Friday, October 17, 2008

I can't believe I'm showing this!

Ok, this was by far the hardest thing I've done in blogland. Remember Bethanne when we couldn't figure out how to link people and now we can strike things out??!!! And, even put up a video. Oh, the progress.

There is a funny part 2 to this video that who knows when I'll ever post. Since it took 6 years to get this 12 minute video uploaded....I can't take on part 2. And, its only 1 minute long.

Yes, you read the above paragraph correct. The video that I did is a little over 11 minutes long.

I took you through the house, showed you "life" within our walls, probably did way too much filming of things you could CARE LESS ABOUT, and most importantly you are going to ask....

"Fran, why are you only video-ing your teeth and nose??"

The answer to that comes in part 2 that you may never see.

With a knot in my stomach and typical life at the homestead...."sit back and please still be my friend!"

Untitled from Fran Thomas on Vimeo.


BethAnne said...

Okay, the only thing I could think while I was watching that was :"Fran talks just like I do!!!!" Can I get a yeeha! for the down south accent???? Love it!!! I think I will try to do one of my own --- maybe a shorter version - I dont know how to upload a long video........

Melinda said...

SOOOO worth the wait! :o)

Loved seeing your digs, girl.

And, of course, your sweet face.

Squeezing the stuffin' outta you over here...I so stinkin' am!


Teri~Facedown said...

FRANNIE! I heart this video! You will have to tell me how you finally got it posted! (I did one a few weeks back and couldn't get it from my video software onto the internet??) my dear are just darling! I loved seeing/hearing your boys! It looks just like my house on a weekday afternoon! (All the kids need downtime!)

Have a fabulous weekend!
Love you,

Michelle V said...

Love it! Thank you so much for that! You are precious!


Praise and Coffee said...

OH Fran, I love you. That was so cute. You are adorable and your house is beautiful.
I love the way you talk...I talk nothing like you. I more sound like a tv anchor person.

That was lots of fun!

Toknowhim said...

Just want you to know that I watched the whole video and it was delightful... I didn't get to meet you yet so it was nice to hear your cute southern voice.

I was already your bloggy friend, but after viewing the video I definitely am :)

PS... You have great skin, and I can say that because I saw a close up view :) Boys are cute...

I will be posting a video of my hubby singing soon... With his permission of course :)

Love ya, Kim

beckyjomama said...

Oh, my frannie ... I so big ginormous pink puffy heart you!!!!! That was worth the wait, I love your accent so stinkin' much and my man says he can tell I was listening to a southerner, cause my long dormant accent comes back whenver I do!!!

I just had a return of my regret of not getting to go to San Antonio. I miss getting to meet yoU!!!!

Alana said...

Fran! I loved it! You are so cute and I love the accent! I love that you showed us your home and the things on the stairs that have been there six months! You are a gem. Oh, and you were right on the first try with my name!

Earen said... are SO awesome! I haven't had a moment to read or write blogs in forever, but when I saw from Facebook that you had posted a video, I had to come over. I miss blog world so much, but alas...maybe at another time! I loved hearing your awesome southern accent (I miss mine..used to have one when I was little & lived in Texas) and seeing your beautiful home and lovely face! But, I have to say..what's up with the ugly creature that you showed us??? But truly..this summed up the deal for me, I HAVE TO meet you some day. You are a kindred spirit and I too call you my friend! You're just the sweetest thing ever!!

Jen said...

FRAN!! I loved it. I watched the whole thing. Love those cute boys too! :)

Holly said...

Aw Fran, you are SO fun! Of course, I love you lots!! And I pray for you, too, sister. Yes, I do.

Thanks for sharing your home and life. You are such a sweetheart. Wish we could enjoy a cup o' hot coffee together in that lovely kitchen.

MelanieJoy said...

Heck, there's nothing wrong with your voice...sounds like mine...hahahaha!! No really it's sooooo neat to put a voice with your words and picture! Loved it!!
Love you!

Patty said...

Awww, I miss you! I loved seeing your sweet face and hearing your voice. Last night I was telling my father of about our escapades at the Nashvegas airport. LOL

Your home is beautiful and I am an electronics kind of gal and I heart your t.v. where you do Bible study.
You are just too much fun and I am blessed to call you friend!

Have a great weekend.

rachel said...

Sweet victory!! Giving you a standing ovation for your perseverance! Woohoo!

Cheryl said...

I can't believe I watched the whole thing! ~KIDDING!!!!

I LOVED IT! And I love your laundry room too!

It makes such a difference to get to hear each others voices.

Godtube is the way to when uploading videos. I've never had a problem, of course I've never tried to upload a 12 min. video...uhhum...LOL! :)

Ang baylis said...

Holy Cow... You are one precious Siesta! I'm so proud of you and I enjoyed your video...soooooooo much!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

ocean mommy said...

Hey girl! It was so good to hear you again. :) LOVE that braclet!!! SO COOL. :)

Hope you are having an awesome Sunday afternoon...


Hey...I'm in West TN for a conference in Jan..I need to find out how close you are!

Darlene R. said...

I love it! I love it! I love it!

The nose and teeth at the beginning was so funny! You have great teeth, by the way. :)

You've inspired me. I need to get the camera up and going.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Great job, Fran! I watched the whole thing!!! Love that you haven't lost your southern accent, and love that your boys let you video them! Hope you've had a phenomenal weekend!

connorcolesmom said...

I just loved it
I am not sure what I loved the most

Dylan get the phone
Joe the Plumber guy on TV
Some Madden going on
Live Laugh Love!
The bracelet - love it!
Pepper taking the sock- hehe
Bark Bark Bark - LOL
The laundry room - HEAVENLY!
the books on the stairs

You are wonderful and I love you my sweet friend!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Too Funny! You have a beautiful home and I have to say LOVE THE ACCENT!!! I wish I lived in the south!

GiGi said...

As usual I just love reading your blog, but the video was just priceless. The fact that it stared some of my favorite people didn't hurt.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Love, GiGi

debra said...

still friends.

probably better friends now that I know where you live and how you sound.

loved it. keep up the video series. hmmm. what could come next?

Lindsee said...

Okay, I LOVED this video for so many reasons:

#1) I loved hearing your darling voice again.

#2) I loved seeing your darling house.

#3) I loved seeing your darling boys and having them look at you like, what in the world are you doing, mom!

#4) I watched it on Friday before my crazy weekend, and I just kept thinking about it. :)

I love you, Fran! Keep up the videos. They're fun!


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