Thursday, February 7, 2008

The devastation is devastating....

This is an arial view of Union University's dorms.....devastating.

How do I thank you for the prayers?? My heart is so tendered by your true care and concern for Jackson and the destruction that took place Tuesday night from the tornadoes.

Please continue to pray for daily recovery and clean up efforts. I have taken a garbage bag filled with clothes that a family threw together as they stood in the night after the tornado. Their home is GONE......gone completely. They have the clothes on their backs. They managed to find random things and put in these garbage bags.

Myself and others are washing the clothes for them, but we are also finding cards, pictures, etc that are so personal for this family inside the garbage bags. I have just cried each time I see this family's pictures and their personal belongings and realize that their life is completely upside down.

Our things are just things.....oxygen breathing life is life. Noone was killed or injured in this one particular family. But sometimes the "things" that we hold so dear are so dear to from your children, letters from your spouse, pictures of your life together as a family......sports, birthdays, weddings, births. This is important to each of us. I hold a small part of this family in my house that they probably don't even realize I have! Daddy will be thrilled that I found his hunting license! :)

Life will go on.....we come together as the body of Christ and extend the hand. We do so because we want to and it is who we are. God will bless these families and our community in a great big glorious God kind of way. He just will.

Keep praying friends. My heart is grateful and full of love for His people right now.
Blessings and peace with you today~


His Girl said...

my heart is broken for your community too... add me to the list of people who are praying. keep us posted if you hear of anything we can do.

Darla said...

praying for your community, but also for you and your family, devastation is devastation, and every one needs a touch from the Savior. Love you Princess

Earen said...

I'm so sorry for the destruction that happened there. It breaks your heart to see what these people are having to go through. We are praying...

Hillary said...

Oh yes! What a terrible storm it was! Parts of Arkansas look like that! All of the efforts are in place to help those people! I can't imagine what it would be like to completely start all over! It's a very humbling reminder that its not about us!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

We are praying for you and your friends/neighbors.

I'm typing this through tears. My heart hurts for those who have lost their homes, but also for those who have lost their homes and don't know Jesus. How helpless they must feel! Praying that God will use you and your family to show those precious people that HE is more than enough.


Mary Lou said...

Fran, praying that God will use this mightily in the lives of the people in the community. Praying that lives will be saved for all eternity. As I went to bed Tuesday night, I put all of the jewlery that has sentimental value to me in one spot, so that I could get to it, IF I had to and had time....You are so right, most of the stuff in our houses is just "stuff" re..Madame Blueberry in Veggie Tales....the things that matter, pictures, mementos of children growing up, Bibles, journals etc. those are the things that are not grateful that the students were kept safe....I know of a family that has two girls there and I know they are truly praising God for thier protection....Blessings as you minister to those around you.

Darlene R. said...

I can't even imagine that kind of devastation. I will continue to pray for the ones who lost much of their belongings to the storms.

Praying for you also as you minister to them.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh that is just horrible!!
I am so glad that you are able to minister to these people who have lost so much.
May God's light shine through you and encourage them!
Love ya,

Patty said...

Fran, I know I have said this in an email to you but God prepared me during the day to pray for you and your family. You were on my mind all night and I am so thankful that He protected you!! God is using you to reach out to those who lost everything, what a blessing you are!!

jennyhope said...

your words are so true and this just breaks my heart!

Denise said...

This is beyond sad, my heart deeply hurts for everyone affected by this. You have my prayers dear one.

Janeen Jordan said...

Dear Fran,

I am sad that this devistation is touching your community and the surrounding areas. So many have been affected. Lifting you up in prayers.

He Knows My Name said...

fran, i am so thankful you and your family are fine. i know you will/are there to serve in Jesus name to these hurting people. i will pray for all affected by these terrible storms. much love ~janel

Teri said...

Still praying...

Lindsee said...


My youth pastor and his wife went to Union. She came over today and told me all about it.


Love ya!


Julie said...

Being a Tennessee native myself (Chattanooga) I was so sorry to hear of the devastation to my home state.

I am glad you are safe and that God is using you to minister to these people. You are the hands and feet of Christ.

May they find the restorative hand of God.

Bless you!

Alana said...

I know how profoundly effected I was when my friend from church had her house fire and lost everything. It is unimaginable. I am praying for your community and for you as you are being the hands and feet of Christ to your neighbors.

By the way, my husband is scheduled to exhibit his art at Union College in September. Did not know you lived near there!

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