Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A baseball prayer for myself

"Dear Lord ,

I may need your help today. You see, I'm really worn out from all the baseball games and a little edgy when it comes to bad umpiring, stupid coaches (of course from the other teams) and somewhat tired of embarrassing parents (of course from the other teams).

We are playing another baseball game today Lord. I bet you already knew that though. ;)
I got a little worked up in a game yesterday and maybe said a few things I shouldn't have. Don't worry, Father, I didn't embarrass myself too much. I really just need to settle myself down a bit today. This dern 1st base coach for the other time drove me NUTS yesterday! He was somethin else Lord so he may need an extra dose of patience and discernment today too.

Thank you, Father, for the opportunity my children have. And I praise you through it all, but I pray that I don't say things under my breath today like I did yesterday. I think I muttered something like, "you stupid coach. shut up."

Forgive me, Lord, of the short temper, ugly attitude (even though I kept it quite hidden and reserved for only one other momma) and maybe somewhat ugly thoughts I had about our opposing teams parents. They really were a bit obnoxious.

I obviously need a tad bit more of you today, Lord. I also think I need a tad bit more of the Holy Spirit today too, Lord. Whenever you see me running low, can you just instantly fill me up before I ask?

Thank you for a beautiful day and for watching over our boys today. I want to do better today, Lord. Thank you for loving me anyway.

In Jesus Name I pray....


BethAnne said...

During our season this year, I think I uttered several prayers that were very similar to this one only I was asking forgiveness for calling the umps/parents nasty names and wishing that certain teams would lose. You are not alone in your baseball rage.....I have it too. I will pray for you today......shouldnt baseball be over by now?

Denise said...

Praying for you dear.

beckyjomama said...

We all have those days - I will pray for you and you can pray for me (four year old attitude is wearing thin today!)

Becky Jo

Susan said...

Well...I can totally relate to this! I really did quite embarrass myself at one of Sarah's volleyball tournaments back in February because I jumped right on board with the ugliness regarding bad (and I mean unbelievable horrible, ref fired kind of bad) reffing. A teenage girl cried because of our remarks. And they weren't directed at her, they were directed at the ref overseeing (supposedly) the court. No excuses...it was bad behavior on my part and the other parents. Apologies were made, fogiveness sought, repentence found with knees on the floor and head bowed. It infuriates me to even think that I allowed myself to get caught up in it.

So...praying for you and your sweet, sweet self. Enjoy the game (as best as you can in the heat and humidity) and take lots of deep breaths!

Love u girl.

Linda said...

We so need to do lunch. You just described me at some of my son's soccer games. Sometimes I leave and feel like I was so ugly and I just feel dirty. I feel like I should go home and take a shower to get myself cleaned up before the Lord. I will pray for you. Looking forward to hearing how the Lord intervened for.

Darlene R. said...

I hope your day went much better today! It's so hard to NOT say something to those coaches sometimes.
Yesterday we watched a softball game and one of the teams switched catchers just to run time down on the clock. That is so not right!
They didn't want to have to play the last inning.

Anyway, did your boys win??

Earen said...

My boys are in to the competitive sports yet, but I have a younger brother & I watched him play college basketball this past year & I too found myself getting very angry inside...ah, the competitive spirit! I pray the Lord give you the patience & rest you need.

Cheryl said...

Now turn in your hymnals to pg. 120Victory in Jesus, we'll sing all 3 verses.
Our offering this morning will go to Fran's children to help pay for their counseling. KIDDING!!!!

Love ya!!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Yep I'd probably have to pray the same prayer too if my kids were in little league! I always tell my husband I would be just fine if it weren't for people!

littlerad said...

You are in my prayers, I pray that God will be with you and that you can show Christian love towards all that you see and that they see you...

Michelle V said...

Oh my gosh, I think we played that same team years ago! ;) I'm praying for you!


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