Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Girl and Her Man!

I am SO very sorry Kim. That sweet girl over at Connorcolesmom tagged me with this I think on Monday and I'm a little tardy with my description of me and my "oh so amazing man!" He really is the best thing a girl could ask for. He balances me and keeps me in line and knows how to love me just the way I love to be loved. We've been together a long time and I love him even more today. goes the fun!

1. Who is your man?? Billy Harold Thomas Jr, AKA Chip...I'd go by Chip too!

2. How long have you been together?? Married for 13 yrs this past August. The only day in August it rained, so I believe in rainy day wedding luck!

3. How long did you date?? We dated a whopping 5 months before we got engaged. We were engaged 11 months before the ETERNITY!

4. How old is your man?? Let me think...I'll be 38 so he will be turning 39 on December 5th. He looks good too!

5. Who eats more?? I can eat the heck out of chips and dip....He eats the heck out of meat and potatoes!

6. Who said I love you first?? I bet he did. I don't think I would have had the nerve too. And I'm sure I promptly replied back "I love you too honey!"

7. Who is taller?? We are both tall, but Chip is 6"2. I'm 5"9.

8. Who sings better?? ME ME ME ME!! Well, actually I think I can sing really really good but I probably can't. I just sing all the time and I don't think I give him the chance to the car anyway. You don't see him sing at church either. Maybe its a man thing. I don't know.

9. Who is smarter?? He is with financial stuff and big decisions. I smoke him when it comes to daily living and juggling a million things at once.

10. Whose temper is worse?? Mine oh mine. Chip is so patient and even tempered. Not fair.

11. Who does the laundry?? Mine oh mine. That would be all me. He will help fold clothes at night when I can't see straight anymore. He's very sweet about helping out around the house. He's actually a better cleaner than me. He's got some OCD issues.

12. Who takes out the trash?? All Chip

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?? Looking at the bed, he's on the right.

14. Who pays the bills?? Mine all mine.

15. Who is better on the computer?? Definately me.

16. Who mows the lawn?? Chip and he loves it.

17. Who cooks dinner?? Well, if you call it cooking that would be me. He is a mean griller though.

18. Who drives when you are together?? My car, I drive. His car, he drives.

19. Who is the most stubborn?? That might be a toss up and could go either way!

20. Whose parents do you like the most?? What kind of question is that??

21. Who kissed who first?? Man oh man...that would be all him.

22. Who asked out who?? He was after me from the get go and asked me out. I cannot remember where though?? I'm glad he won't read this!

23. Who proposed?? He did and it was precious. His dad owned a radio station in my home town and Chip taped a "commercial" that would play while we were in the car on our way to the movies. We had pulled in the parking lot and all of a sudden I heard his voice on the air say "Hey Fran, its Chip........" And the rest is history. The cool thing is he told several of our friends and my family to "listen" to the proposal. I was a good way. I still have the tape of the commercial.

24. Who has more friends?? Maybe me.

25. Who has more siblings?? I have two older brothers and he has an older sister.

Well, now ya know about me and my man. He's the best thing on this planet. I'll even show you a little picture of my guy. I love you Chip. Thank you for your love and being the daddy to our 3 most amazing kids. Who could ask for more?!


Alana said...

Fun! I love the picture of your four boys ;-)

When I did this meme, I think the question about the parents was, "whose parents do you SEE more?". But your version could make for an interesting answer ;-)

jennyhope said...

so sweet!

CrownLaidDown said...

I love your list, Fran!

I always love reading your comments on other blogs!

And I love the new "Woman's Heart" study...I am in week 4--what week are you in?

I had done it self-paced about 4 years ago on my own. One winter night, our church caught on fire and I had the tape for week eight and the rest were damaged. So I am SO excited to be doing this again :)

Blessings on you, Sister!
Holly Smith

Jackie said...

oh so cute...these are fun!!! I love getting to know everyone a little better. love you and thanks for your wonderful, encouragining comments. I am so excited about Sat....can't wait to tell you how it goes.

Abby said...

sweet post!! i love reading about my blog siesta's families!! :)

and chips and dip fan?! i KNEW we were destined to be friends. ;)

Teri said...

Yes, I'm with Abby, I love chips with dip! YIKES!

We are SO similar in our dating/engagement. PAul and I dated 6 mos and had an 11 month engagement too! And will be celebrating our 13th in November! Isn't it awesome Frannie? I just LOVE love!

You are so awesome! I can't wait to meet you!

He Knows My Name said...

what a special proposal! sweet story and beautiful family!


connorcolesmom said...

I love how he proposed!!!
YOu and your family are just precious!!!
God bless,

Kristin said...

What a fun way to get to learn more about you! Sounds like you have yourself one awesome man! Have a blessed day ~ Kristin

Linda said...

Great List. He sounds like a great guy. Besides Memphis in common your husband's birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary.

Ang baylis said...

Amen, Siesta! I loved this one...
He is with financial stuff and big decisions. I smoke him when it comes to daily living and juggling a million things at once.

Thanks for the reminder that I was tagged, too but never did it!

Have a nice Sunday!
Angie xoxo

Abby said...

thanks for the prayers...the last few days have just been so GREAT...and i think i have a job!! ...more on that later...but the Lord is definitely taking care of things (well, DUH..haha)

this bible study...oh my heavens...RIGHT ON last week..just so great...ahh! i would LOVE to see you! you just let me know whenever you're coming and i'll be there!! or you can just show up at my door step..hehe...except not right now cause our air conditioner is broken and it just straight blows out heat all the time...we can't cut it off...HOTTTTTTTT.

much love, siesta :)

Sandy said...

Found your blog through my sister engraved in His Palms. Love your blog. I too am a mom to three boys and am a Christian!
Fabulous blog and sweet post!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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