Monday, July 7, 2008

It's time....

I think I have been working on this post for some time.

If you have noticed, I have done 2 random posts that give you some insight into "who I am" in the last couple of days.

I absolutely love reading random things about people. It's much more fun than reading some other things. I don't know...maybe it's just me, but I love finding out quirks and interests about people. You can find out things about people you think you know and quickly realize you didn't have a clue that they like ketchup on a turkey sandwich.

Not me. Just sayin.

So, I think it's time for me to tell you a bit more about myself. I'm not sure why, but I think the Lord is telling me to be a bit more detailed about who I am and where I came from. And, before I say another word....I give Him all the glory and praise for the work He has done and continues to do in my life.

So...let the story begin. And, bear with me.

I want you to know that I had a wonderful childhood. I want you to know that I grew up going to church. But, I want you to know that these two things was no guarantee/done deal/good girl outcome for me and the decisions I would make come high school and college.

As a parent and a person who deeply loves growing children and their families closer to Christ, a good childhood and growing up in the church guarantees you NOTHING. I say this not to scare us or cause us to doubt, but merely to share my story and the path that I chose to take then.....and now.

I would say that my 1st pit I landed in and landed in and landed in and landed in was the pit of

COULDN'T SAY NO. This can mean all sorts of things and I believe I covered so many things along this road. Not being able to say no to people, situations, or behaviors can then lead you down a road of.....

PEOPLE PLEASER ......these two things go hand and hand and caused a lot of destruction in my life. I wanted to be liked by everyone and was well liked by most everyone, but this isn't good either. Before I knew it, I was with people and in situations that I had no business being in and was setting myself up for some huge falls because I couldn't say no......remember??

I was also someone that had NO RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY.....don't get me wrong though...I wasn't rude or hateful or ugly. I was a typical teenager and young adult that truly believed I was invincible and would never die. I thought when I made the stupid decisions to do the stupid things I was doing, I wouldn't get caught.....and if I did??? So what.

I have lived through so much in my lifetime. Not as much as some, but enough to know that I have either seen it all, witnessed it all, or participated on some level of "not the right thing." I have nearly died, had an old boyfriend commit suicide, battled addiction of different kinds, wanted to take my own life on more than one occasion, been heartbroken more than I could imagine for someone who was popular, well-liked, and grew up in the church.

A review:

1. Couldn't say no
2. People pleaser
3. No respect for authority

These 3 traits that lead my life were 3 sticks of dynamite that would eventually explode. They did too. But, they didn't explode like you might think they would or should.

I grew up alot in my early 20's, got tired of the lying, manipulating, being someone that I wasn't, and knew it was time to just grow up. The church was nowhere in my sight either. Let me say that my youth director was arrogant and very uncaring and completely turned me off. I walked away from church and didn't return for over 10 years.

I got tired of the race I had been running and began to just slow down. I graduated from college alone and scared. I had no one anymore. Life was not good. I began to work at my local gym teaching some classes and getting started in graduate school. I think I was scared to be alone so I kept going to school.

I met the man of my dreams in that gym. We married. I loved him dearly. We had 2 children very quickly. The second son sent my "normal" life into a complete tailspin. I thought I had life all together, but realized soon after Tyler was born that I most definitely did not.

I called my husbands cousin one afternoon and she invited me to Bible study for moms at her church. That Bible study changed my life.

I was introduced to a man named Jesus that I never knew growing up in the church. I guess I heard about him, heard stories about him, but never knew the real him. He's not just a man in a book. He is real. He is at work. He is active in all our lives.

I was introduced to scripture. I was introduced to every day living with Jesus. I heard him for the 1st time during these months of Bible study. My heart fell in love and I didn't even realize it.

You see.....I have been in too many pits and know more pits than I care to share in detail. But, you get the idea of what I have said. I know that Jesus saved my life during a time when I thought life was good, normal, and happy with a husband and 2 kids. The thing is....I didn't even know I was sinking then. I KNEW I was sinking during those teenage and early adult years, but had NO CLUE where to turn. He knew that my life would take a turn at a different time. He saved my scrawny neck during those years and I thank Him every day for it. The man has patience.

Jesus knew that my life would be turned around in a different way and in a different time. I can look back over those disastrous years and humbly say, "thank you Jesus for protecting me and loving me even when I was a complete mess and a fool."

So, I have been blessed beyond words when it comes to a life and a heart turning completely around. I have gone from the girl who couldn't say no, people pleased, and had no respect for authority to being....

1. loves to say no
2. looks out for what Jesus thinks first
3. complete respect for God and those He has placed in my life

He saves. He truly saves. He isn't called Savior for nothing!

Now you know why I call my blog, "Blessed by Him." There aren't enough words to tell you how I feel about Him. If you do not have a personal, real, daily relationship with Him, then please email me. I'd love to show you how to take a man from the stories in a book to the man who you can't get through a day without.

Blessings y'all....and, thank you for loving me and encouraging me along the way. You are the best! It's a complete joy to walk this road alongside you.


annie's eyes said...

Thank you for being transparent and real, and giving Him all the glory. You must delight Him so. You do me. Your story is what makes you beautiful Fran! May you continue to be "blessed by Him" so completely. Love, Annette

Denise said...

Thanks for being such a beautiful woman of God, I appreciate your honest heart. I have dwelt in pits myself dear one. I praise God for the precious woman you are, I love you.

His Girl said...

this is just the kind of blog I love. beautiful! I love seeing how God forms us into vessels for Him... keep going, girl!!!

Melinda said...

Amazing how redemption stories never get old. Thank you so much for sharing yours and for being transparent. Gives me some food for thought on a post of my own!


beckyjomama said...

AWW, Fran ... now I love ya even more!
Thank you for sharing my sweet friend!
Becky Jo

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing Fran, again, we are so much a like in so many ways. Too bad we can't visit and share a cup of coffee and what Jesus has done in both of our lives. God will do a work in someones life with this post.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love that you shared your story with us, Fran! Thank you.

I was telling my husband last night how much I love this world of blog. I've been able to reconnect with friends from my past and see how God's hand has guided and shaped them into who they are today. I really didn't know you back in the day, but am thankful to know you (and your beautiful heart for the Lord) now!


Darlene R. said...

We have similar backgrounds, Fran. We are alike in so many ways. Thank you for your example through your blog.
I love ya bunches!

Teri said...

You inspire me.

Cheryl said...

Like Teri said, YOU inspire me!
Our stories are very similar. I posted part of my testimony in Feb. of 2008 before we 'met'. If you have some time, come by an read it!

We are royalty, sister!
Love ya!

Linda said...

That is a lovely testimony, and many people, esp. those who grew up in church, will be able to relate. Here's hoping people will read this and say, "That's what I want."

Marina said...

I was much like you a people pleaser and couldn't say not until I had my son at 40 my whole wrold change and I change as well God is still working on me but I thank him for his never felling love.:),marina

Michelle V said...


Thank you for sharing that! We have very similar backgrounds. Knowing more of your story only makes you even more beautiful! What an inspiration you are! You're just this bright shining light pointing people straight to Jesus!


BethAnne said...

I daresay your story is the same as so many (like me) and that your words have encouraged the people who are reading this (again, me) to move closer to Jesus. Thank you for sharing with us.


Given Grace said...

Fran thank you so much! Isn't it awesome what our God can do!

You are a beautiful person with an amazing heart!

Thanks for being "real"

Mary Lou said...

Fran, this was beautiful. Thank you for showing us your heart. You will bless many lives, and you will change the life of at least one person and for all eternity. I will pray that someone will read it and she will see Jesus so strongly in you that she will turn to Him. Blessings....Mary Lou

Patty said...

What a wonderful testimony! Looking at you we can see Jesus. You are very caring and encouraging and funny on top of that. Yes, I can relate on many levels and I can promise you that I have been in more messes than most and God has delivered me out of all of them. His mercy amazes me. Thank you for sharing your heart and love for Jesus.
Much love,

Sheryl said...

love it! thanks for sharing and being transparent. i believe that's how we all grow and learn from one another, when we get real. i am so glad you finally "met Jesus". isn't it sad how many people spend their lifetime in church and never know Jesus. you're an inspiration to many!


Jeannene & Gina said...

You have a very lovely blog here. I pray for a bless full day for you!

God Bless,

ocean mommy said...

Wow. Our God is so good!

Thank you for opening up and sharing your heart with us!

Love you!

Shelley said...

That was beautiful Fran. I am so glad you shared your story today. It's amazing, how through a computer, you can reach so many.

Earen said...

What a wonderful testimony, Fran. Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing with us. You are an amazing woman of God and I look up to you through "blog world" because you are walking the road before me with 3 boys. I hope to meet you someday!

thouartloosed said...

Thank you for sharing this, Fran.


Blessings to you for the hope and inspiration you have passed on to me with this post. I am assured you did not know I was in need of this but He did.
Thank you,

Susan said...

You so rock.

Between God and some incredible friends, I've realized that I HAD to go thru a lot of (the same) stuff so that I could either 1) stop my children from making the same mistake(s) I did and/or 2) help them thru it when they do.

That revelation, my sweet friend, made all the difference in how I view my past, Praise Jesus.

Love u.

MelanieJoy said...

Thank your for sharing....
You are a blessing and inspiration!
I'm so glad that you met up with Jesus and are willing to walk the path He has chosen for you. I've worked with teens and watched a many searching for love and my hearts desire is that they realize it's Him they are looking for.
Big Blessings!

Lindsee said...

Girl, you love you some Jesus and it is obvious. I love you and your blog and cannot wait to hug your neck oh so very soon!

You are blessed by Him!

Love you!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Thanks for sharing! We are all truly blessed by Him!

Mariel said...

Praise the Lord for all He is in and through you, Fran! Thank you for revealing your testimony! what a blessing!

Sarah Markley said...

beautiful. i loved reading your story. that is what these blogs are for - to walk with others on our journey! blessings. sm

A Stone Gatherer said...

Thanks for being so open and authentic! I don't know if I've ever said this or not, but I feel we're alot alike! I was a people pleaser and had a problem saying no too! I also love children and desire for them and their parents to be more in love and passionate about Christ! You are such a blessing to me!

Alana said...

Beautiful, beautiful story He has given you! Can relate on many levels. God has been taking me on my own journey dealing with "saying no" and people pleasing just this year, and it is so freeing!

Shonda said...

Fran--Praise the Lord & I pray that your testimony points and draws others to a real relationship with Jesus! HE is the life giver and changer.
Blessings in Christ-

Emily said...

Hi Fran! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently, nice to meet you too! I actually connected to your blog awhile ago through Kim(connorcolesmom) and come by from time to time. It will be so fun to meet everyone soon!
Thanks for sharing your story here, what a testimony :)

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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