Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's all about the meme....

I will first of all say "thank you" to the precious blogging friends who tagged me for this fun little meme about myself....what does that word mean anyway?? I just got tickled because I read this title as "Its all about me." And, it is.

I think it's 7 random things about myself. Well, I've already broken the rules because I didn't post the rules first as I think I'm supposed to and I'm sure that I'll not tag anyone else because honestly....

I just got in from Knoxville, Knox-vegas, Rocky Top Country, East Tennessee, the Great Smokey Mountains....and I'm a little on the sleepy side and my brain is having a hard time focusing....Ok, lets see if I can make sense and try to find 7 random things about myself that aren't the worst things you've ever read!

1. I had a horribly car wreck in college that nearly killed me...or let me say should have killed me, but the good Lord had better plans and wasn't finished with me yet! Thank goodness!!! It was a yucky, yucky time.

2. Since I have all boys in my house....except for the dog and she doesn't watch tv....I will catch myself turning it on ESPN and seeing whats going on in sports world even when the kids aren't around or even home. Like right now...I'm watching the Boston College/Clemson game.....ALONE.....SO VERY SAD. I KNOW.

3. I have a very competitive nature when I am playing anything....this could be a simple game with the kids....I promise I'm not mean....or even a round of basketball outside. I always want to have the last shot and make it! I might have something bigger going on there.

4. If I had more money, I would want to adopt a child or two or three or four. If that is one thing I could do....I would. It breaks my heart to see children from other countries that are hungry or without a family. Its just too much for my heart.

5. I have a very high pain tolerance. No examples here. Just childbirth experience with son #2 that opened my eyes that I can tolerate just about anything.

6. I would have loved to have been a Dr. or nurse in Oncology. I so wish I would have pursued that back in the day. I am very tender hearted toward the suffering.

7. I think nuts in brownies are just wrong. Nothing crunchy should be found in a brownie or even a cookie for that matter. It's just GROSS!

Ok, that is all I can come up with right now. I don't know who to tag so I'll leave that part blank. I have completely loved reading this stuff on y'all. You people are just crazy and cute and funny!

Have a great rest of the weekend. Our Knoxville trip will be the post on Monday! There is so much to say that I'm in "sift mode" right now. I love each of you.
Blessings to all~


connorcolesmom said...

I could have written every single bit of that - we have so much in common!
Except in #6 I would have been a Dr in OB/GYN I just love babies and new mommies!
Love ya,

Charity said...

I SO enjoyed your randomness!
I agree...nuts in brownies are WRONG!!
I can totally relate to #6! I am a nurse that works on the oncology floor at my hospital! I even worked for an oncologist in his office for a little while too. I am only work part-time now since I had Landon. I really miss working and loving on my patients! I still get to work some, and I WOULD NOT trade this time at home with Landon for ANYTHING! He will grow up before I know it and I have the rest of my life to work! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with him!

Can't wait to hear about Knox-vegas!

Bev Brandon said...

I wanted to be an ObGyn but God called me into the ministry when I became a believer at 25. Loved your RaNdMnEsS...miss have suuch a heart to bring beauty in people's lives, to draw out of them the beauty of your God who is so alive in you!

Alana said...

Think you need to elaborate on #'s 1 and 5. Sounds like some good blog material to me.

Fun to learn more about you. Jealous that you've been in E TN. Love that place!!

jennyhope said...

#4 I am so bad at being competitive that I can't play games AT ALL. I will even race a 6 year old on their bike and beat them...and then act like I really accomplished something. It is so embarrassing!!

BethAnne said...

'Wish that I was on old Rocky Top down in the Tennessee hils...." Oh wait, I am in the TN hills!
Hope you guys had a great trip to k-town - at least you had a great game to watch. I expected Pigeon Forge/ Knoxville to be crowded, but it wasnt as bad as I thought.
Loved your random facts - I am so with you on the nuts in brownies thing - it is WRONG on so many levels!

Jen said...

Okay- I am SO WITH YOU with the nuts and brownies. It is absolutely not necessary. A brownie is good enough on its own!

Profbaugh said...

Loved reading all your random facts!!!


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