Saturday, March 8, 2008

Indulge me for a minute

Us Southerners got us a good ole fashion snow last night......and, we acted like we were jumping on a plane going to Disneyworld the way we screamed and squealed!!

Here is some of our fun.....and, I don't want to hear....."You call that snow?!" Just kidding....

This is the house across the street Friday afternoon!

Just love it when I make them line up to take the picture before they head out!

My #3 stud!

Flew down the hill!

Me and #2 stud!

Oldest stud!!

Husband stud wiping out!

I may not know what I'm doing, but I look cool!

Ok..I thank you for joining our one day winter wonderland that is now melting.
It will be another 5+ years before we see this again!, back to Spring....HURRY UP WILL YA?!

Blessings y'all!


Joanne said...

Too Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend! Please know that I prayed HARD for this snow! and the Lord out did at Braden we actually had 9" in some places...we've enjoyed every minute of it!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Looks like fun!!! We only had a rain, sleet, snow mixture this morning. NOTHING on the ground....

As much as I love cold weather, I'm ready to break out the shorts and hit the beach!!!

Patty said...

Loved your pictures. My boys are to old to play out in the snow. I miss those days, sometimes. :o)

Our snow is gone but I will trade that for the 65 degree weather we are suppose to get this week!

Have a great Sunday!

Denise said...

Such cool pictures, I love snow.

Darlene R. said...

I am so happy that YOU got the snow and not us! lol

We still have it on the ground here. It's been around for a few days now and I'm ready for it to go. I would gladly ship it to you!


Darla said...

Your little studs are sooooo cute!! I am not touching anything about your big stud! LOL

I still get excited when it snows..what a beautiful gift from God, and I like it best when it stays off the roads..but I live in PA and we get our share of snow, this year lots of ice..but it still pretty if I can stay in and look out! :)

Bev Brandon said...

Oh Fran, I'm with you....wasn't it just A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!
But when you have teenagers, they want to be DROPPED OFF at the closest incline, steep hill...and they play with each other ... so I have no pics!!! I took a LONG WALK by myself and was a little concerned I might fall but it was uneventful. No, I fall in 70 degree weather yesterday and break my toe! Oh me! I am in some pain over here! Fainted four times this morning....on my way to a doctor in a little bit...back to the snow---wasn't it just
I N C R E D I B L E ????????
Loved your pictures vicariously!!

Teri said...

Girlfriend, if you want to see snow sooner than 5+ years...come on over to my house! Ugggg!

I am happy that it made for a fun day of building memories for the family though!

As the sun is beating down on us over here, I just close my eyes and it ALMOST feels like summer. ALMOST!

Love ya girl,

Charity said...

Those are some COOL looking studs! What fun! We were also jazzed to get some snow! I wish it hadn't melted so quickly!

Hope you guys are having a fun afternoon!

Love ya,

Hillary said...

I'm glad you got yourself some snow!! I think everyone should get some of the white stuff at least once a winter season! Good to see you made the most of it!

Given Grace said...

Glad to see you guys got some of our snow....were happy it came to you!!!! And how fun to see you all truly enjoying it...sometimes we loss the "fun gift" it can be!


He Knows My Name said...

what cuteness you all are. glad to oblige you fran. i could send you more. snow angels to you! ~janel

jennyhope said...

y'all are all so cute and i still have bad memories of snow in the south. since there were 5 kids we would head out down our massive hills with the sleds and i was always the last to get a warm bath and by the time i did all the hot water was GONE.

BethAnne said...

We got about the same amount of snow as you guys but it was gone within an hour after it quit snowing. I am with ya sister----Bring on the Spring!

I think it hilarious that you emailed Oprah! I hope she invites you to her show to tell your point of view. If she does, can I come too? hahahahah

Alana said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the snow. It missed us twice and I was so glad, but we've had our share this year!

So I'm with you now, come quickly spring!!!

Eagles' Wings said...

Wow! That looks absolutely fun! I stay in Thailand and we don't get to enjoy snow. I have been to California once and we did get some fun on the snow. It was great!

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