Saturday, December 1, 2007

The baby is 7 today...

First of all, I guess I need to stop calling him the baby because he is ya know 7 now but, i'm a momma and he is my baby. :)

Oh, this 3rd son of mine is complete joy to this family. I was induced with Dylan because I had 2 other children and having a home birth was NOT AN OPTION! He came quickly that morning and had a HEAD.FULL.OF.DARK.HAIR and was just the most beautiful child I had ever seen. I cried. I knew I was complete and finished. Our family was done. It was finished. We were just beginning as our family of 5. The family God had intended for us was beginning.

Dylan is still the cutest thing to me that has ever lived. His personality increases his cuteness factor too. He is joy. He never complains, whines, cries, or is a booga-boo to deal with. He is joy for us. And.....he makes me laugh like no other. His expressions are priceless. He will put on a show and completely entertain us for days. He can play sports with any 10 or 11 yr old.....the beauty of older brothers. The kid can hang.

Dylan, I love you deeply into my heart. You make mothering a complete joy and an honor that I hold in high regard. We tried for almost a year to "make" you and almost gave up. Oh, thank you Jesus for this gift of this amazing child. May he grow to be the man you wish for him to become. He is complete joy and I love him to pieces!!

Happy birthday Dylan. You are just the coolest. Oh yeah, and I love how you call shorts "short pants." Hee hee.

Love you,



Kelly said...

He is a cutie! You must be so proud of him!

Bev Brandon said...

Oh Fran! He is precious! Your baby! Hey, he'll always be your baby! That expression on his adorable handsome face is priceless! I'm so thrilled to see a photo of you and your son---you're beautiful! You have so touched my soul deeply through so many comments on my blog and elsewhere. I have a tear rolling down my eye cause it has been such a privilege to meet you through blogging and hear your heart for HIM! Your solitary holy passion for your beautiful God that you bring to all of us. Enjoy every minute of this special day in the life of your precious boy on loan from your good God. I can tell how much you have enjoyed him and that's God's Love cause no kid is perfect---but you have embraced this gift from God and it stirs my heart, as always knowing you!

Bev Brandon said...

Merry Christmas Darling!
You are a gem!

Kristin said...

Hi Fran! My daughter Lexi turned 7 yesterday! How fun that we were both meeting our sweet kids 7 years ago at this time. Boy, does time fly or what! I love this time of year and I was just telling Lexi today that all of the Christmas songs make me think of sitting and rocking and feeding her. Especially Steven Curtis Chapman! Happy birthday Dylan! Praying God's blessings for you in the coming year!

Linda said...

He has a delightful grin! I loved the name Dylan, but my last (15 now) was a girl, and so I had to let go. Anyway, I "feel" your mama heartstrings in this post!

Alana said...

That brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday to your baby! My Mom still calls me her baby!

Anonymous said...

I have come to your site (through Joanne) a couple times now, and I've been blessed each time.

I love that you knew your family was 'done'. After two girls and horrible experiences getting them here, still I just know we're not done yet. I look forward to holding our last child and saying, "Oh how wonderfully complete we are."

Thanks for sharing your joy of Dylan. Happy Birthday to the little guy.

Hillary said...

What a cute little man you have!!!! I know you're a proud momma!!

jennyhope said...

You are such a good mom!! he is so adorable. i can't believe mine is already 2 1/2...seems like she just came home!! :) you're so pretty Fran!

Shonda said...

What a precious moment. I remember I cried when my youngest lost his first baby tooth. I knew he was a young boy then. I still have the young boy, but my oldest just turned 18.

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