Monday, April 13, 2009

Me and my "testy's" aren't getting along

Well, being the lame parent that I am, I have not one picture to show you from Easter. NOT ONE. I leave early to go to church+ kids and hubs leave church to head before I do=NO PICTURE!!

I'm sorry. I know you are sad. ;)

Anyway, all I can say is WHOA from yesterday. Our early service was unstinkinbelievable. I've never, in all my 9 yrs of being there, seen a service overflow like that one. I really thought my heart would explode at some point over the weekend. I fell in love with Jesus all over again.

And, can we all try to hang onto that Easter spirit for the next 364 days?? Please??? Because that kind of feeling is fabulous and not one I want to lose.

As I sit here in my post-Easter hangover, I want to share a smidget of something I'm learning.

It's all about love. And, I think it's very appropriate coming off our Easter high.

It's about "loving well." And, I think I stink in an area or four.

1 John 4:7-21 has been my focus. And, did you know.....

1. People will know us by how we love others. If we are growing in Christ, then we are growing in love.

2. We have no higher calling than to love. God measures maturity on how we love.

3. God manifests himself within us more than any other way when we are loving beyond our human abilities.

4. Is our love wide, but not deep?? God must love on us before we can truly love others.

5. Each one of us has these types of people in our life that we are called to love. Joy....Testy....Foe.....Far.

How are you doing in the love department??? It's easy to love the "joys" in our life. But, those dang "testy's??" Those are the ones who are in our path all the time and we want to choke. This is where I need some serious help.

Think about it, too. Who do you need to love better? Don't you want to see God do something through you that can only be Him? Don't you want to be mature in Christ? Don't you want to see relationships transform??

I do.

I'm going to go let God tend to me for awhile so I can love those people who drive me crazy.

I love you all. God loves us more than we could ever imagine. We realized that this past weekend.

Hugs and blessings~


Mary said...

Oh Fran, I DO WANT to love my testys more... but they just get on my nerves. LOL. Seriously, I struggle with this, too.

I'm committed to loving my testys right where they are. To accept that they are not perfect, but then neither am I. I will love them and I will speak kind and affirming words over them. I will treat them with grace just as my Lord treats me.
Whew! It's only with Christ can I do this.

And I also figure that I'm probably Testy to someone.

Thanks for a great post and challenge.

colorfulwoman said...

Hey Fran, I too have not one picture, sad...Oh well, I see these lovelies every day so there will be other photo ops for sure.

Now, on to loving well, great post that I needed this morning! Jenny posted about holiness, and you post on loving well, God is working on me today! My problem is when I get so mad at one of my "joys" that I get caught up in the moment and can't seem to turn it around to love well in those just aint natural! So, I need a large dose of the super natural love of Christ!

I am also not loving our new dog well because she is ruining our carpet and I am just not happy!
I am a little growly this morning, better go get some God time in...have a blessed day!

Shelly said...

I got a testy...and now I'm laughing b/c I myself must be a testy to God when I behave in a way that does not exhibit his deep wide and unconditional love to this testy. Takes one to know one huh? :)

Meli n Pat said...

How appropriate. How convicting. I am very good at avoiding anything I feel is uncomfortable, including those "testy's!" I am actively putting myself out there and I've prepared myself for what we've always called EGR's (extra grace required)! Thanks to our God that He gives that Grace! Oh, to Love like Him...I want to display that love. Thank you for that encouragement!

Linda said...

Jean calls these Holy Sandpaper, We all have one or more. So sorry about the picture.
Glad it was a great day for you though!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, please forgive me for being a 'testy' too often.

Dear Fran......have I mentioned lately that you are such a blessing in my cyber life? Wish it wasn't just in cyberland that I am getting to know you a tiny bit.

Teresa L.

Angela said...

It--All of it--everything---is about LOVE---God's love---perfect love. In fact, i think Love is the one word that best sums up Easter.

It is often easy to sit back and think--"yeah---it's all about love, I get it" but it is another thing to live it...

I don't always live it...but I want to.

Lindsee Lou said...

Me too, Fran, me too. Real love isn't real until you love the ones that are truly so hard to love! He tells us that. I can love all I want to, who I want to, and it won't mean a lick. Especially if it's not His love through me. Also, I totally ditto Shelly's comment! Ha!

Glad y'all had a great weekend! Love!

ocean mommy said...

Oh boy did I need to read this this afternoon! I have a testy that needs some love. REAL love.

Love you girl...


A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I love my testy's! I do I really do!!! We did this video series at our retreat about 7 weeks ago! Fabulous and right on!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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