Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Jesus for real? Asked my child.....

What a question to answer! Can you answer that question and what would your answer be?? How about if the person asking is 75 yrs old and has never believed until now?
What if the person is 6 yrs old and can't grasp someone that they can't see? How do you explain Jesus to a child?? How can HE be real to them?? How do you explain the conversation that you have with Him through prayer?? How do you explain the way He talks back to you?? How do you explain all the stories from church and how that fits into their "little people" world??

How do we as parents desperately seek Him with our entire heart and our entire being and teach Him to our children who are such concrete thinkers??

What do we do in our homes to make Him real, alive, and active??? Even in their world regardless of their age.....6 yrs??? 11 yrs??? 16 yrs????

I desperately want my children to have a love for God and His word...I pray daily for that. But, I need to be better at showing Him off to them....I don't need to hog those moments with Him and not share my experiences with my kids. That will help them see where He is and how He works.

I know that we can agreee that we would like our children to "get Jesus" much sooner than later and hang onto Him with every thread of their being. So....I'm challenging myself to share my awesosme God with my kids and let them begin to see how awesome He is in their world....I'm not doing enough of that. I need to point Him out more in their life so they can see how real He really is!!

I knew this but it fell very fresh on me today!



Ang baylis said...

I don't really know how to do it. I guess if people ask us questions that we really don't know, we should just tell them that we don't know! But... I think if we try to "model" Jesus, that's a great step in the right direction!

It's hard when kids are older. Especially when you've messed up as many times as I have! But, that makes us need HIM more and that's a good thing!

Fran said...

You are right Angie...
we are the vessel and God will equipp us with what we need...I pray that Jesus shines forth and He shows himself to be real. Just like Jenny Hope talked about in her post...we can't fake it because that is NOT Jesus and we want to reflect Him. Just be the real deal!

Jackie said...

God's grace is perfect...even when we aren't. I don't think we're supposed to have ALL the answers (but I try to have as many as I can) just in case I need them. Take care.

Mommy Dot Com said...

Three boys! What glory! It is such a beautiful thing to me, so special. I love your family and I love the way God puts families together. They each reflect an aspect of His glory. I love it! Thanks for making your way over to my blog. It is fun to meet you. I have had so much fun reading over your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful family. And being able to peak into your heart - which is PRECIOUS! You seem like an incredible person. I would LOVE for you to come to one of the "Be Still, Get Real" conferences. I would be THRILLED!!!! I forget our Nashville sponsor's name or where the venue will be - at a church I know. The website for BSGR is to be up and running soon. It will post all the info and I'll try to keep you informed also. I love your heart and I know your a person I could chat w/ for hours. And I know it would ALL be about Jesus!


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