Monday, January 26, 2009

So much stinkin' fun!

You see bloggy friends, when Stephanie called me a couple of months ago to see if I wanted to come to Hot-lanta to see her and throw in a little Travis LIVE RECORDING, why of course I had to! I WANTED too!

Stephanie was one of my fabulous roommates in San Antonio, last August, at the LPL event. And, over the past several months, many of us have become dear friends. We call, text, email, and pray for one another often. It's the real deal.

So, if Steph calls and wants me to come stay with her......I'm on it!!! And, throw in Patty, Georgia and 25 of my other BFF's.....I'm on it!

There are 201 more pictures on facebook, but you'll get the drift here. And, the surprise guest during lunch was the icing on the cake. My mouth dropped and I think I screamed. That is what I was told anyway. Maybe a little starstruck. We took pix and she talked and was cute and funny and then she had to skidaddle. Man...she is the real deal. She is a momma in the faith to so many of us. Our lives are changed because of her and her studies.

These are some old friends and some very dear new friends. The internet and all this ca-razy stuff is simply real.

So, in my very tired little nutshell, we were able to be together as friends, visit with Beth Moore, and attend FBC Woodstock and be a part of a live CD/DVD worship recording for Travis. It was completely AWESOME y'all. AWESOME!

Me and Stephanie at the restaurant Saturday night! What was it called again?

This picture makes me laugh. I have no idea what they are laughing at, but it's soooo cute!

Me, Robyn and Nikki!

We miss you Abby!

And, here she is......and, Robyn is in awe.

She has some killer hair. We all want that color now. And, the moose....don't ask if you don't know. I could never explain.

Me and the famous girl...what's her name??? Oh yeah....the infamous "Preachers Wife!"

Doing what we do......thankfully, we were inside and just loved hanging out before we could get in the sanctuary.

Have we ever laughed harder?? All weekend was nothing but laughter!

I love this girl! Meet Cheryl......she is having baby #4 this Spring. She's adorable!

We had our life verse put on a card and attached to some yummy desserts. How sweet?

And, what else would you do after a live recording event for Travis Cottrell?? You go to McDonalds and chow down!

And, we missed you Jenny. There was no bed jumping since you weren't there. We had to silence that idea. It just wasn't the same.

We missed all of you that couldn't be there.....Cheryl and Lindsee! It was a sweet, sweet time together. We have us a real life community that happens to be all over the United States.
What a joy to be with these girls.
So, hop on over to FB and check out the 201 more pix! ;)
Hugs and blessings~


3girlsmom said...

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You posted that picture!!! THANK YOU!
And I totally love you.

beckyjomama said...

Great pics! I am so happy for you!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh I love you so much darlin' Fran. I'm so jealous that someone could look as gorgeous in every single photo as you. Girl, I got some funky candids floating around out there. Lol

Lisa said...

I just did a Bible Study on jealousy, so I won't go there..., but how FUN!
Blessings - Lisa

BethAnne said...

Too much fun! Hate I missed it!

ocean mommy said...

:) Miss you!!!!

It WAS a great weekend...

Chad is putting your...stuff in the mail today. :)

And Chloe is still talking about her body pillow smelling like Mrs. Fran. She HAS to know what perfume you were wearing because she thinks it smells "divine, just divine." and yes, those were her words.

Shelley said...

What a great time! I'm so glad for you that you did that!

Melinda said...

Girl, was it amazing or WHAT?! SO loved seeing you and all our girls!

Big ol' hugs,

connorcolesmom said...

It was a total blast!
Loved seeing you

Cheryl said...

It was a great time and I was thrilled to finally meet you IRL!!!
I think it's funny that you wore a tye-die shirt for your first night in Woodstock!!! lol!

Alana said...

Wow, that looks amazingly fun! Especially since it included you, my friend!

Love ya!

Deedra said...

Fran, I had such a great time and loved meeting you all! I'm with Lisa, you look so great in all the pics(and in person)! I looked super homely in every single picture...LOL. My husband said, "did you wear makeup?"

Thanks honey! ha!

Teresa said...

Loved the pics!!!
Thanks for sharing..:)

Anonymous said...

Wow...looks like you all had a blast!!! I wish I had known you girls were getting together! I miss you all so much! Life here has been crazy....I can't wait for another siesta event to see all of you....I miss your sweet face!!!

HIS Child said...

I loved that you screamed! You make me smile. Great photos and a lot of love for each other. I love what Jesus does to us.

Thanks for sharing,

He Knows My Name said...

Looks like "stinkin' fun" to me. Just love your black and white jacket. I bet you girls raised the roof with praise to Jesus.

Georgia4God said...

Hey Fran! so I think the name of the restaurant was something like "the place w/the rudest manager EVER in the history of restaurants" catchy, don't ya think? I'm surprised you didn't remember that.. hehe

btw, I can't wait till the next road trip hehe

Love ya!!
G :o)

Denise said...

Sounds like an awesome time.

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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