Monday, January 21, 2008

Completely all over the place...


Well. Its Monday morning and we are out of school (hallelujah!) and my brain is just moving 100 mph and for the life of me cannot settle itself down. Just like a kid in a candy store.....or Disney World.....or their favorite sports store.....or the ice cream store.....but, you get the idea.

My problem:

Too much Bible! Too much Jesus! Too much of Him in my head! Too much of His Word!

Now that I have typed that out.....thats not a problem at all! It's wonderful!

However, when I'm trying to focus on one thing to share with you......I've got so much swirling in my head that I can't settle it down. But, I shall try. The biggest thought I have right now is this.....


I've been reading the book of Job. We all know about Job and the horrible things that happened to his life and his family. But, what I had forgotten......the IDIOT friends he had!! Oh, how I wanted to just yell at my Bible and tell them to S-H-U-T U-P!! I had heard enough of them and their lies to poor Job. I mean how many chapters are there that deal with these arrogant little guys??? But, the end of the comes the restoration from God.

God reminds Job of all the glorious things God does. God reminds Job of His awesomeness.

Job listens and is reminded of the love between the two. And, then, some things take place.....

1. Job humbles himself before the Lord.
2. God rebukes the 3 idiot friends :)
4. Job prays for the idiot friends...the ones that completely brought him down.....
5. Can I do that???
6. But, when you do.....God RESTORES you!
7. He'll bless you more than you could have ever imagined!! In this case, the LORD prospered him and gave him twice as much as he had before.

So, if someone has brought you down for whatever reason....begin to pray for that person. Seek God and His "mighty-ness." Let Him bless you AFTER you have prayed for the people who hurt you. He restored Job. He'll restore you.

But, the last piece to this puzzle that I have not done in the past.....YOU restore that person to the place where God holds them. Don't just forgive them and pray for them.....put them in that high place where God has them. For me, that was the hardest part of all. I did not want to restore them.

Whew! Just a small piece of what God is doing in my heart right now. I hope it made sense.
Blessings friends. Have a day with God. :)


Patty said...

What a word!! I love your insight!! I was just like you about his friends!! That hit home about restoring them to the place God has them. WOW!! This is where this verse comes into play: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!! :o)

Have a great Monday!
Love ,

Shonda said...

Great point Fran, about restoring the person to the place God has for them. wow!! How awesome is God!

Blessings in Christ--

Lindsee said...

We are out of school and I have gotten NOTHING done. I promise this is my last blog stop for the time being! I've got to get moving and enjoy/be productive on this day off!

But, sweet friend, your plate is DONE!!! Will you email me your address when you get a minute?!!!! And I will email you the price!!!

Much love to you today!


BethAnne said...

I feel the same way sometimes - so many things in my head and I cant seem to focus on just one. This 'praying for your enemies' thing is very hard - I am afraid I am not always good at it, but you are right about it. And putting them in a highly revered place IS the hardest part of all. When my pride is hurt - the last thing I want to do is pray for someone much less see them as I did before ---good word!

Alana said...

It is an amazing story of restoration...for everyone involved.

I felt the same way as you about Job's friends. Enough already, people!

Anonymous said...

Restoration...AMEN and AMEN!

I must admit that I had to do some inner healing work last year related to a past friendship offense that I had been carrying for years...I was amazed that I held onto wasn't something I thought about even weekly but nonetheless it was still there...the I can say that I would joyfully pray for this person but not then...this spoke to me greatly as put it quite nicely...



Charity said...

That truly is a great word. I need to be reminded of that. It really is hard to do, but God will reward us for it by restoring US. There again, we have to be obedient and trust Him!

To God be the Glory!

Darlene R. said...

Thank you so much for that reminder of restoration. You see, this is why I gave you the Daily Dose award!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Yes! It makes perfect sense! Especially since God has been impressing this on my heart so strongly over the last few weeks.

Love, love, love that you put into words what has been swimming around in my mind!

Have a wonderful week! Praying for this weekend!


annie's eyes said...

I love that, Fran. I had some of your feelings too about (finally) and that Job prayed for his friends before he was restored. You write a good word to remember. And I have shared the "strange cat in the house" picture with my whole family, and we all laugh. Thanks for your blog and your thoughtful insights. Blessings, annie

Earen said...

Ouch! Ok, that was convicting. There's one person in my life that came to mind & I definitely need to do that through prayer. Thank you for the excellent post! Wonderful!!

Denise said...

Yes, this did make sense sweetie. Very awesome post.

Julie said...

I hear you. God sometimes pours so much into me that I don't know how to get it all out and make sense. Where do I start? Will I blast everyone with a "firehose" of comments?

Thanks for sharing your heart.


He Knows My Name said...

just a quick note to say i gave you something. i'll be back. ~janel

Nise' said...

Whew! Not only is that beautiful but convicting as well. Such a privilege to be reading The Word "together".

Bev Brandon said...

Your "take" on the restoration is just so good, so good. So convicting to my tender heart that wants so much to forgive those who have hurt us over the years and I do. May God bless them more. Just loved reading your insight Fran. So good!

jennyhope said...

real quick before i ran out the door i wanted to let you know i was going to get back with you about your message the other day...i have still been making sure i could go! you are so sweet Fran!!

Joanne said...


We just were teaching our kids this morning about Job, because that is where I am in the Word right now. I must admit that I get SOOOOOO frustrated after the first couple of chapters myself. It is purely selfish on my part because everytime we go through Job there is growth and I dread it sometimes. Forgive me, but I can sometimes start this book with only one eye open and the other one scrunched shut, just waiting for something to fall from the sky!

PRAISE HIS NAME for restoration!!!

Love, Joanne

p.s. So when are you speaking and what is this event all about? I will be praying for you too my friend.

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