it was convenient and we needed more junk.

Thank you for peeking into our pics from Atlanta. And you know this doesn't include the ballgame at all. Wonder if I should post those? Patty will say yes. Ok, another time.

Happy "twenty-ten" to you. Don't make any resolutions because you might just break them like I have every year since I've been alive. Ha!

Instead, let's pray to be exactly who God wants us to be! I love Him so and He deserves my best! May this be the year!

Hugs and blessings~

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