Friday, November 23, 2007

Just had to......

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Y'all, in case you didn't home state Arkansas Razorbacks upset the NUMERO UNO LSU Tigers tonight in about 400 overtimes. It was thrilling, exhausting, and made me wanna dance!

Wooooooooo Pig Soooooooie......Razorbacks!!


Alana said...

Congrats to you. I won't say anything about me not being a big sports fan (except for biddy soccer, of course) because I'm afraid it might damage our friendship ;-)

Hillary said...

I know!!! Can you believe it?!? I had a weird feeling we might win b/c sometimes we just do crazy things like that! It was awesome! My boyfriend and I were listening to it in the car on the way to the mall. Had it ended after 4 quarters we would have timed it just right. But since it didn't we had to sit in my car in the parking lot forever to finish it out! It was well worth it!!!! I'm still in shock today!

I love that you are such a huge Hog fan! That makes me so happy!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday! I'm off to start decorating for Christmas! I'm way behind everyone else!!!!

annie said...

Man that hurt. We had a daughter at LSU until two years ago and now she's at University of Texas--two upsets in was a hard day. She had to decide on a different Christmas present, since she was hoping to go to the Sugar Bowl. Congratulations. I was really surprised I didn't hear more noise from the games, and when they came downstairs, I knew why. Football can change your mood, I've noticed. Hope you had a most blessed Thanksgiving!

Lindsee said...

Hahahahah...I did see that...crazy!!!

But, I came over to wish you a Happy Late Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!!


Bev Brandon said...

19-home game winning streak...
one win away from nat'l title...
but too weak ag/running q-backs...
arKANSAS slipped into Baton Rouge..
LSU didn't take them seriously...
how can you not?
and we lose nat'l champs hope...
by two stinking POINTS...
at Tiger Stadium on top of it all..
my alma mater...sad so sad so sad
congratulations to you...
hope McFadden wins the Heisman---we follow the Heisman closely as my son is there every year...
i surrender to you THE WINNERS...

that is not why i came to your
I came here to wish Fran
a woman full of
holy passion
loving words
contagious joy
huge heart
wrapped around your beautiful God
pouring His Love into all of us...

You are such a joy to know
so intriguing to hear your heart.
You have such a commitment
to be there for others.
You are absolutely adorable
Miss Fran
and you have touched me deeply.
even if you are Razorback fan...

Hot Boudain
Cold couscous
Come on TIGERS
Push Push Push
oh didn't work...

Kelly said...

I still haven't recovered!!!!
I screamed so loud when we won I think i scared my in-laws and all of their animals half to death (but it was worth it!)

Jen said...

Now I must say... I have only been living in Baton Rouge for a year, and I did not graduate from LSU, but I was very sad to see the Tigers lose after such a long season! :)

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