Thursday, January 10, 2008

These boots are made for walking....Eph. 6:15

cowboy boots

Well, ok, that's not what vs. 15 says of Ch. 6! It does say this though....

"and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace."

This part follows the belt of truth and the breastplace of righteousness and now....the feet!

This part is easy for me to least I'm thinking so.

Our feet need to be walking in peace. We need to be living daily life in peace. We need Him, the Prince of Peace, with us in ALL things during ALL times.

ALL things during ALL times.

I pray that the peace of Christ rules in your heart always! (Col. 3:15) I pray that if you are in an anxious unsettled unsure time......a fearful time.....a lonely time......even an excited time.....let Him give you peace. Allow Him to cover you in peace. Allow Him to pour it right into your heart and mind. We need to live out this peace in ALL situations so we may reflect the true beauty of His finest.

I truly believe that people look to us, and sometimes at us, in these difficult times to see exactly how we are going to play the thing out. They want to see if we will "carry on" like a crazy person or get all caught up in the "talk" of it all, and not show the beauty of Christ's peace.

Can't you hear them now...."They say they are a Christian and they teach or talk of these things but they don't do it when it happens to them!"

We don't need to worry about what others are thinking or saying about us in these difficult situations, but we need to remember that there is a beautiful trade off when we cast our cares and anxieties on Him (1 Peter 5:7). He will take those cares and give us exactly what we need for that moment or situation. And, it might just be some peace my friends.

Whatever is going on in your life, ask Him to cover you in peace. And, thank Him, praise Him, and allow Him to shine through you. This will attract others to Jesus and then when their difficult time comes.....they will seek Him for some peace. Glory!

May your boots be walking in peace. I need it and I bet you would like some too.

Blessings everyone~


jennyhope said...

i could desperately use me some peace tonight.

BethAnne said...

"Can't you hear them now...."They say they are a Christian and they teach or talk of these things but they don't do it when it happens to them!"

I have wondered if people have thought this of me at different times in my life. This life sure is easy talking but tough living.

Charity said...

I sooooo needed to hear that today! I love the fact that His grace is sufficient for us in every situation and in every moment that we need it!

Thanks for the encouragement!

annie's eyes said...

I see them as boots of peace more than sandals myself. Then, I'm from Texas, and boots are more armor than sandals. His peace to you! annie

Alana said...

God's peace is one of the things I really get. I mean I don't always receive it, but when I do, it is undeniable that it comes from HIM! Precious peace!!

Denise said...

Sweet, sweet peace.

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