Monday, February 15, 2010

Turning the big 4-0....and please don't judge.

Ok, so you want to know how I celebrated my big 4-0? You might be slightly surprised. I think I still am. Don't even know why I'm surprised, but I am.

Are you ready?

We went to a casino. Yep. That is correct. Please hear me out okay? There was a fun group of people going to a concert at one of the casinos and asked us and some other people to tag along and oh's Fran's birthday so we can celebrate that too.

Ok...I'm good with this.

I took 40 billion stupid stupid stupid pictures and I really don't want to explain their badness so I'm just picking a few that aren't too bad.

This is a portion of us girl inside the concert joint place. I guess it was like a club, but not really. I don't know. There was a stage and all, but we had floor seats except there were no seats. You stood. What in the world is all this called? we are. Had so much fun with everybody!

I love these people!!!! We spend a lot of time together during baseball season and have become the infamous two peas in a pod. Don't you love the folks who get your ridiculousness and still love you? Oh, and no I'm not talking about hubs on the far right. I see him all the time.

This is Gary Allen. I'll admit that I've never really heard of him. I only knew a couple of songs he sang. He is some country dude. He has an amazing story between him and his wife and the song had me crying. Nice. Don't cry when you turn 40....regardless of what is going on.

Don't you love looking at this darling couple sideways? No? Me neither. Not fixing it.

Don't ask. I'm not telling. Even if I did tell'd roll your eyes and say "that's not funny at all Fran." My feelings would then be hurt.

Everyone needs a picture of themselves and some friends in a casino. The funny thing is...some "security person" told us you can't take pictures in the casino. WHAT???? We aren't taking pictures to steal something off the slot machines so we can strike it rich. Still a cute picture though huh? I wish you could have seen just how cute these two girls are. Adorable outfits!

And, last but not is me and my man. We really had a fun time out of our element. I'm not sure when we will go back to casino land in Mississippi, but it was a sure fun way to ring in the big 4-0.
One big thing I'm seeing now that I'm a whole week into this 40 gig is this.....

I want to be very intentional in all that I do. I'm tired of wasting time in some areas of life. I really want to be effective and live this life for Christ. Because when it all comes down to it, I have only shot at this life and I don't want any regrets.

I trust and believe that He will provide me one heckuva ride and I'm holding on tight. I have a feeling the real fun and excitement is about to begin!!

Love you all so much. I thank God for having you in my life.



Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!


Mary R Snyder said...

Happy 40th! Looks like you had a blast -- in the casino club. And no explanations needed.

Girl, I've loved this life in my 40s -- I just feel so much more comfortable with who I am in Christ.

You are precious!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Sooooo fun!!!

When I went to Vegas this past year we couldn't take pictures in the Casino either, haha!! So stupid, haha!! So glad you had a GREAT birthday!! :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Happy B-day!! You are doing 40 beautifully!! Sounds like you had a blast! That is as it should be. Take care,


beckyjomama said...

You make 40 look good. I surely do love ya!

connorcolesmom said...

That looks SO FUN!!!
And I love the pictures b/c they show what a good time you were having
Happy Birthday sweet Fran
You are a blessing!!!
Much love

NikkiPoppins said...

Looks like you had a blast! I can't believe you didn't know who Gary Allan was...he's got the sweetest song about Tough Little Boys...did he sing it? Makes me tear up everytime I hear it!

I am so loving that jacket you're super cute!! And of course, you are totally rocking it!

So glad you had a blast for your bday! You totally deserve it!

Love you dear GIRL!

Patty said...

What fun! You brought in your 40th in a great way. :) Loved the pictures!
Love you,

Patty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheryl said...

So glad you had fun on your birthday. Celebrating is a good thing!

Blessings on this new year~


ocean mommy said...

LOVE it! Looks like a FUN night!


Tammy said...

I made my husband have me a not-so-surprise 40th birthday party and it was FABULOUS! No regrets in my 40's now.

Lindsee said...

What a fun night! Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Fran. I pray that this year is the most fruitful one yet! You are so dearly loved!

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Fran! I am thankful you were born!

The 40's are awesome!

Not near as bad as you think!

Emmy : )

Bev Brandon said...

Awww! Forty looks good on you!!! No, it looks great on you!!! I loved it when you said how you don't want to waste a second. I just love your passion for HIM and know that He is smiling on you~! And my prayer for you is 2Thes 1:11-12 that HE will fulfill every desire you have for good that He may be so honored in your life. HE already is !
Love you Fran! It's my girl's birthday too! Bev

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