Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the men and dads in our lives

Because I love the families I serve at church sooooo very much...I just had to post this. I'm not bashing the men at all. AT ALL. But, I do believe it is something we need to take seriously within our churches and our homes.

Praying for all the men today.

Now, take a brief glimpse into some real hard truth from one of my favorite pastors.

Praying for all of us.


Susan said...

Amen! I am thankful that I have a strong Christian husband who leads out.

beckyjomama said...

I LOVE this and it just makes me that much more thankful that I have a man I can follow, cause he LEADS me where I need to go!

Thank you Frannie!

Mary Beth said...

Whew, I'm glad he didn't go where I thought he was going to go. Praise God for preachers who aren't afraid to call out their congregation members.

gillian said...

Perry is incredible! I live in Florence where there is a NewSpring campus and I listen to him on the web at work ;) LOVE the way he steps all over my toes, and even my feet sometimes! videos are blocked at work could you let me know which message/series you posted?

Tea With Tiffany said...

I love a strong loving word from the pulpit.

Thank you for sharing.

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