Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peanutbutter crackers, a Dr. Pepper and God!

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I'm so overwhelmed with our Lord right now that my fingers are CRAZY on this keyboard right now. He's just too much for my little bitty brain right this second. Oh, but I love Him and wouldn't trade Him for anything!

Had Bible study at my house this morning. We have gone completely nuts and are doing Beth Moore's "Wising Up" that has NO HOMEWORK people. I'll just confess that I'm a little nuts right now bc I have nowhere to channel this nuttiness that is in my head with all that we are learning. Beth, could you whip up some homework for our group real fast and email it to me??!! Thank you! :)

I've always got 5001 things to say but I'm gonna say this simply with my peanut butter cracker crammed in my mouth and my DP close by......I'm skipping a real lunch so I can get this down!


What does your heart say about you? Lets see for a quick second and then I'm done......

1. Do you give HIM your ENTIRE heart?? Or just pieces??

2. Do you have an anxious heart?? If so, throw Him your concerns bc when we do not....we have some control issues going on between me and Him.

3. Do you have an isolated heart?? Noone will ever get our situation or ordeal like we do. We should not be surprised when we fell misunderstood. HE is the only one who knows why we do the things we do. Be joyful in all our daily situations. We have resurrection power girls!! USE IT!

4. Do you have a hope sick heart??? Have you waited so long for something that you've lost hope?? Remember Abraham? He waited FOREVER for that 1st son. He finally had him and named him Isaac.....which means laughter. The laughter and joy will come. Hang in there sisters. And, it will be good.

5. Do you have a hardened heart?? Oh, do I know how to do this one. I can cut you off just as quick as I let you in. If you have betrayed me, hurt me, or done anything that is just "not nice"
then I can cut you off. Now, I may have done the big girl thing and forgiven and even prayed for you. But, let me remind us all.....our heart cannot and will not be hardened. Let Jesus tend to that heart. Restore that person. "Anyone that hates is a murderer!" 1 John 3 tells us! YIKES!
Let me love them through the healing name of Jesus.

Give Him your WHOLE HEART! Mess and all. He wants the entire thing so He can do His healing magic and tend to that treasure He has placed within us.

Me and Him gotta do some work together on this one. I bet you do too. Stay faithful friends.
He does.



Susan said...

Your posts ALWAYS speak to me. It's like you are writing to ME. lol. Love that. I think. Yes, yes I do. Usually. Sometimes...not so much!

Patty said...

Great post!!! This speaks and loudly!!!

Love You,

Mary Lou said...

Great post...could sense your excitement. Know that He has met with you by now...this spoke to me. thanks so much for sharing..

Hillary said...

Love the post! The one about the anxious heart spoke to my! My heart gets anxious and overwhelmed more than I would like for it to! Thanks for sharing your "heart!" :)

Alana said...

I've been wanting to do that study!! Wish I could join you for it!!

Denise said...

Wow, great post. You are a sweet blessing.

He Knows My Name said...

hhmmmm. fran i want that study! i want all the wising up cd's! that is good stuff. i would say i'm 5 for 5. thanks for being so excited, i caught it thru the keys, yes sir i did and i think i saw a little cracker crumb on my screen with your name on it. i feel a little wiser already. He need the whole thing surrendered to Him, guard down! hugs ~janel

jennyhope said...

i loved the whole thing. i really wanted some homework with it though

Charity said...

Great post once again! I also enjoy homework with studies! Things stick better with me when it is more interactive...did that make sense?

Have a GREAT day!

marina said...

WOW!!that bless me today I have a hope sick heart #4! that was great advise.Thanks for stoping by I am starting to feel better little by litte as the med's kick in its cold for us here in the 40's remember these is south texas its always warm and sticky so we are not use to the cold at all!!
We tend to have spring weather during the winter.Hugs,narina

Mariel said...

Ok, that does it...I MUST get the Wising up dvds!! Thank you for this 'heart probing' post!! I followed a link to your blog and am so thankful to have found you!! I love your blog and plan to add you to my faves so I can return often!!
Blessings, mariel

Shonda said...

I can't believe BM study without homework! I'll have to check into that one. I'm a work in progress!

Blessings in Christ--

annie's eyes said...

I always get more than I am able to comment on with your sweet posts, but I have to tell you--pb crackers and DP speak to my heart too. I have eaten that more for lunch than I care to admit. Mike went up to Waco and brought home some REAL Dr.Pepper made with cane sugar that you can only get there at the plant where it was invented. Wished I could share one with you. Hugs, annie

Bev Brandon said...

Ezek 11:19 - I love your undivided heart for HIM---it's so the desire of your heart and may you see HIM Fran doing that for you. He is! You have such a beautiful heart. Thanks for praying for me...stuck home one more day, hoping to make it to Houston tomorrow.

Darlene R. said...

I am really getting excited to start our new Beth Moore study. This post makes me even more excited!!
Thanks for sharing it, you are such a blessing!

BethAnne said...

"Do you have a hardened heart?? Oh, do I know how to do this one. I can cut you off just as quick as I let you in. If you have betrayed me, hurt me, or done anything that is just "not nice"
then I can cut you off".

Do you think there is a possibility that we are long-lost sisters? Sounds just like me!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Matthew 5:8 says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see Him." Sounds like you are seeing some major glances today and that is so very exciting!

Keep it pure girl and amazing things will happen!!!

Teri said...

Thank you for this...seriously!

I am praying for you Frannie! NOW!

Father, in Jesus name I ask that you would fall heavily upon Fran right now. Father, I thank you for giving her this opportunity and I thank you that you will be faithful to the work you have begun in her. I thank you that you have given her a word for the women this weekend and I ask that you would continue to move in her mind as she serves you. I also pray that her next day will run smoothly with no extra crazies that can sometimes happen in life. Keep her family safe and healthy and keep them all in your grip. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Love you Fran...PREACH it!

Ang baylis said...

Thanks for sharing another great post! I loved the part about the hardened heart! I needed to hear that! You are such a blessing! You always inspire me!!!

Much Love,
Angie xoxo

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Girl! This spoke to me in a HUGE way.

love you!

Toknowhim said...


Wanted to give you a heads up.. I just posted tomorrow's "Know & Tell" and would love for you to participate again if you can. Blessings friend!!

marina said...

Fran,come on by to my blog I have an award for you to pick up and then pass it on,love

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