Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wonderful, delightful, beautiful, gorgeous Christmas music

mws banner free copy of this CD came earlier this week and I have one word for you......


It is just beautiful. If you are looking for a new Christmas CD, then go out and get this beautiful one. It stirred my heart, calmed me, excited me, made me love my Jesus deeply through this music. Excellent job Michael W. Smith and all your very talented musical folks!

Again, its beautiful and it will bless you to death this Christmas! Now, get to Lifeway!
Merry Christmas everyone~


Joanne said...

Fran, you lucky duck. How did you score a freebie like that?!?

The peer pressure is killing is 8:15pm and I am having to hold myself back from digging out my car keys and picking one up!

Love you, Joanne

Lindsee said...

Just wanted to tell you to stop by my blog and read about the facebook scam. If you or your kids have one, especially read it. It's not been fun!!

Thanks, friend!


Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks! I have been wondering about this one- of course assuming is must be good, I just love MWS.


Hillary said...

I love Christmas music!!! I'll have to check this one out on ITunes. Thanks for sharing!! I was the biggest Michael W. Smith fan when I was younger! I still like his music!
Hope you have a great weekend!

marina said...

Hi, Fran thank for stopping by with the info on Beth Moore where you able to see your seats???
Great pictures of you and your family ,you are bless .marina

Bev Brandon said...

you were F A S T to get that freebie...woohoo...
just wanted to say
i have been sharing
Deut 7:6-8
with anyone and everyone
who will stop for a second
to talk with me
ever since i read your post
and today
i spent some time
praying those verses over
friends like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
your post meant so much to me
L - O - V - E - D I - T

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