Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A smile

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Y'all, this Preacher's Wife, just makes me laugh and smile. And, this picture just makes me laugh and smile.

Ya see...we loved and laughed at the way Lisa held her hands while she took pictures of us.
And, as the days went on and the hours of sleep got less and less, it became funnier and funnier.

We did enter into the delirious phase people. Oh, but it was soooooo much fun, wasn't it girls?!

So, as I sit here and continue to pour over the millions of pix all over the web and facebook, I'm just smiling to my Alabama girl.

I am still unpacking our awesome teaching on "Inheritance" so more of that will come one baby step at a time. But, for now, a picture of my dear friend.

Thanks for all the smiles. Every single girl there made me smile. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing. Christ is all up in this internet thing isn't he??? Just try to explain it to a group of older ladies at the hospital! :)

Hugs and blessings~

1 Corinthians 12:12 "The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ."


Profbaugh said...

Ok. I'm smiling just looking at this picture. Lisa and her jazz hands picture taking!!


Denise said...

Sending you love, hugs, and many prayers my friend.

ocean mommy said...

Those hands! So funny...Jose had those same hands at dinner Saturday didn't he!

I continue to be amazed at the LOVE I feel for all of my blogging siesta''s amazing at what God has done in this community.
It really is a treasured thing to me.

Love you girl!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Now I REALLY feel like a Rockstar. Y'all are so stinkin' hilarious callin' me out on my funky picture taking skillz. I always put my hands in front of the flash so I was just trying to keep them out of the way!! LOLOL

I love you Frannie and I haven't wiped the stupid grin off my face thinkin' of all of you yet. Thanks for letting me know you love me back, Jazz Hands or not...:))))

Michelle V said...

Getting to hug you and Lisa was a highlight of my trip! There are two beautiful ladies inside and out! I am cracking up at Lisa's jazz hands picture taking! Too cute!

I remember doing the first study that Beth did online (I think it was Believing God), and she said that a lot of people use the internet for all sorts of awful stuff, but what man may have intended for evil, God is going to use it for good! And my Siesta friends sure are a bunch of good!


colorfulwoman said...

hey Fran:) So true about the body of Christ. That is why as Christian sisters (and siestas!) we can have that immediate bond, it is so awesome!
Loved meeting you last weekend (did I already post that? I am having major blog fuzzhead with all these new blogs to visit!) You are so sweet and so funny, what a blessing!

Georgia4God said...

I think one of the best parts about Lisa's jazz hands was that she didn't realize how much we loved(and then made fun of them) and that once she did... she almost pretended to be hurt by it hehe Love ya girls!! :o)

beckyjomama said...

Fran ...

I love ya!

One of the saddest parts about not getting t go to the Fiesta is not getting to meet you.

And, of course, not getting to see Lisa's jazz hands in action.
GREAT - one more thing to be sad about!!!!

Becky Jo

Linda said...

Still Jealous!

Vicki Courtney said...

Ah, I wish you had butted in for a picture! I would have loved to have hugged your neck!

Nikki said...

Too funny!! Now we know, for next time, to get good smiles, use your jazz hands, or the preacher's wife style, of taking pictures! Guarantees a beautiful smile!
Love ya'll!

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