Sunday, August 3, 2008

only 751 more to go

I'm totally kidding...I think.

I probably won't post 751 more times about the Living Proof Live conference in Louisville this weekend, but if you see me sneaking in some "thoughts" on a parable regarding a seed and a sower, its probably related! :)

Let's just say that this weekend was amazing in 401 ways. I met 2 fellow bloggers in REAL LIFE, Brittney (why can't I find your blog and link you like a good friend would?) and Connie, and we worshipped, laughed, hugged, and loved every bit of our time together. It made me sad to leave. I want to be their real life friend all the time.

I did have some other friends from home with me so it was one giant party.

Here we are all together before the event on Saturday. We were on the FRONT ROW, if you haven't heard me scream that from TN, and it was just the coolest.

Meet my darling friends...(I'm in the black top on front)

Here is a picture of my bed that I slept in on Friday night....its a lovely rollaway bed and it had some "wooly" thingy that seemed like a "pee pad" for a child.

Ok...let me share my big word from Friday night....

Go get your Bible and look up Luke 8:8-16 (She had the Message version on the screen and read out of the NIV I think once she began teaching)

This is the parable of the seed and the sower.

The very beginning of Ch. 8 talks about the women there who were graced by God. They had a passion for a ministry they loved. These are women of means. Say that out loud...."A WOMAN OF MEANS!" They were women of substance!!!

This parable is about the people who were exposed to the Word.

We need to increase our confidence and competence in the word of God.

Let's have maximum impact in our daily lives because we know the word of God.

We don't want to just hear the word do we?? We want to truly know the word, retain the word, and have a 100-fold blessing in our life. Pretty impressive promise from God huh?!

More to come...chew on that scripture again and again and we'll put the pieces together on how we can have MAXIMUM IMPACT because we know His word.

Hugs and blessings....

Why did I show you the picture of my bed at the hotel??


Linda said...

I'm chewing. Looking forward to the rest of the meal. :) Glad you had a great time.

Lindsee said...

You are beautiful, Fran. And that word? Um, the seed and sower has been thrown at me about 5.2 thousand times in the past two weeks. I think I need to listen up!

About meeting blog friends, I am so afraid I'll feel like that when I have to leave y'all! Isn't is so sad that I'm already thinking about having to say bye to y'all. I just can't imagine. I KNOW I'm gonna want to be your real time friend all the time!! But then I keep telling myself, at least I get to meet y'all!! And, THIS MONTH!!! Woo hoo!!!!

Love ya!


Bev Brandon said...

Look at that sparse bed (the Riverwalk won't compare)---what we won't do to hear Beth bring a word. I kept asking that photographer to PAN for FRAN---I just knew we would see you all DOING THE WAVE if he panned that audience.

Susan said...

Why did you show us a pic of your bed? Because you are competently competent, of course!

I am so jealous that you could have reached out and touched Beth or Travis! Not that you would have, of course. Were you sitting near the precious 10 year old girl taking notes?

I'm only on the first few lines of my notes...still mulling, reading, praying, meditating.

It was so funny when Beth said something about someone might be disappointed when they realized Beth was going to speak of Luke 8. Uh-oh...did I actually groan out loud? lol. I inwardly groaned, I know...and did she ever prove me wrong! Just when you think you know your parable...BOOM! Beth Moore comes along and blows it out of the water. LOVED THAT.

I can not believe I am not going to be at Siesta Fiesta with y'all. Okay, next time...we are SO hooking up for coffee and laughing and studying!

beckyjomama said...

I can't believe that I have to miss this AND the siesta!!! Do you think Mama Beth would consider simulcasting the fiesta into my living room? Probably not. I want to meet y'all so bad!!!

Anyhoo - can't wait to hear more of the word. I LOVE how that woman can make even the old stuff new again.

I love ya Fran - hows about you take pics with your cell phone and text em to me while you are in SA?!?!? I can pretend I am there!

Does it sound like I am a bit bitter? I'm not, just a tad jealous. SO VERY HAPPY for you though!

Becky jo

Joanne said...

Girlfriend, how did you score front row seats?!? You must be one of God's favorites!

I plan on posting today about the conference. My tears were a constant on this face of mine. I'm heading out the door to walk with my girlfriend, but I will be back to read everything you have to say.

Oh, and I have to share that I taught our teen girls at church on Sunday and shared with them Beth's teaching from my notes. God's word is alive and lives on and on and on and on and on...

Love you! Joanne

Patty said...

You are so beautiful and so are your friends. It was so much fun talking with you right after the simulcast was over. You had the favor of God and rightfully so and your bed, ouch! I remember our first LPL event which was 8 years ago and we had 4 of us who went to the Nashville event. We got to the room and there was 2 double beds and 2 BUNK beds. My friend Kim and I took the bunk beds and let me just say that sleeping on a rock would have been more comfortable. Every time Kim and I would turn over the entire frames would move. This was bolted into the wall and we just knew our bunk beds were going to come flying off the wall. We got tickled over that and laughed the entire night!!

Have a great day at the beach for me! :)

See you in 16 days!!!!


Teri said...

I can't wait to post pictures of YOU AND ME sitting there in San Antonio! Can you believe it is mere weeks away?

Love ya Frannie! Have fun at the beach!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I don't know why you showed that bed pic, but I DID THAT, TOO, when I went to She Speaks! Isn't that funny? I'm glad you had a great time; post away about it!

annie's eyes said...

You know, men always get their own room when they go out of town, and women just like to bond--even if it means loss of sleep! I CANNOT WAIT to meet you, in real time, as Lindsee said. And worship together! His joy and His presence are already all over this! 18 days...Love you, Annette

Denise said...

I am so happy that you had such a great time sweetie.

ocean mommy said...

You look precious! LOVE THE TOP!!!!

And you keep posting your notes...I LOVE to read them!

See you days!!!!!

love you

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