Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God woke me up early....

Yes...our amazing creator woke me up this morning....and I am just in awe of the sunrise He has given us today. I don't have my camera to take a picture but it looks something like this.....

think streaks of clouds across the trees from top to bottom and the sun is still down to where I can't see him yet....the colors coming up this morning are pink, blue, and purple. They are shades that I can't even describe! There are ripples in the clouds that make me think of the ocean and it is just radiant! It has truly taken my breath away this morning!! After yesterdays post on "Slow Down" I think God wanted to slow me down and show me HIS sunrise and HIS beauty.....I think I caught myself smiling and saying back to Him in my heart...."thank you for another day...and most of all life...you are the creator of everything and I love you!"

I know the timing was perfect for me to see this sunrise because I NEVER get up at 5:15. And the sun isn't up either at 5:15, but by the time I let out the dog, turned on Ms.Laptop, got the coffee started, and sat down....it was time for God to show me His work!!! It was still somewhat dark when I sat down, but then all of sudden there came the light through the window......not just any kind of light, but that beautiful light of pink, blue and purple. I even had to scoot down on the couch and see what was going on out there. He had my attention! It was extraordinary. But in a few short minutes, it was over....God said to me..."Thanks for watching my show this morning...keep your eyes on me all day!"

I just loved this moment with Him. It was a special time for me and our AWESOME GOD. I hope you have a great day and He shows His colors to you BIG!!!


Ang baylis said...

Glad you were obedient and GOT up or you would have missed it! He is so amazing and such an artist!

Hope you are having a good day!
Angie xoxo

jennyhope said...

i am cracking up about the tonsils thing because i had mine out 3 years ago and I felt the same way...esp when I could not talk. maybe I should fast from talking for a day. LOL

Jackie said...

thanks for this post... waking up early has its benefits. have a great day!

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