Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We went from mad to glad and fun was eventually had by all

Happy Summer y'all!!! Here is a series of pictures from Memorial Day that make me happy. The boys were playing "throw the ball as you jump off the diving board and try to catch it" game and they could do this for days I tell ya.

Also, notice that one cute little 9 year old is highly ticked off/crying and trying to hide as soon as we were ready to start the fun! He was quite confident that we didn't know he was there. He changed his tune and finally got in.

So, besides swimming, we ate a lot, got ice cream and milkshakes and other fun stuff, and just enjoyed being together.

On another note, I'm irritated with BP and not being able to deal with this horrible oil situation. We have our family beach trip/baseball world series in July down in Orange Beach. I'm thinking it's going to be black beach and no swimming in the ocean. There isn't a whole lot we can do about it because we have to go because of the world series. BOOOOOO BP BOOOOOOO!!!

Ok, happy summer. Have a wonderful day. Do something fun today!

Hugs and blessings,


Cheryl said...

What is it with boys and playing catch as you jump off the diving board game? we were with some family last weekend and the boys (8-10 yrs.old) played that came almost the whole time!!!
Boys will be boys!

Glad y'all had a great time!

Lauren Kelly said...

Great pictures!! I so do hope they get this oil mess fixed pronto!!!

beckyjomama said...

You got some handsome boys there my friend! IF they ever get a hankerin for cradle robbin (and we get there before Robyn & Teri's girls), I know a couple of cute little chic-a-dees ;0)

Heather said...

Ms. Fran, your boys are so cute!! They are going to be some serious heartbreakers!! Is that y'all's pool? I am so jealous!! Looks like fun was had by all!! love the pics!
THey do need to hurry up about with this oil spill stuff, it's ridiculous.

Hillary said...

Boo BP is right!!! It sickens me!!!!!! Lord, PLEASE do something!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Cute boys!! Looks like they had a blast!!


3girlsmom said...

I've left this post "marked as unread" in my reader all week because I've been too flippin busy to comment and I didn't wanna forget.

Hello, summer, thanks for being busier than the end of the school year. Punk.

Anyhoo, I love you and your peeps. I love mad Dylan under a chair. SO reminds me of my 3rd child.

And my word verification us sylliess, which looks like silliness and makes me laugh.

Love you.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

We aren't going to the beach this year because of all the house building around here but I'm actually glad because I couldn't bare seeing the sand so spoiled. I'm with you - plug up the dang hole already.

Lindsee said...

Can I come swim in your pool? K, thanks. Bye.

Maurilio Amorim said...

Great looking boys. I'm sick about the spill as well. My sister lives in Santa Rosa beach and we vacation there every year.

Pat said...

Those boys are so adorable!! I can only imagine the male hormones that keep your house humming. I only had 2 of them and STILL remember the beginning of Summers.
Energy on steroids!
Blessings sister, have fun!!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

UGH!! You know I share your frustration over our beaches. ;(

However, Gulf Shores seems to be the worst of it when we went. We spent the rest of our time at Orange Beach and I didn't see anything. Hopefully it will stay that way for y'all through July.

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