Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh, for the love of!

I am almost giddy these days...not because my children are back in school...I really do miss them...i think of them 100 times a day....i pray for them 100 times a day as i know they are making decisions and working so hard at their work. But, the best thing that has happened as they leave the house at 7:30 each morning...still exhausted from these early that i have my time with Jesus. HALLELUJAH! I'm thinking of all the posts i've read in blogworld about you precious mommas needing that tv time for your little ones so you can get things done around the house or to spend time in study or prayer with Jesus...the infamous quiet time!!

Well, my "quiet time" has gone from almost non-existant to 10 minutes a day to a full 7 hours if I want it!! I'm so thankful that Jesus loves me the same...I feel like i'm reuniting with my best friend....He is my best friend...I've missed Him and we are together again!! I'm reading "Get out of that Pit" and its fabulous! Please read if you haven't! It's unbelievable. Thank you precious Beth for your faithfulness and your work. You are one amazing vessel!!

I love this season I'm in. I hope you do too.


Teri said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I can't wait! This year I have reached a youngest is starting school! It is only half day kindergarten, but it is HALF DAY KINDERGARTEN! WA HOO!! I love the schedule that having kids in school brings...I love the summer, but the schedule is SOOO nice!

jennyhope said...

I am reading Get out of that Pit again!!! It is so good! We can read it together :)

Suzi said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you!

jennyhope said...

I was so focusing on Psalm 40 myself again as I read get out of that Pit. GIVE HIM SOME PRAISE GIRL! I can not imagine where I would be without Him

Profbaugh said...

Monday is the first full day of school. Can you say "Praise the LORD!!!" Yuppers, I think all moms can relate to the beginning of the school year and the INCREASE in quiet time.

Poised and ready with my Bible, highlighter and cup of coffee in hand.


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