Friday, June 5, 2009

Swimming with snakes

Um yeah...this is one large snake that was found on the back of the fence. Uh huh. Yeah. You read that right and you see it right. This precious little guy was seen on the back of the fence and we watched him like a hawk until the man below came and saved the day. You should have heard us momma's squeal when the shovel began to take his life. SNAKES CREEP ME OUT!

Kids totally loved all this snake drama. I personally did not. I was happy to see him go to another place., let's get down to some summer fun.

Look at ' cute.

Hey, let's go at the same time and see who has the biggest splash.

"'s not cold at all."

"I'm gonna fake this smile, mom, ok?"

Now, we have some good ole backyard fun, too, when we aren't swimming....

I hope y'all are having fun this summer. Stay away from the snakes though. However, it does make some good drama though.
Happy summer y'all!


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Dear GLORY that thing is/was heinous!!
Was that a different viper than the one you were telling us about a few weeks ago? UGH!!
The kids look so like they are having a blast! So sweet... :)

ocean mommy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is terrible!! You would have laughed at me when we pulled that little baby out of our pool last weekend. I was SO walking on water to get out of there! Can't stand those things. :)

The boys look like they are LOVING summer!!

have a wonderful weekend...

Michelle V said...

Ewww! Yuck to the snake, but great pics of the boys!


beckyjomama said...

OK, the snake totally freaked me out - I'll take the bunnies that eat my flowers ANYDAY over that!!! But the summer fun pics are FAB.U.LOUS!!!!

Georgia Jan said...

Fran: That looks like a poisonous snake...YIKES...a "copperhead" is what I say...

Love the pool pictures and the boys - so much fun!

The backyard looks so inviting - I love it...minus the snake!

We've already killed 2 snakes on our farm this year too. Maybe it's all the RAIN - we didn't see one single snake last year...

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't enjoy snakes..... but I think that one counts as a serpent! YIKES!!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh my WORD that thing is HUGE!!!!! YUCK!!!! LOVE the pool pics! I have some of my own I need to post soon!

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