Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I think I may have issues with my friends...


Work with me for a second. Or, maybe humor me for a second.

And....please don't think I'm weird. Weird about these cows I keep talking about and am obviously obsessed with! :)

It's Wednesday morning and it's my Bible study day at my house. However, most of the group could not come.....there is only about 9 of us when we are all, when 2/3 of us couldn't be here....I had to make a decision to take a week off and resume next week. That was hard for me to do.

So...I have enjoyed the quiet morning at home. Fighting a cold. Enjoying the must needed rest that I have been craving. Just not in the form of a cold though.

For several Wednesdays in a row....a certain group of "girls" are showing up in my yard. they are ready for a Word maybe?? Some encouragement from me??
A little "talkin to" from their pesky woman neighbor that runs outside every time they get this close???

I don't know.

Here are the girls today....



A Momma and a daughter

After annoying them by taking pictures and telling them how precious they are....

I told the "girls" to get along today....I told the "girls" to enjoy the beautiful day God has given us......I told the "girls" to be nice to one another....I told the "girls" to include the one that is a little different than the rest...

Who said these cows don't teach me anything??? They remind me of the simple things every single Wednesday they show up for Bible study.....

Is this coincidental?? I don't know. I think God and I are having a little fun together through them. They won't be around for long. The owner, Mr. Smith, will sell them all soon. I'll probably shed a tear when I realize they are gone and gone who knows where.

So....I came back inside and enjoyed a little study time with this precious woman!!!!

Ms. Beth taught out of Revelation and showing us examples of our Alpha and Omega God.
We see that He is the one "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."
(Rev. 1:8)

Our God is the Almighty One of our "is" right now. Don't get hung up on the "was" or the "is to come." Let Him be the "is" of our "is" right now. Don't spend all your efforts and thoughts on worrying about the future that hasn't even happened yet.
Let Him be the Almighty of your "is" right this second.

He is an "is" kind of God!


Have a blessed matter who your friends and teachers are....cows are great friends! Ha!

I've clearly got issues.


Denise said...

Hello dear friend, praying for you to get over your cold quickly, and feel much better. Please take care, love you.

annie's eyes said...

I so get it, Fran. Our cows are so sweet. I go out and talk to them, "Back up girls. Give me a little room." They circle me and I feed them extra cubes and they love it when Bonnie, the sweet donkey doesn't hold them at bay. What is it about the tranquility of the God who is. The very present God in this moment...I love your post. Feel better soon and enjoy the day while it is still today. Love, Annette

Charity said...

Hey sweet Fran! It is good to hear from you! And yes...I am spent...SO exhausted! I am sorry to hear you are getting sick! Bless your heart!

I totally love hearing about the cows! I would be doing the same thing if I had some in my backyard too!

Thanks for the great Word! I really needed to hear this post and your previous one about "hanging in there"! You just don't know HOW BAD I needed to hear that encouragement today!

I am going to try to post later today when Landon naps...that is if I don't nap myself!

I hope you are having a great week and having some beautiful weather like we are having! I have spring fever BAD!

Love you!

littlerad said...

I love the way you enjoy what God had aloud to have in your daily life... I love animals, I love to sit and look out in my back yard and see all kinds of animals and birds that come to visit... I'm loving the warmer weather that we are finally having and that is bringing nature out...
I pray that you start feeling better soon, I know i'm fighting with my Allergies really bad today, but I just keep looking for what and God wants me to be a part of...


Darlene R. said...

Soooo, what are you taking for that cold, exactly?? :) Only kidding!

I love how you find God in so many every day things. I just love that!

connorcolesmom said...

I needed that - it was refreshing believe it ot not.
I get a kick out of you and your cows :)
Feel better sweet Fran!
Love ya

Lindsee said...

Miss Fran!

You are hilarious. I am loving your cows right along with you! Glad you shared a 'word' with them and in return got a 'word' for yourself!

Love ya!


Sheryl said...

I don't even know you but CLEARLY you do have issues!!

I had Bible study with Miss Beth today as well. I just loved that He is the Almighty over my "is". I don't like my present situation, but He knows it, gets it and is almighty. Love it.

I will be praying that you'll be able to fill the huge void left when those cows are sold. Oh, how terribly sad. (I'm sorry, just not much of a cow gal.)


Linda said...

Great post Fran! I read it earlier but had to rush out to get my oldest from soccer practice so I could not comment. I love the part about God being the is. I am so guilty and busy keeping him in the was and going ahead and keeping him in the what will be that I forget to actually enjoy the IS.(did I make any sense?)
Blessings my friend,

Sue Cramer said...

So glad you enjoyed your cows and Beth Moore today! I will probably never tell anyone that again...


Dana said...

No issues, just hearing God speak through creation. Love the post, I totally get you! Hope you are feeling better soon. Praying for you!

Ang baylis said...

Fran, this was such a great post! I'm hoping you are having a better day today! Who would think you would have those cows right there!
I love hearing a good Word from our Siesta, Beth. I wonder what to come today! Life is exciting with Him as our center!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

BethAnne said...

It's true, you do have issues......but I still love you, girl!!!! You are too funny! ;-)

(I myself have no issues you understand that right?)

Patty said...

Great post!! You make me laugh! I get it. God has fun with me thru red birds or birds in general. Maybe we need to go to therapy together. :o) How long are you going to be in Nashvegas? Have a relaxing weekend.

Bev Brandon said...

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