Sunday, February 17, 2008

Go check this out....too very cool!

Y'all this is just too very cool!! I know that's not correct English but I had to say it that way! :)

I want you to check out the Passion blog and this entry from their Dallas TX event this weekend. Being that I am in Jackson TN, the home of Union University, I think this is "too very cool!" on this link and see what these amazing college kids did. Thanks Louie Giglio for writing about it....(i'm sorry if I misspelled any part of your name!)

We can all make a difference in this world. No matter who we are, where we live, or how much money we do or don't have.

Glory to God for the work being done everywhere!!



Bev Brandon said...

Wait...I'll be right back after I find the link...did I miss the link? I just got a call five minutes ago to go to this conference on Friday as a sponsor but it's sunday...missed it!! Gotta go see what I missed...

Bev Brandon said...

The "link" button is now lit up but it wasn't before??? Found the blog---did they give the clothes off their backs? That was way too cool! (Your link by e-mail didn't work.) Thanks SO MUCH for posting this---I think it will change our city!

Denise said...


Alana said...

That IS just too very cool :-)

annie's eyes said...

Fran, I just read your comment on Bev's blog, and I think you may have the most insightful and compassionate heart I know, or think I know. Your are a major Barnabus to so many. love to you, Annette

Anonymous said...

How great is our God?!?! He is always at work in hearts, and HE truly doesn't need a thing. HE just wants us to be HIS hands and feet and to be willing to jump in for HIS glory! Love ya Princess! Darla

Bev Brandon said...

finally got it to work and thanks so much! it was so inspiring! just like you!

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